How to Get Scentsy Wax Out of Clothes?

How to Get Scentsy Wax Out of Clothes?

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Although Scentsy bars may help you create a breathtaking fragrance in your home, there is nothing appealing about Scentsy wax stains on your clothes. Most clothes are made of absorbent fabrics. As such, the melted Scentsy wax tends to stick on the clothing almost immediately. Whereas washing the clothing might be your first option, it is quite disappointing to learn that this method is not always effective.

The other day, I was at a friend’s graduation after-party and there was a Scentsy warmer that brought a fruity fragrance in the air. Due to the random movements associated with parties, one tall guy pushed off the Scentsy warmer pouring some wax on the graduation girl who was standing close by.

You could almost touch the shock on people faces. The gown was severely stained. So how exactly do you clean off Scentsy wax from clothes? Did the gown have to be disposed of? No, there are many ways to clean off Scentsy wax from clothes. Read on to find out more insights on how to clean Scentsy wax from clothes and have your clothes look as good as new

While you are enjoying a romantic dinner date, birthday party or you want to add that homely touch to your house, a wax melt out should not stop you from having a good time. At the same time, you do not have to worry about high laundry bills resulting from the wax mess. This article will highlight some of the most effective procedures to clean of Scentsy wax, tools needed, mistakes that are done and how to avoid Scentsy wax stains.

So how do you clean off Scentsy Wax on Clothes?

Depending on your choice of Scentsy bar, Scentsy wax comes in different fragrance, from fruity to floral to a bakery scent among others. Here is the good news; the tips to clean off the wax from clothes are effective on any fragrance. The following are some of the most effective tips you can use to clean the wax from your clothes.

Step – 1 Allow the Scentsy to Dry

Requirements – A freezer, ice cubes.

Allowing the melted wax to dry is always the first step to removing Scentsy wax from clothes. This tip is unpopular since in most cases, your first instinct is to save the situation as first as possible. However, several things could go wrong when you try to scoop the wax while it is still hot

Common Mistakes Done

Rubbing the wax while it is still hot spreads it to other parts of the clothes makes your work harder. This is because the wax is usually in a semi-liquid form and highly absorbable while hot.

So how do I dry the wax? Drying the wax is quite simple. You can decide to let the wax dry naturally. Alternatively, if you’re looking to save time, you can place the clothes in the freezer to accelerate the rate of drying. Moreover, you can wart removal stains to dry the clothes faster. Other than that, placing ice cubes on the wax can equally increase the rate at which the Scentsy wax dries.

Step – 2 Scrap Away the Hardened Scentsy Wax

Requirements Blunt knife or spoon

After you have dried the wax, the next step is to scoop off excess wax using a dull knife like this. Removing the excess wax reduces your labor thereafter. Why should I use a blunt knife?

  • Firstly, using a sharp knife can easily place dents on your favorite pants. Obviously, dents are not exactly fashionable things to have on your clothes
  • It is easier to cut yourself using a sharp knife tan it is using a dull knife. As such, while using the knife, scoop the wax away from your chest.
  • Other than that, different clothes are made of different fabric, therefore for clothes made of wool a blunt knife may work, but for silk, you might want to use a spoon.

Whereas there may be several life hacks to clean Scentsy wax off your clothing, I highly recommend that you always start with the first two tips mentioned above. With that, any other way you choose to clean the wax, you will have an easier task. Here are the rest of the tips. Please note that they equally work well.

Re-melt the wax

RequirementsBoiled water, iron box, baking powder, blow drier, paper clothing, or blotting paper, water, and stain removers

This tip may contrast with the first step, but it is exactly what you need to get rid of those tiny yet irritating fragments of wax from your clothes. To melt the wax, you can decide to use,

  • Boiled Water
  • Iron box
  • A blow drier

How to Melt Scentsy Wax Using Boiled Water

This can be achieved either by pouring a small amount of boiled water on the wax or by soaking the clothing in boiled water.

  • By Pouring Water

Step 1For the first option, take the stained part if the cloth and wrap it around a bowl.

