One of the biggest joys in the world is to snuggle with your pet on the bed. The warmth of your furry friend’s body is enough to reassure that you’re not alone when feeling down and unhappy, and they also the best pals to share happiness with. But, there’s a price you have to pay for your pet love and that comes in the form of dog or cat hair everywhere! While loving your Tommy or Lucy is easy, cleaning their fur needs a little patience.

How to remove pet hair from bedding? Washing the bedding frequently may help, but as long as you allow your pets on the bed, the fur will continue to shed and cover your bedding. You don’t need to compromise with your puppy or kitty love. Just follow the smart tricks mentioned below to easily remove per hair from the bedding.

Start By Grooming Your Dog

This is a preventive measure which can ensure that there is less pet hair on the bedding. A well-groomed dog will have a healthy coat and not shed a lot of fur around the house. Brush Fido’s coat regularly and if he’s shedding too much lately, get an appointment with a professional groomer to ensure that his coat stays lustrous and healthy.

If your dog can tolerate the sound of a vacuum cleaner (like this), you may also use it on a low setting to remove extra fur from his coat. Groomed dogs will also shed hair anyway but this will cut back on the quantity of hair they shed.

Use A Lint Roller

The quickest and easiest way to remove pet hair from bedding is to use a lint roller, the type that comes with sticky paper sheets that can be easily peeled away. It works great at attracting pet fur stuck on the bedding within minutes. If you don’t have a lint roller at home, you may roll a packing tape around your hand, sticky side up and rub your hand on the bedding to serve a similar purpose. Here are the steps to use a lint roller to get rid of pet hair:

  • Shake the bedding well to remove dust and loosen the pet hair
  • Straighten the bedding so that all corners are easily accessible
  • Keep rolling the lint roller until the adhesive strip is completely full of fur
  • Peel off the above strip to reveal a fresh and new sticky surface
  • Continue rolling again until all hair is removed from the bedding

Cleaning With A Pair Of Rubber Gloves

With rubber gloves, you can easily remove pet hair from the bedding, blanket, and comforters. Just put on the gloves and rub your hands over the bedding. The rubber will cause the hair to accumulate into a furball that is easier to pick and throw away. If there are any pig-headed spots on the bedding, consider dipping the gloves in water and repeat rubbing to accumulate more hair.

Have a rag cloth or towel and a trash can by your side. You may use the towel to wipe off dog hair between the swipes. Discard the furballs into the trash to prevent them from escaping into the air.

To remove pet hair from the blankets, use rubber gloves that come with nubs. As this is a strong friction material, it helps in loosening the stubborn dog hair stuck on the fabric. The nubs offer extra resistance while wiping. 

Try The Moisture Remedy

Take the comforter outside and shake it vigorously to release as much loose hair as possible. You may also vacuum the bedding with a brush attachment. Take a damp sponge and wipe the comforter with it to gather any remaining fur. Next, wipe the moist sponge over the bed sheet to ensure that it is fur-free.

You may consider buying a pet-friendly blanket like this for your pet and encourage him to stay on his blanket instead of getting on the comforter. This way you can have your pet on the bed without worrying much about hair on your bedding.

Washing the Bedding

Washing the bedding frequently is also an effective way of getting rid of pet hair. To get satisfactory results, perform the wash cycle as follows:

First put the comforter, sheets, and blankets in a dry place and clean with a lint trap. Use the multiple drying to capture as much hair as possible.

The hot air released in the tumbling action will also result in trapping the remaining hair. After each wash cycle, clean the lint trap to avoid any unwanted hazards.

Before running the wash cycle, run the bedding in a dryer with no-heat mode. This will cause a toppling action within the dryer, resulting in the removal of some pet hair.

After you are done with laundering, run an additional rinse cycle to remove any pet hair stuck in the washer. This will ensure that pet fur does not get into the next load of laundry.

Don’t overcrowd the washer with too many clothes and allow enough space for the bedding to move freely inside the water. This will allow the hair to escape from the drain easily.

Pet-Friendly Fabrics

If you have pets at home and they love to share your bed, opt for beddings made of pet-friendly fabrics. I would recommend that you avoid anything made of velour, corduroy, velvet, and lose knit materials as they tend to attract more pet hair.

