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Best Etsy Plant Shops

20 Best Etsy Plant Shops for 2023

If you are the kind of person who loves a bit of greenery and warmth in the home, these are some of the best Etsy plant shops for you to expand your collection and decor. This platform has blossomed to become one of the biggest online superstores for passionate crafters Read More

Are Orchids Fragrant?

Are Orchids Fragrant? (Here’s The Answer)

If you visit any plant lover, it is rare that you could miss an orchid in their home. These plants are easy to grow, and given their beautiful and colorful flowers, they are very much liked. The orchid itself comes in many types, well over 20,000 types of them. They Read More

Do All Plants Improve Air Quality

Do All Plants Improve Air Quality (Here’s The Answer)

Human beings naturally love beauty and anything aesthetic. Plants give us beautiful surroundings to behold. That is why you will find beautiful flowers, plants, shrubs, and grass in many homes. Apart from the aesthetic benefit, most people keep plants with the intent that they will help improve air quality. In Read More

How Long Do Orchids Live In a Pot

How Long Do Orchids Live In a Pot

Orchids are beautiful flowers whose sight every plant enthusiast would love to behold. Despite most of them having no smell, most people find them beautiful and admirable. In fact, if you grow it at home, it becomes an important element of your décor. If you just received an orchid as Read More