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Easy Ways on How to Get Rid of Mold on Clothes

Cooped up in drawers, suitcases, and closets, sometimes clothing requires more than a run through the dry cleaner to get rid of that musty, damp smell. We have compiled several ways of eliminating musty smells safely using non-toxic ingredients that will not discolor your clothes or cause irritation to your
Jamie February 1, 2018 0

How to Clean Fabric Sofa Naturally?

Fabric sofas are not only exposed to dust, dirt, and stains, but grime can become embedded into their fibers as well. Even if you can’t see dirt or dust, it is important to clean your upholstery on a regular basis for the purpose of cleanliness and hygiene.  However, the cleaning
Jamie January 15, 2018 0

8 Best Vacuums For Pet Hair 2018 Reviews

Upright vacuum cleaners are great tools for cleaning carpets. They can provide strong suction power to get your carpet cleaned and restore their fluffed appearance. It is important to vacuum your carpets once a week to keep them in tiptop condition. Since the market is filled with a lot of
Jamie December 30, 2017 0

How to Protect Hardwood Floors from dogs?

Hardwood floors make your home elegant and classy. They also add sophistication and warmth to your home. However, if you have pets, and especially dogs, you can have a hard time protecting their fine finish. So can you keep hardwood floors beautify and scratch free if you have a dog?
Jamie December 26, 2017 0

Best Steam Mops 2018 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Best steam mops are great for getting rid of dirt and germs in a flash, making one of the most boring household chores quick and hassle-free. They also eliminate the need for use chemically-produced cleaning agents, making them a great option for pet owners; steam kills germs, and can also
Jamie December 20, 2017 0

How to Remove Hard Water Stains from Glass?

I had a glass vessel, and several glasses passed to me from my mother-in-law. Unluckily, she washed them for several years with hard water from the well. I tried getting rid of hard water stains, but it was not an easy task. I did a bit of research and came
Jamie Hsu December 11, 2017 0