A Simple, Natural Method to Clean your Makeup Brushes

How to clean makeup brushes

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For women who wear makeups, makeup brushes are handy tools. Just like other brushes, they should be well-maintained and cleaned. Failure to which, they may cause insensitivities and allergic reactions. In our post today, we will discuss how to clean makeup brushes.

You don’t need to go for pricy brush cleaners or expensive sponge as you can easily make a homemade cleanser. With the right combination of ingredients, you can make a strong homemade solution that will dissolve all of the makeup oil from your makeup brushes. By making your cleansers at home, you will not only feel safer but also save money you would have spent on an expensive cleanser.

Today, I will share with you a simple trick on how one can make homemade cleanser;

What you need:


  • Measure one cup warm water and mix with a tablespoonful of white vinegar
  • Fill another cup with warm water
  • Soak your makeup brushes in the cup with warm water for about 20 minutes
  • Remove them and rinse them in warm water.
  • Lay your makeup brushes on a clean, dry towel and allow them to dry completely.

After drying, you will notice that your brushes are decent and clean.

Why You Should Clean Your Makeup Brushes?

A lot of people use their makeup brushes for a long time without cleaning them. However, cleaning them is very important as this not only keep them clean and decent but also bacteria-free. Cleaning makeup brushes also make them last longer. Therefore, always ensure your brushes are well-cleaned and maintained to avoid exposure to various skin conditions such as bacterial infections that may breed in the clogged pores.

It doesn’t matter whether you are using expensive brushes or cheaper ones, it is always wise to clean them. Makeup Brushes should be maintained and kept in good condition. By cleaning them, you will be washing away the previous makeup, and thus you can comfortably use the same brush for your next makeup. This will they will last longer, and you will not need to buy another brush after a short time.

Studies have shown that dirty makeup brushes can cause skin insensitivities. When makeup builds up on a brush, it clogs your pores and thus exposes your skin to conditions such as insensitivities. Therefore, if you want to maintain a decent complexion and healthy face, you will need to wash your brushes regularly and keep them dry.

People who don’t wash their makeup brushes after using them are exposing themselves to bacterial infections, skin insensitiveness, among other skin conditions.


Your skin is important, and it’s necessary to take care of it. We hope our simple method to clean makeup brushes is helpful. It works well just like store-bought cleansers