Natural fabrics such as wool and cotton also attract more hair than synthetic materials. Due to the static nature of the synthetic fiber, it may also attract hair to some extent. Shiny materials like satin are best because fur can’t stick on it and slip off rather easily.

Use A Damp Duster

Run a damp duster lightly over the bedding to gather pet hair and pick it up as you go. You may also use a damp mop to pick pet fur from the floor. You can use a damp broom on the blankets to quickly get rid of pet hair. The bristles have a static charge that helps in attracting the fur and capturing it.

Fabric Softener

When the fabric becomes soft, it can be easier to get rid of the hair on the surface. To achieve satisfactory results, mix a little fabric softener with water, and use this mixture to cover the areas covered with hair. This will help in loosening up the hair and you can then use other methods to clean the bedding.

Dry Microfiber Cloth

You have probably heard of the numerous uses of dry microfiber cloth like these in cleaning window glasses, mirrors, and so on. The cloth creates static electricity, which helps in removing pet hair from the bedding. It may be used after a rubber squeegee or gloves to remove the remaining hair stuck on the bedding.

Rubber Shoe Soles

When you don’t have other tools available at hand, you may use the rubber soles of shoes such as trainers or cowboy boots to pick up hair from the bedding. Just make sure that the sole is not dirty before bringing it in contact with the fabric.

To do the task easily, wear the shoe and gently drag your foot across the bedding. This will cause the pet hair to bunch up and form a ball. You can then lift the hair ball and discard it. Keep rubbing the soles on the surface until you have effectively removed all pet hair.

Inflated Balloon

This is a fun and quick method to get rid of the furry stuff. Just inflate a balloon and then rub it over the hair covered bedding to remove pet fur. Similar to the other things mentioned above, an inflated balloon also has a static charge that helps in attracting pet hair easily. Furthermore, you can also reuse the balloon to remove pet hair several times, so this is a cost-effective method.

Kitchen Sponge

A kitchen sponge (dry or damp) may also be used to remove pet fur from bed sheets, blankets, duvet covers, etc. You just need to gently rub the sponge over the bedding to allow the hair to stick to the sponge. Discard the hair and continue rubbing until most of the hairs are removed.


roll, clear, plastic, packing, tape

This is another quick fix option you may use when other tools are not available. Wrap a cello tape around something such as a bat or tennis racket, with the sticky side up. Now move the object over the bedding to allow pet hair to stick on the tap. When the tape is completely covered with hair, replace with new tape and continue until all hair is removed.

Velcro Swatches

Velcro material is capable of picking up the smallest fibers and pet hair too. You can buy large swatches of this sticky picker-upper material from the local craft store. Alternatively, you may also buy a giant Velcro hair curler to get better results. Move them gently over the bedding to attract as much hair as possible.

Rubber Brush

If pet hair build up on the bedding is a constant problem for you, get a good quality rubber broom brush to collect them with ease. The tiny nubbies are effective at loosening up the stubborn pet dander stuck on the bedding and collecting them. Keep a rubber broom brush in your car too as this method works great for removing pet hair from car interiors.

Vacuum Cleaner

This is perhaps the strongest and most effective solution for removing pet hair from the bedding. The best quality vacuum cleaner designed for sucking dog or cat hair can take out tons of hair from bedding, carpets, and furniture too. It is capable of removing more pet hair than any other methods mentioned above and works great for large spaces.

Using a vacuum cleaner like these regularly can help you prevent pet hair from accumulating on your bedding. However, be careful when buying a vacuum cleaner because there are several models available and not every product is designed to work at sucking pet hair.

Tips To Prevent Pet Hair From Getting Into The Bedding

  • Cover the bedding, duvet or sofa with an old blanket for your pet to sit on and snuggle on it as long as he likes.
  • Make a DIY static spray by mixing fabric conditioner with water. Spray this mixture over the furniture, upholstery, and bedding to prevent hair from clinging on them.
  • Stock up on the lint rollers and have some handy in the car too. You can also use this tool to remove pet dander from your clothes.
  • Put your bedding in the tumble dry with a few wet microfiber clothes to allow the pet hair to stick on the microfiber material.
  • Make sure the pet’s own bed is extremely comfortable, cozy, and tidy so that it does not want to curl up with you on your bed every night.

