Can Bidets Be Shared? Read This First!

Bidets are designed to clean your genitals and anus after you have used your bathroom. Since they are designed to clean up something that is rather messy, a lot of people wonder whether you can share a bidet. This is the question that our experts are going to answer on this page for you.


So, can bidets be shared? Yes, they can! As long as you keep the bidet clean, it is just as sanitary as sharing a toilet. The only bidets we wouldn’t really recommend sharing are travel or portable bidets. This is because they are far too difficult to keep clean.

We are going to go into a little bit more depth on this. That way, you will know exactly when you can share bidets, as well as when you should probably be avoiding it. We also want to give a few tips on bidet etiquette and keeping your bidet clean.

Can Bidets Be Shared?


If you are using a bidet correctly, then it should not be touching your genitals at all. For lack of a better word, there is also likely not going to be any ‘splash back’ when you are cleaning yourself. This means that the bidet shouldn’t get dirty at all. Sharing a bidet is no more unsanitary than sharing a toilet with another person.

The only time that it is not recommended that people share a bidet is when it comes to small, transportable bidets i.e. travel bidets that are often used in the treatment of hemorrhoids. This is because these bidets are more likely to come into contact with the genitals. They are also more prone to getting bacteria and the like on them. Remember, most people that use portable bidets are using them to treat areas that could potentially be infected e.g. hemorrhoids, so you really do not want to come into contact with them.

Remember, if you are using a bidet, then you likely want to cut down on toilet paper. This means using a bidet towel. Ensure that everybody that uses the bidet has their own bidet towel. If you share towels then, yes, this is going to be unhygienic. 

Of course, this is assuming that everybody knows how to use a bidet properly and that you do your best to keep the bidet clean. If you do not, then there may be a risk with sharing the bidet.

What is Standard Bidet Etiquette?

How you use a bidet in your own home is your own business. You can keep it as clean as you like. However, if there is a bidet in the home of somebody that you are visiting, it is in your best interests to follow proper bidet etiquette. The bidet owner wants to ensure that their bidet is nice and clean, after all.

First and foremost, you shouldn’t just assume that you can use a bidet because it is there. Many people do not want others using their bidet. This isn’t so much because it is unhygienic, but they do not want people to use a bidet if they do not know how to use it. If the host has provided toilet paper, then make sure that you use it.

If there is provided soap, then make sure that you use it.

Obviously, you should only be using the bidet if you know how to actually use a bidet. If you do not, then don’t touch it. If you do not angle the water properly, then you will end up creating a lot of mess which is going to be tough to clean up.

When you are done with the bidet, make sure that you wipe down everything. You shouldn’t leave a single hint that you were using the bidet. Thankfully, if you were using the bidet properly, then this is likely not going to be a tough job. It may involve a small amount of wiping down and that is it.

How Do You Keep a Bidet Clean?

To be honest, keeping your bidet clean shouldn’t be that difficult. Not if you are using it properly.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that the bidet is never pointed directly at your genitals or anus. It needs to be at an angle. This means that if anything does ‘spray’ out from the area that you are cleaning, it shouldn’t go directly onto the bidet.

That being said, it is still wise to give the bidet a wipe down every so often. A wet sanitary wipe should be more than enough to get it clean. You do not need to do this after every bidet usage. Well, assuming that you are using it correctly.

At least once per week, you should be using your standard toilet chemicals to clean the bidet. This should help to keep the bidet nice and clan. It will also help to clear any bacteria build-up which, of course, can be unsafe, even if you are not sharing your bidet with another person.

Of course, you will want to ensure that everything in the bidet or toilet is flushed away when you have finished using it. If you don’t, then bacteria will start to form. You will also end up ‘enjoying’ a rather pungent smell coming from the bidet. Both urine and feces can smell quite awful after just a few hours. 


Do you need to use toilet paper with a bidet?

Many people do not. However, toilet paper can come in useful for drying yourself off after using the bidet. It is good etiquette to use toilet paper a little bit if you plan on using a bidet at somebody else’s home, though.

Is a bidet resistant to bacteria?

Yes. Bidets tend to be treated with chemicals that make them resistant to bacteria. This doesn’t negate the need to be cleaning the bidet regularly, however, it will help to prevent bacteria from multiplying on the bacteria quickly. This helps to ensure that the bidet is a little bit safer to use.

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