Step 2Use a rubber band to ensure that the clothing remains wrapped on the bowl.

Step 3-Gently pour water targeting the Scentsy wax stains.

Step 4After you melt the wax, wash the clothing just as you do with your laundry.

  • By Soaking the Clothing in Boiled Water

Soaking the stained clothing in boiled water also removes the wax. However, the secret is to use some baking powder to the water.

Step 1Add 5-6 spoons of baking powder on already boiled water. Stir the water to mix the two evenly using a rod or stick

Step 2 Use the stick to place the clothing in the boiled water for around a minute. Check to see that the Scentsy wax has fallen off

Step 3Dip the clothing in the water several times. However, be careful not to keep the clothing in boiled water too long. A minute is enough.

Step 4Eventually the wax will fall off.

Common Mistakes Done

  • Do not touch the water with your hands unless you want to get burnt, remember it is hot!
  • Do not let your clothing overstay in boiled water since it may destroy the fabric especially for delicate clothes.

How to Use an Iron Box

This is one of the most popular ways to get rid of Scentsy wax from your clothes effectively.

Step 1Put paper towels on top of the stained clothing. Alternatively, you can use a blotting paper. Place a thin cloth between the iron box and the Paper towel or blotting paper

Step 2 Place a warm iron box on the thin cloth, pressing it on top of the cloth at intervals. The Scentsy wax will melt and get absorbed in the paper towel or blotting paper.

Mistakes Done

  • Do not use the iron box while in the steamy setting. This may either damage your clothing depending on the fabric or make the wax not to come out. I recommend you set the iron box on low temperatures.
  • Use blotting paper instead of paper towels to avoid fragments of paper towel on your cloth.
  • Do not use this procedure for small amount s of Scentsy wax to get the best results

How to Use a Blow Drier

This process is very resourceful for clothes like silk and wool, which get easily damaged by too much heat.

Step 1Place paper towels on n both sides of the stained clothing

Step 2 Gently, for 5 seconds blow the drier on the Scentsy wax. The wax will be melted and blown to the paper towel.

Step 3 Use the paper towel to blow off the wax

Step 4 Use a stain remover and wash the clothing to make sure that the Scentsy wax stains are cleaned off 100%

Use Vegetable oil

RequirementsVegetable oil, water, paper cloth, stain remover, toothbrush.

Vegetable oil is used to remove a small amount of Scentsy wax on clothing. This procedure should only be performed once the excess wax is scraped off. Here is a step-to-step guide

Step 1Place the vegetable oil on the Scentsy wax. Wipe off any excess oil using a paper towel.

Step 2brush off the wax using a toothbrush.

Step 3 wash the clothing in your usual laundry

What about the vegetable oil stain?

You might be wondering how you will sort out the vegetable oil stains. Well firstly, this procedure should be your last option. However, do not freight about how to remove the vegetable stains. The following is a step-to-step procedure to get rid of the vegetable oil stains.

Step 1Use your preferred stain remover like this,

Step 2 – Smear the stain remover on the stained part

Step 3 – use a toothbrush to rub the stain off the clothing.

Apply Alcohol on the Scentsy Wax

Requirements – Alcohol, a towel, water.

Since most Scentsy bars are colored, melted wax may leave behind dye marks on your clothing. As such, this process is used to remove the dye marks.

Step 1Rub alcohol on the wax stained area

Step 2 – use a towel to press against the alcohol on the stained clothing

Step 3 – clean the clothing by either washing it or cleaning the previously stained area using a sponge

In cases where the staining is not severe, normal detergents can wash it out. That is you either do laundry by hand or using a machine

What about other fabrics?

In most cases, before the Scentsy wax stains your clothes, it has probably done greater damage to other things. They may include the surface where the dish warmer was placed, the floor may get stained, and even the carpet may be a victim to the stains. So how do you clean these fabrics?