Try These Best Pet Hair Removers

#1. ChomChom Roller

If you have a large dog that sheds hair like insane, invest in this ChomChom Roller that delivers amazing results. Although priced slightly higher than other types of hair removing tools, it is one of the most highly rated products on Amazon with good customer reviews. Unlike a traditional roller, the ChomChom does not have any adhesive or sticky tape. Instead, it uses a fine-bristled roller to easily pick up the fur and store it in the chamber until you empty it. Buy the ChomChom Roller online from Amazon.

#2. Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter

If you are looking for an easy and effective solution on budget then check out this Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter on Amazon, which looks like an ordinary sponge but is much more than that. It is reasonably priced and works great at lifting pet hair from bedding and other things such as curtains, couches, and clothing. This is a good alternative for the sticky rollers as you can use this tool repeatedly until all hair is removed. You can easily store the product in a cabinet or drawer when not in use.

#3. Mudeela Travel Pet Hair Remover

Ask any pet parent and they will tell you that they have a lint roller in their car and every possible place they can tuck them in. However, carrying a lint roller in the purse may be awkward and you may want something easier and lighter to work with. The Mudeela Travel Pet Hair Remover is just what you need to give a quick fix to the bedding or clothes when you are outside home. The tiny and soft bristles in the Mudeela device helps in grabbing the fur and removing it from the bedding surface. The handheld device can be folded easily so you can put it inside the bag without dirtying it.

#4. Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum

As mentioned above, a vacuum cleaner is the father of all tools that can remove pet hair and dander. If you have more than one pet at home, you’ll know how important a high-end vacuum is to keep your house clean. I suggest that you buy a model that comes with the feature to remove pet hair, and the Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum (see price) is a sure shot winner. Although it’s slightly on the expensive side, it’s an investment you will be proud to make as it can pick up even the slightest pet hair and the HEPA filtration system prevents health problems like allergies or asthma. The Dyson products come with good customer service and a 5-year warranty against any manufacturing defects. Buy the Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum from Amazon.

#5. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Hand Vacuum

If you live in a small house and there’s not much space to store an upright vacuum, get the lightweight and compact Bissell Pet Hair Cordless Hand Vacuum. It comes with the high-powered suction capability to remove pet hair from bedding and other areas of the house within minutes. As this is a cordless device, you can take it to any room and there’s no fear of tripping over. The two-step filtration system and a large dirt container ensure that the device lasts longer. It is an effective solution for removing allergens from your house. It comes with one year warranty and good customer service. Buy the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Hand Vacuum from Amazon.

#6. FURminator Deshedding Tool

When you have the right tools to get rid of pet hair from your bedding, it is now time to focus on products that can reduce pet’s shedding. FURminator (see Amazon) can make this possible! This is a stainless steel comb that can safely reach undercoat to remove the loose pet hairs. The product comes in five different sizes ranging from extra small to giant. They are also available for short hair and long hair, so you can choose the one that suits your pet. As the FURminator tool grabs the hair, press the FURejector button to dump it out for easy disposal. Buy the FURminator Deshedding Tool from Amazon.

Related Questions

Can air purifier help with pet hair?

If your bedroom smells like your dog, getting an air purifier (see my reviews) can help. There are some HEPA-equipped air purifiers that can help you reduce the large particles like airborne dust mites and pet dander.

Is it fine to rub dryer sheets on dogs?

Yes, you may rub a dryer sheet of unscented variety over the dog’s coat to remove any loose hair and prevent shedding. Remember to also rub the dryer sheet on you so that you don’t shock your dog by touching him on a stormy day.

What type of bed sheets repel dog hair?

I suggest that you buy linen bedding that resists lint as well as pet hair. The fabric is not only durable but also offers natural resistance to fur piling. Just like satin, linen also has a slippery surface resulting in pet dander falling off rather than sticking to it.

What colors can hide pet hair?

If your dog or cat sheds a lot, I would recommend you to choose neutral colored bedding to prevent embarrassment in front of guests who happen to suddenly walk into your bedroom. Avoid dark colors like black, brown or dark blue as they can easily reveal light-colored pet hair.

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