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Best Mops for Rubber Gym Floors

9 Best Mops for Rubber Gym Floors for 2022

Rubber flooring is a good way to enhance the look as well as augment the functionality of a home or professional gym. It is strong and durable enough to hold up against regular wear and tear. However, you must make sure to clean it with the right mop to increase Read More

Polaris P965iQ VS Dolphin Premium

Polaris P965iQ VS Dolphin Premium

If you are looking for a hassle-free pool cleaner, then the chances are that you are confused between the two well-known brands – Polaris and Dolphin. However, both these brands are trusted and tested, so when you are in a dilemma, we are here to help you. To help you Read More

Polaris TR35P vs. Vac-Sweep 280

Polaris: TR35P vs. Vac-Sweep 280

Who doesn’t love a well-maintained pool? However, a lot goes into keeping a swimming pool so neat and clean and with sparkling water. By a lot, we not only mean the time that goes into cleaning it but also the investment in the right tools that are perfectly suited and Read More