Sodastream Jet Vs Fizzi: Which one is better?

Are you looking for the best home appliance to convert ordinary tap water into sparkling and flavored soda beverages? Aside from the joy of customizing your favorite beverage and always having a new sparkling drink in the refrigerator, the use of reusable plastic bottles generates less waste, making it an eco-friendly process, too.

If you have chosen to bring home SodaStream’s fountain of never-ending sparkling drinks, then you’ve made the right choice. But you’re still not quite done there. SodaStream is undoubtedly one of the biggest brands that make use of this revolutionary new water carbonation technology, but before you can get started, you first need to choose between their two bestselling models – Jet and Fizzi.

Those thinking of getting a new soda maker often get caught in the battle of Sodastream Jet Vs Fizzi, and it can be difficult to decide which produces the fizziest and tastiest carbonated water. Our team has done the homework to help take the guesswork out of your ultimate decision. We have spent hours analyzing the differences, pros and cons of each model to help you pick your ideal drink-making buddy.

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We feel that the SodaStream Fizzi (shop now) has an edge over the Jet model.

Product Sodastream JetSodastream Fizzi
Dimensions 10 x 5.5 x 17 inches 5.5 x 8 x 17.5 inches
Weight  4.93 pounds 3 pounds
Colors Black and Silver Black, White, Light Blue , Rose Gold
Type Basic Soda maker Advanced soda maker
Bottle connection typeTwist lockSnap lock
Cylinder size Works with 60L Works with 60L cyclinders
Cost of beverage About $0.25/ l About $0.18 /l

A Little Bit About What They Have In Common

Before getting into the differences between the Sodastream Jet and Fizzi,  let’s first take a quick look at the common ground between them. Each starter kit comprises of a water maker housing, along with a refillable CO2 cylinder and a reusable water bottle. They are sturdy in construction and have a compact shape to easily fit into any modest countertop space.

Both models do not require batteries or power from an electrical source to achieve consistent infusion from the CO2 bottles. They are both non-electric and therefore eco-friendly in their carbonation process. At the back of the CO2 cylinder, there is a protruding push-to-release button to remove the canister and allow for easy replacement.

One of the biggest selling points of these soda maker models is that they each come with interchangeable canisters. Both of them use the same refillable CO2 cylinder. While both models have a small footprint on the countertop, they need a foot and half of overhead clearance space. Both Jet and Fizzi accept proprietary bottles created by SodaStream for their entire line of products.

Sodastream Jet Vs Fizzi: The Differences

Now that we have covered the initial similarities between each of our models, let’s take a look at the major differences between the two. The Jet includes a water maker, two 60-liter CO2 cylinders, three one-liter carbonating bottles, and raspberry and mango flavorings.

The Sodastream Fizzi comprises of a water maker machine, two 60-liter CO2 cylinders, three one-liter carbonating bottles, and lime and orange flavorings. Upon closer inspection of the interior mechanism of each soda maker, we found that even though they both use push-to-release mechanisms for their canisters, it’s comparatively easier to replace the canisters on the Fizzi.

In the Fizzi product line, customers get to choose between a white or black colored beginner kit. The Jet model, on the other hand, is only available in a black and silver color scheme. Appearance-wise, the Fizzi is more aesthetically pleasing with a bumpy, textured surface, while the Jet is flatter and more simplistic in its approach. The latter has a more contemporary feel to it.

The Fizzi soda maker uses a hinged connector that enables the CO2 canister to be twisted to fit into the housing before sealing it into place. In the Jet unit, both the front portion and the top can be pushed outwards to allow for the best angle to connect the cylinder.

Let’s look into the different aspects, features, benefits and downsides of the two models more closely to better appreciate the differences between the two.

SodaStream Jet

This energy-efficient and lightweight carbonation unit promises to make you perfectly fizzy drinks at home at the push of a button. It doesn’t require any power from any electrical source or battery; the water flowing from the attached CO2 cartridges is enough to get it going.

The product comes packed with a BPA-free plastic water bottle instead of a glass carafe as a part of the manufacturer’s strategy to keep the price low. You can use these bottles to instantly carbonate your drinks and turn plain boring water into sparkling, flavorsome drinks.

Features and benefits

We love the simple, sleek, and sturdy frame of this soda maker. The biggest USP of this product is that it brings minimalism and simplicity together for those who are knew to soda making.

The Jet attracts customers with its reasonable price tag and ability to get the job done, instead of including a host of unnecessary features. As the company rarely makes any products that cost less than 100 bucks, this is a welcome change for those seeking a soda maker at an affordable price.

Despite its affordability, the manufacturer certainly hasn’t compromised with the main function and capabilities of the appliance. It is extremely efficient at making carbonated beverages using a full-sized cylinder. Every refill of the cylinder will give you 60 liters of fizzy drinks.


While we like the simplicity and practical function of the SodaStream Jet, we feel that it lacks an effective and automatic bottle locking mechanism. It has a primitive style of holder that forces you to manually screw the bottle safely into place. Some users find this a nuisance, and it can lead to unwanted spillage.

Beginners love the practical and innovative design of the Jet, but those who already have the hang of soda making often prefer models that come with a snap-to-lock mechanism, like the SodaStream Fizzi. Unfortunately, the Jet also lacks the customizable carbonation settings that you can find in higher-end models.

Before the invention of SodaStream kits, making soda from the comfort of one’s home was little more than a fantasy. The only option people had for carbonated drinks was in prepackaged cans and bottles bought in restaurants or stores.

Although the SodaStream Jet has made it easier for the masses to afford a soda maker to begin creating their own fizzy drinks, the lack of customization leaves many seasoned users wanting more.