Wood Surfaces– for wood surfaces and floors you can use the blow drier but ensure it has very low heat. After the wax has solidified, follow the steps below

Step 1 Direct the blow drier to the wax

Step 2 Wipe of the wax as it melts using the paper cloth

Tiled Surfaces– for tiles, you can use the iron box. However, you will require about 12 paper cloths to avoid excess heat on the tiles.

How to Clean Scentsy Wax from the Couch

After the wax has hardened, follow the following steps

Step 1Scrap off the excess wax

Step 2 Sponge the stained area with a cloth containing detergents

Step 3 Rinse the area with warm water to get rid of the remaining wax.

How to Clean Scentsy Wax from Leather or Suede fabric

Step 1Freeze the wax to harden it

Step 2 Scoop off the excess wax

Step 3 mix a thick paste of fuller earth with water

Step 4 rub it on the remaining wax fragrant

How to clean Scentsy Wax from the Carpet

Carpets are most of the times made of similar fabric like clothes. There are so many recommended ways to clean Scentsy wax from the carpet but the most effective way is to use an iron box.

How to clean Scentsy Wax from the wall

To clean the wax from the wall you will need to melt it using either an iron box or a blow-drier.

Step 1– place a paper towel over the waxed wall

Step 2 Place a piece of cardboard over the paper towel

Step 3 use an iron box or direr to melt the wax

Step 4 in case of any stains left, use alcohol o=to rub it off

What If All These Methods Do Not Yield?

Well in the instance that the wax stains are stubborn, you might want to visit dry cleaning services. However, make sure you understand your type of cloth to avoid cases of fabric damage. If you do not know about fabrics, you can seek assistance from fabric consultants.

Is Scentsy Wax Reactant on Skin?

To clean off Scentsy wax from your clothes, you will have to be in contact with the wax. Therefore, it is important to know if your health is at stake.

Firstly, Scentsy wax has proved repeatedly that it is made of natural and synthetic ingredients. Moreover, manufactures of this product guarantee that the wax is safe to use as directed in the packaging

As such, you should not ingest any Scentsy wax no matter how appealing. On top of that, do not apply it as a body spray. On that account, if you follow the directions given, then the wax is safe to handle. Do not dispose of your clothes out of fear, you can touch the wax and get your clothes back to shape.

How to Handle Scentsy Bars to Avoid Waxing

While else there is a solution to cleaning of Scentsy wax from clothes, avoiding the wax in the first place can save you money, time, and energy. Therefore, here are tips on how to handle your Scentsy bars and dish warmers to avoid staining your clothes

  • Place the Scentsy bars in an upright position instead of hanging them. This will avoid the wax running down to the surface. Instead, the wax will be collected in the dish warmer.
  • Keep the Scentsy bar away from heat and direct sunlight. This will prevent the bar from melting unnecessarily
  • It is advisable you store the bar in a cool dark place.
  • Constantly clean your dish warmer

As mentioned above, one of the ways to avoid the problem of Scentsy wax on clothes is to clean up your dish warmer regularly. Other than that, you might need to clean your warmer if you wish to change the scent of your home.

How do I clean my Scentsy warmer?

  1. Turn off the warmer to allow the wax to harden at room temperature
  2. Lift the dish warmer like bowl holding on to its base
  3. Place the dish in a freezer for about 20 minutes to allow the wax to harden further
  4. Using a knife, pierce the edge of the already hardened wax. If it is completely hardened it will pop out

The Scentsy wax is already in solid form as such even if it falls it cannot stain your clothes, carpet, or floor.

Related Questions

Can I use a different warmer for Scentsy bars?

Yes, you can use any other burner for your warmer. However, doing that has its shortcomings since the dish warmer is customized to melt the bar at low temperatures and make it last longer. Other burners may have excessive watts in their light bulbs. As such, the Scentsy will burn faster and it will not last as long as normal bars.

How long does a Scentsy bar last?

A whole bar lasts between 50-80 hours depending on your usage. That is means one cube can last 7-10 hours. However, if you wish to have your Scentsy cube last longer you can control your usage. An example, putting on the dish warmer when you have to, this reduces unnecessary warming which eventually diminishes your Scentsy bar.