After a long day at work, you are tired, and all you want to do is take a bubble bath to relax your mind. Unfortunately, you realize that your bubble bath soap is finished. What do you do next? Do you give up and take a plain shower or you start looking around the house for alternatives.

Can you use laundry detergent to take your bubble bath? No, you cannot use the laundry detergent to make your bubble bath because it given the adverse effects the laundry detergent can have on your skin.

This article explains the benefits of bubble baths, the effects of laundry detergent on your skin, how to make a homemade bubble bath, bubble bath alternatives, and other related questions. Keep reading for deeper insight.

Why Do You Need a Bubble Bath?

Having a bubble bath is beneficial for the body. Below are some of the benefits that you stand to gain.

  • It is a perfect way to relax, feel pampered, brighten your mood, and lower your stress. This is exactly what you need after a long day at work.
  • For body cleansing and detoxification, a bubble bath is exactly what you need.
  • A bubble bath helps in skin therapy. It hydrates, nourishes, and heals the skin, making it fresh.
  • Try a bubble bath after work and see how well you will sleep that night. With the relaxation and blood circulation, you will surely have a good night’s rest.

Why Is Laundry Detergent Not Suitable For Bubble Bath?

Laundry detergents comprise of strong abrasives, which are meant for cleaning clothes. This means that these detergents are not going to be kind to your skin, especially if used repeatedly.

Thus, if you are going to be using laundry detergent as bubble bath, depending on your skin type, soon or immediately you will start noticing the following skin complications:

  • Dryness
  • Skin irritation
  • Skin break outs
  • Redness

So, you need to be careful. You may pass for a one-time use, but do not make it a habit. If you have a sensitive skin, only one time is enough to develop the listed complication. Fortunately, for those with tougher skin, you can get away with more than one use but with regular use, the negative results will begin to show.

Are There Alternatives for Bubble Bath

It is normal to run out of bubble bath unexpectedly. This is not call for alarm. There are certain alternatives that you can use and still enjoy your bubble bath. Some of the readily available products to use include:

  • Liquid castile soap
  • Baby shampoo or any other mild shampoo
  • Scented or unscented liquid soap
  • Mild or unscented dish soap
  • Scented or unscented liquid hand soap

With unscented soap, if you like, you can add your own scent when you want to take the bath.

Can You Make Your Own Bubble Bath At Home?

Yes, you can have some homemade bubble bath at home. Below, we have described how to make a good bubble bath, so that you do not have to use laundry detergent for this purpose.

Simple Homemade Vegan Bubble Bath Recipe

For a quick homemade bath, you will need a cup liquid castile soap or any of the soaps listed above, warm distilled water, sugar, and vegetable glycerin. If you like, you can also use essential oils, but this is optional

You will be mixing all your ingredients in a bowl, jar, or pot. Whichever you choose, first pour in 1 ½ cup of the liquid soap of your choice. Note that it does not have to be scented as scent can be added later using essential oils.

Now add sugar ½ a spoon and glycerin 2 spoonfuls. The combination of sugar and glycerin creates larger bubbles that last longer.

If you wish to add some scent, you can do so by adding a few drops of essential oils such as Vanilla, and Lavender.

Now you can stir gently using a spoon or fork. Once you do this, your bubble bath is ready. You can then transfer it into a sealable container, and let it rest for at least 24 hours before using it. This will allow it to cure.

Homemade Honey Bubble Birth

To make a honey bubble bath, all you need is one cup of sweet almond oil, ¾-cup liquid castile soap, ½-cup honey, and a few drops of essential oils such as lavender.

Now mix all the ingredients together in a bowl.

Almond oil and honey play an important role of moisturizing dry or flaky skin.

Homemade Egg White Bubble Bath

For a good homemade bubble bath with egg white, you will mix together liquid castile soap, egg white and essential oils.

The egg white creates fluffy and long-lasting bubbles.

Related Questions

Can you substitute bubble bath with shampoo?

Yes, you can use shampoo in a pinch if you do not have a bubble bath. However, note that any harsh soap may cause skin dryness, especially for sensitive skin, so you should not use it habitually.

What soap is ideal for a bubble bath?

For any good bubble bath, you definitely need soap. You can use any liquid body or hand soap. For lack of either, you can use scented or unscented dish soap or castile soap. For any unscented soap, you can add some scent by adding some essential oils such as vanilla or lavender.

Can you use bar soap to make bubble bath?

Yes, you can use a bar of bar soap to make a bubble bath, but the most recommended is bastille soap. For a bar soap, grate it and mix it with warm water, to dissolve it into liquid soap, which you will then use to make your bubble bath. However, to shorten the process, you can simply use scented or unscented hand or body soap, or use some mild shampoo in small quantities.

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