It happens every time. You turn on the bathroom faucet to shave, wash hands or brush teeth. When it’s over, you notice everything around the counter is sopping wet. It’s literally everywhere. It seems like there’s nothing you can do to keep this baby dry.

Knowing how to keep a bathroom country dry isn’t difficult, but it will take some innovation and resourcefulness along with being meticulous about it. You can always wipe it down every day or you could come up with some alternative ways such as keeping a fan nearby or using a splash guard.

Quick Overview

  1. The best way to keep a bathroom counter dry is by going the old-fashioned route with a towel after each use.
  2. The best preventative measure not turning on the faucet full blast.
  3. Use a SPLASHPAD around the sink.
  4. You could innovate something like placing an absorbent material around the sink, keeping a fan on or making your own type of pad
  5. If it’s feasible, you can completely replace the sink, faucet and counter.

What Is the Best Way to Keep a Bathroom Counter Dry?

The best way to keep your bathroom country dry every day is by drying it off after each and every use. You can use a hand towel, washcloth or paper towels to achieve this. Some people like to store them in the drawer, if there is one. But others usually keep them on the towel rack.

Are There Any Preventative Measures to Take to Keep a Bathroom Counter Dry?

For a preventative measure, watch how far you allow the faucet to turn on. That is, paying attention to how much pressure comes out of the faucet. People who have a shallow sink know the struggle is real. When the water exits the faucet, it splashes up and in every which direction. 

This means not putting the faucet on full blast. Allow it to be a medium to low type of stream. It may take you longer to wash hands or brush teeth, but it will prevent too much water from landing on the countertop.

Are There Any Devices You Can Buy to Help Keep a Bathroom Counter Dry?

There is one device on the market but you can only find it on Amazon. The SPLASHPAD (see Amazon) comprises microfiber toweling on the surface with a rubber grip underneath. It absorbs all the wetness and keeps your counter dry.

This is great for large families and busy professionals that don’t have the time or the luxury to wipe down the counter every time it’s wet. Previous users seem to love it and all the convenience it provides. While it is adjustable, it may not fit every sink.

What Are Some Resourceful ; Innovative Ways to Keep a Bathroom Country Dry?

While using something like SPLASHPAD may be a great thing to have, it may not be practical or affordable for people to get. If this is you, then you can try a few different things. In the case none of the ways below suit your needs, perhaps they will inspire you to devise your own.

  • Put down an absorbent material before you turn the sink on. You can use a microfiber towel, hand towel, washcloth or paper towel on the area that always seems to get wet. When you’re done, just wipe it up.
  • Get a large piece of water-resistant rubber or silicone and cut it specifically to the dimensions of your sink. You can use rubber stops or plastic clamps to keep it down around the sink. This will help prevent it from getting wet. But, you will have to remove it at least once per week to keep it clean and prevent mold from forming.
  • Keep a small oscillating fan nearby and set it on low. While it might not keep the counter dry it will help keep down the moisture that can build up around the sink.

Is There a Failsafe Option to Keep a Bathroom Counter Dry?

Other than the suggestions above, there’s really no other way to keep a bathroom counter dry. If you’ve been meaning to remodel, you could opt to install a whole new faucet, sink and counter.

Ensure the counter angles in such a way as to pour any water that gets onto it back into the sink. Make sure the sink’s shape is deep and that the faucet allows for more finite pressure.


While there aren’t many options for keeping your bathroom counter dry, you can always go with the trusty and obvious method: wiping it down with some kind of absorbent towel. But, there is the SPLASHPAD (shop now) or you can make your own similar device. It’s not difficult, but you do have to be a little innovative about it.

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