Salt comes in various shapes, sizes, and even colors, which can range from pure white to black, brown, and even violet. In this article, we will focus on uses for violet sea salt, which is also known as Sanchal, Indian Black Salt, or Kala Namak. Its unique coloring is attributed to the whole crystals in this particular type of salt that initially start out as brown to dark violet in hue and lighten up after being ground.

This is an Indian mineral salt that is exclusively mined in central India. When finely ground, the crystals used to make violet sea salt turns into a light pink or purple color. Some other regions where you can find violet salt are Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, and a few other Himalayan locations.

This sea salt was first used for making Ayurvedic medicine due to its therapeutic and holistic properties. It is also harder for the body to absorb since many of its minerals are insoluble.

To help you make the most of this useful compound, we have scoured the Internet and found some of the best uses for violet sea salt. Read on to find out how you can use this item for your health and wellbeing.

#1. Aids in Digestion

In modern times, poor digestion is one of the main causes of several diseases, but you can improve that by changing the type of salt that you use. A pinch of violet sea salt can do wonders for helping your digestion, improving the breakdown of food and overall liver function, and keeping your entire system healthy.

Violet sea salt aids digestion by encouraging the production of bile in the liver. It also aids in enhancing the absorption processes that take place in the small intestine. So, if you have digestion issues, consider switching to violet sea salt to enjoy these benefits and see some improvement in your gut health.

#2. Soothes Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasm causes a lot of pain, and the more you age the worse it gets. It’s never too late to improve your diet and adopt some healthy eating habits. One such good habit is changing the type of salt that you use and using violet sea salt instead.

This impressive black salt improves muscle spasms due to the fact that it contains higher levels of potassium. Potassium aids in easing muscle spasms and cramps and assists them in functioning properly.

#3. Provides Numerous Nutritional Benefits

If you are looking for a natural source of essential minerals, this sea salt is highly beneficial for balancing out some weak spots in your diet. It is rich in iron, magnesium, and even calcium, so adding it to your food will ensure that you stay healthy and balanced throughout the day.

Furthermore, it is also believed that having lower sodium levels is beneficial for one’s overall health, and you work towards this health goal by switching your preferred type of salt you use on various foods.

#4. Improves Heart Health

Violet sea salt also helps in thinning one’s blood, so this comes in handy for those who have cholesterol issues. However, if you have high blood pressure issues, you’ll need to regulate your salt intake each day anyway and follow your doctor’s instructions on how to safely include this mineral in your diet without worsening your heart troubles.

#5. Reduces Bloating

If you often experience bloating and heartburn issues, again, including this particular salt in your diet can be extremely beneficial. Violet sea salt comes in handy when it comes to controlling the acid levels in one’s stomach and also helps with easing any reflux problems.

This type of salt has alkaline properties, which aid in the reduction of excess acid in the stomach. Violet salt also has a high mineral content that lessens the damage caused by acid reflux, too.

#6. Relieves Constipation

Many people around the world struggle with this common problem every day. Being constipated can make you feel uncomfortable throughout the day and also impact your overall health. Changing the salt you use in your meals and using violet sea salt instead can have a very positive effect on your gastrointestinal system and digestive regularity.

You can also use this type of salt as a quick home remedy to ease your constipation issues. For this purpose, you simply need ginger, black salt (or violet sea salt), and lemon juice. Drinking this mixture will certainly be enough to provide you with a clean gastrointestinal system and far less discomfort throughout the day.

#7. Skin Healing

If you have been having trouble with any skin issues, violet sea salt can do wonders for you on this front as well. This wonderful salt is filled with minerals that are good for your skin when used in soaks or in beauty products.

If you have acne, any type of mild skin infection, or even mild wounds, simply add some sea salt to lukewarm water, and soak the problem area for a while. By using dissolved violet sea salt in this way, you can then help heal your skin in a natural way.

#8. Weight Loss

Violet sea salt also makes an excellent addition to your diet as it helps aid individuals in achieving weight loss. By reducing your sodium intake, you can considerably bring down the level of water retention and bloating within the body, and this will help to decrease your weight a bit.

#9. Eases Sinusitis

Those who have respiratory issues or sinusitis can also use this form of salt as a home remedy to get relief from the condition. Simply add some violet sea salt with warm water, then use it for gargling in order to clear up the phlegm and reduce the discomfort of a sore throat caused by drainage.

#10. Lustrous Hair

Uses for violet sea salt

Split ends, dandruff, thinning hair, lack of shine, and hair damage—there are so many hair issues that people face on a regular basis. With the help of violet sea salt, though, you can now get your hair back shiny and healthy. All you need to do is just use violet sea salt in your beauty and haircare products on a regular basis to reap the benefits of this useful mineral.

This type of sea salt contains numerous essential components that aid in repairing split ends and reducing dandruff. Sea salt also aids in keeping a check on excessive hair fall. Consider adding some violet sea salt to your hair care routine to see these great results.

Other Types of Salts

Here are some of the other common salts that people use around the world as well as the significance of each explained in detail.

Table salt

This is the common house salt that you will find in most salt shakers. It is mined and then purified to remove any undesired additional minerals. This type of salt comprises 97-99% sodium chloride, some anti-caking agents, and also can include added iodide for thyroid health.

Kosher salt

This is a type of refined salt that comes with larger crystals than ordinary table salt, and there are no additives like iodine. Regardless of its name, only a few brands are certified as having met true kosher requirements. This salt’s name is derived from the fact that these large crystals are perfect for use in preparing meats to be kosher.

Fleur de sel/Fiore di cervia (“Flower of Salt”)

Coming from the Brittany coast in France, these variations are often considered the Cadillacs of salts. They are not crushed or ground but instead are harvested from the best saltwater ponds as the top layer begins to crystallize.

These two types have less sodium than table salt, and the mineral content is higher as well. They also have a very briny flavor. The moisture in these crystals makes the two tend to stick and not dissolve as quickly, so they are more often used as a finishing touch when completing a dish.

Sel gris (gray salt)

The gray salt comes from the same harvesting process as fleur de sel, but this type of salt is not harvested from the top layer. Instead, it is taken from the bottom of the salt pan; hence, it has a gray color as well as a higher mineral content.

Sel gris falls somewhere between fleur de sel and basic sea salt. It can also be ground very with volcanic rocks to make sel gris velvet.

Hawaiian alaea red salt

This type of salt is made via an evaporation process as well as deriving its unique color from being mixed with volcanic clay. The volcanic clay adds a significant amount of iron and other trace minerals to this salt. It is widely used in native Hawaiian dishes and is also commonly found in several religious ceremonies, too.

What is the difference between black salt and violet salt?

The most commonly found version of violet sea salt available are more finely ground options of black salt, or kala namak. Essentially, they are the same but with different consistencies.

Is it safe to eat violet sea salt daily?

Adding this salt to food enhances the taste and also adds a lot of health benefits. However, it should only be eaten in moderation to avoid having too high of a sodium intake. We strongly recommend that you consult a doctor to ensure that it is safe for regular consumption and how much would be best for you, especially if you are at risk of any heart, blood pressure, or circulation-related conditions.

Is there any expiration date for violet sea salt?

Sea salt products are naturally preservative in nature, so they do not expire. However, if you purchase any variations that contain iodide added to the product, it will actually affect the shelf life at that point and will eventually “go bad.”

Can you do a massage using sea salt?

Yes, you are perfectly welcome to add a pinch of sea salt to your hot oil and use this for a massage. Using salt in this way helps in easing muscle spasms, relaxing the muscles, and reducing inflammation.

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