When it comes to traveling to a new country, we are often concerned about the minutest of things or changes that we’d have to keep in mind. Well, if you’re wondering about ‘Are bidets common in Europe’, let us answer that for you!

Yes, bidets are quite common in European regions. These are not prevalent in most North American countries, so you may not know much about them. Most people might even see it for the first time and not know its purpose.

There have been very widespread debates on replacing toilet papers with bidets. While that might take some time, it is essential to know why such a debate occurs!

Understanding Bidets in Depth

A bidet looks like an oval basin with a low height used for cleaning your private parts. They were earlier placed in the bedroom, but now you will find them in the bathroom next to the toilet bowl.

The bidet helps clean your private parts using a stream of water. Users need to position themselves correctly for the stream to clean them properly.

The bidet is ideally a standalone facility that you use after using the toilet. This is just used for cleaning and no other purposes. In several European countries, having a bidet in the bathroom is required by law.

What are the Benefits of Using a Bidet?

Using a bidet might be hard for first-timers due to the need for proper positioning. However, the facility has many benefits, due to which people might find it efficient.


If you have a habit of cleaning your privates using toilet paper, using a bidet for the first time might be tricky. However, bidets are said to be more hygienic than using toilet paper. The jet of water cleans you more thoroughly than the paper.

Another reason is that toilet paper can be harsh and uncomfortable; however, the water would be gentler. You might also come across some toilet-bidet combos that help keep the bathroom fresh and toilet bowl cleaner.


Bidets are very eco-friendly since you will have a reduced need for toilet paper. According to the Natural Resource Defense Council, 15% of deforestation results from producing toilet paper. Bidets are an excellent alternative for toilet paper and can also help with the issue of deforestation.

The designs for bidets are such that it saves water and eliminate the use of harsh chemicals. This keeps the environment safe and also fulfills the purpose of cleaning.


Bidets are very comfortable and give you the ease of cleaning. Due to its low height, it is also good for people with disabilities. Many people might also not require help, even those with incontinence.


You will no longer have to use your hands to clean your privates. Since bidets use a water stream of water, you will not have to use your hands. Several modern bidets will also give you the feature of auto lid open/close and automatic flushing for an enhanced touchless experience.

How Can You Choose the Best Bidet?

You will come across many different styles of bidets in the market. This might make it challenging for you to select the right one for you. That is why there are certain factors you should consider before making your purchase.

Type of Bidet

You can either go for a traditional bidet which is a standalone facility, or a bidet-toilet combo. This depends on the structure of your toilet and the space. The bidet-toilet combo is a bidet seat that goes over your existing toilet.

So for this option, you need to see if the cover is compatible with your existing toilet seat.

Adjustable Spray

Many bidets offer you the feature to adjust the spray strength. This is essential since not everyone will be comfortable with single spray strength. You can change it to light or strong depending on your need.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Will the spray wand touch the user?

No, the spray wand will not touch the user at all. The only thing that will come in contact with the user is the water. Depending on the features present in the bidet, you can adjust the water strength.

Most bidets have an automatic hole where the spray wand goes in when not in use. It only comes out when you are using the bidet.

2.    Do you still need toilet paper if you are using a bidet?

You no longer need toilet paper to clean yourself after using the toilet. That is what the bidet is for. However, you do require toilet paper for drying yourself after using the bidet. However, many public toilets and homes keep a towel for this purpose.

If you do not want to use toilet paper for eco-friendly reasons, using a towel is an ideal option.

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