Who should get the SodaStream Jet?

Those who do not want to invest a lot of money or those who are not sure how often they will use a SodaStream should choose the Jet. The unit comes with basic features and is very simple to use. It is also more affordable and produces the same quality of sparkling water or carbonated beverages as any other SodaStream machine.

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Sodastream Fizzi

Although the Sodastream Fizzi belongs to the same family of appliances, this model is an upgrade over the Sodastream Jet. Everything from its design, features, and performance to the flavor of carbonated drinks you can make with this unit appears to be superior to the Jet in many ways.

The biggest and most noteworthy advantage of using a Fizzi is that you get to make your own customized sparkling and flavored beverages at the fraction of the cost. You can use plain tap water, boiled water, or even bottled water to make your drinks. Adding your own flavors can further enhance the taste of your homemade drinks, too.

Features and benefits

Despite fancy features and a sporty design, this soda maker only takes up 17.5 x 8 x 5.5 inches of kitchen counter space. It’s so lightweight and portable despite its sturdy construction that you can carry it with you for picnics, camping, or family outings.

On the SodaStream website, you can find a list of water bottles that are compatible with this soda maker. However, our team found that you can actually use any ordinary bottle with this unit. Weighing just 6 pounds, the unit comes in either black or white color variants. It is powered entirely by pressurized carbon dioxide canisters.

More than anything else, we love the innovative snap-lock design that gives the Fizzi an airtight seal when working with any type of bottle. Depending on how fizzy you like your beverages to be, you may need to hit the carbonating button up to 5-10 times.

The longer you hold the button, the fizzier your drink will become. This is of course where the unit gets its name. At times, you may not be in the mood for that fizzing sound and may instead want something gentler and less noisy. That’s where the silencer valve comes into play. This valve decreases the pressure in order to lower the noise produced by the unit.


Many customers have said that the user manual that comes with the unit is quite basic and does not give proper explanations for potential issues. The saving grace here is that there are not many things that you may find going wrong. If you have used a soda maker before, you probably won’t need the user manual anyway.

Some users have said that it takes some time to get used to pushing the carbonator button, and that getting it right is a matter of classic trial and error at first. Needless to say, this is not a fully automated starter kit. You’ll need some practice at first getting to grips with the amount of pressure and the amount of fizz required for your perfect beverage.

Who should get a Fizzi

If you want a starter kit capable of making sparkling water quickly and producing an array of flavored beverages, then the Fizzi is a great option for you. You can add different types of fruit juice, syrups, or flavorings to make any type of seltzer or soda you want. With the Fizzi, you can also keep your drinks healthier by cutting back on sugar and using natural fruit juices instead.

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Which Is Better – SodaStream Jet Or Fizzi

As both the Jet and Fizzi are starter kits, they are designed first and foremost with beginners in mind. Most of the differences between them are purely cosmetic in nature. However, based on the above comparisons and analysis, we feel that the SodaStream Fizzi has an edge over the Jet model.

The Fizzi sports a slightly smaller profile, enabling it to take up comparatively less counter space than the Jet. It also sports a more stylish texture with four color options to choose from. When it comes to replacing the CO2 canisters, while the Fizzi lacks the depressed buttons of the Jet, the back panel is still significantly easier to operate.

Another unique feature that puts the Fizzi ahead of the Jet is the 60-liter CO2 canister that comes with the unit. This allows you to make more carbonated drinks than the Jet before needing to refill the cylinder.

Benefits Of Using Sodastream Jet Or Fizzi

Homemade fizzy drinks

Unlike buying a pre-made soda from the store, with a SodaStream you get to make your own homemade fizzy drinks infused with all of the flavors you enjoy most. You may prefer sweet fruit flavors, root beers, traditional colas, or simply a glass of sparkling water.

Easy to use units

With a SodaStream, you get to make your own carbonated beverage at home without the use of any complicated equipment. With the simple design and functionality of the unit, you get full control over the quality and quantity of your drinks, every single time.

Easy to replace canisters

As SodaStream has become one of the most widely popular soda makers in the world, it’s both easy and inexpensive to find CO2 canister replacements.

Control of ingredients

A SodaStream gives you full control of the ingredients that go into your favorite beverages, so you can cut back on any of the ingredients that you want to avoid. The best part is that you can quench your thirst with some refreshing sparkling water at any time with just the push of a button.

Save money

Homemade soda is a much better alternative than regular soda or sugary beverages available in stores. With just one refill canister, you can make 60 liters of sparkling water and save money on pre-packaged drinks. This also reduces the wastage of plastic bottles as you get to reuse your water bottles.

New and creative drinks

You can get creative and use natural flavors from fruit juices to make new and exciting drinks. You may also use extracts or syrups to give your tap water a robust kick of flavors that cannot be matched by any store-bought soda.

Cut back on sugar

Using the SodaStream to make your own fizzy drinks, you can cut down on your sugar intake, which has been linked with various health issues. There is a wide range of flavors available to you that taste just as great but contain less sugar.

Related Questions

Should I use filtered water in SodaStream Jet or Fizzi

In several countries, tap water may contain varying levels of chemicals that are unsafe for consumption. Therefore, we suggest using filtered water that is free of impurities but still has the vital minerals intact. Using a SodaStream unit will give you cleaner, crisper, and better-tasting water.

How to clean SodaStream units?

One of the biggest advantages of using SodaStream units is how easy they are to use and maintain. Neither the Jet nor the Fizzi need to be cleaned frequently, but the efficient design of both models makes them much easier to rinse, wipe and clean when needed.

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