If you’re thinking of upgrading your standard toilet to a luxurious bidet toilet, then you’ve probably heard of Toto. Toto is a premium brand that boasts over one hundred years of experience crafting washlets and their derivatives.

One of the latest and most upgraded bidet toilets offered by the company is the TOTO SW3056#01 S550E Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat (see Amazon).

To help you make an informed buying decision, we’ve reviewed the TOTO SW3056#01 S550E. In this post, we discuss the product in detail and answer a few common questions related to the bidet seat.

Build and Design

When you first set eyes on the TOTO S550e, you can’t help but notice its attractive aesthetic. Unlike prior models, where the indicator lights and sensors at the rear end were left exposed, this new advanced model has a modern, pleasant, and streamlined appearance.

The bidet seat design includes a lid that covers the entire seat from the back to the front. The lid contours, gently rolling from the back to the front for an even more pleasing look. Another upgraded feature of the model is that it’s available in two styles – contemporary and classic.

Essentially, the difference between the contemporary and classic style is the lid design. The contemporary lid is clean and minimalist. While the classic design features beveled contours towards the corners of the lid, giving the seat a fancy appearance.

Under the lid, the design is almost the same regardless of which style you choose. So you can make your selection based on taste and preference, as well as the décor of your bathroom.

At the rear end, the tallest point is 5” to accommodate several components, such as the water pump, water heater, spray nozzle, and drying fan. It also features an ultra-thin design that adds to the superior appearance of this toilet seat.

When you raise the lid, you see the indicator lights at the rear end of the seat. The four lights indicate the various settings and modes of the seat, such as power, heated seat, eWater cleaning, eco-mode, and so on.

Both the water supply hose and electric cord extend from the left side of the washlet unit. You will also find a LED night light on the side. Opposite that, you will see a button that quickly releases the bidet from the mounting bracket. There are also vents for the air deodorizer system and remote control sensor receiver.

Wireless Remote Control

One of the things we like best about the TOTO S550e is that it comes with a double-sided, wireless remote control. Similar to other remotes, it’s made from high-quality plastic even though it gives off the illusion of brushed stainless steel in appearance.

We love how uniquely the remote control is designed to be used on both sides to handle the controls. On the front side of the remote, you’ll find picture icons of some of the most commonly used features. These icons are not technically buttons, rather they’re touch-sensitive, just like on a phone screen.

When you touch any icon, it flashes three times and informs you that the particular feature has been activated. These icons are listed in a single column and they go down the middle of the remote. They’re listed in order from top to bottom.

Besides the rear wash and feminine wash icons, there are additional icons that are activated for those features. For example, pressing on the rear wash once activates the standard wash. Pressing it twice activates the wide/soft spray.

Toward the bottom of the remote, there are adjustment controls for nozzle position and water pressure. Simply swipe left to make these adjustments work. So for example, swiping left decreases the water pressure, while swiping right increases it.

Turn the remote over and it will reveal the LCD display on the back with a few actual buttons that depress when you push them. There are the familiar up, down, left, and right buttons, along with an entering button in the middle to help you easily navigate the menu.

The temperature controls that adjust the water temperature, air dry temperature, and seat temperature are located on the back of the remote. This is where you activate/deactivate the automatic functions and adjust other settings.

In terms of external appearance, the wireless remote control is shaped like a television remote. It has an ergonomic design, making it easy to hold in one hand.

Bidet Functions

The TOTO S550e comes with a washlet powered by a single telescoping nozzle. There are three spray ports located at the tip of the nozzle. The first one is used for a standard rear wash, the middle one for a wide/soft rear wash, and the third one for both standard and feminine washes.

There are five different settings that allow easy adjustment of the nozzle position and water pressure. Users can also adjust the water temperature with 5 settings ranging from 86 degrees to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Users may even select room temperature water, if preferred.

The TOTO S550e model is equipped with an on-demand and tankless water heating system. In the oscillating wash mode, the nozzle moves back and forth automatically, while extending the cleaning area. In the pulsating water wash mode, the water stream pulsates to give you a massaging effect.

The TOTO S550e’s Wireless Remote Control automatically opens and closes the seat and lid. The washlet’s body sensors easily detect when you are approaching the toilet, and raise the lid for you.

You may also raise the seat by simply tapping a button located at the top side of the remote control. Both the seat and lid will close on their own 90 seconds after you walk away. It’s also worth noting that this auto open/close feature can be easily disabled through your remote control if you wish.

The TOTO S500e is equipped with electrolyzed water technology. This introduces low voltage to normal tap water, electrolyzing the ions in the water. The resulting solution cleans as if it contained detergent. eWater is also 100% safe, non-toxic, and all-natural with no added chemicals.

Additional Features

Some of the additional features worth mentioning in the review are a self-rinsing functionality that rinses the spray nozzle thoroughly with water before and after each use. There’s also a built-in warm air dryer that removes any traces of moisture remaining after washing.

The heated toilet seat temperature can be adjusted with five different settings that range between 82 degrees and 97 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also disable the heated seat function during the summer months by using the OFF setting.

The washlet comes with an energy-saving eco-mode that powers down your washlet. The eco-mode can also be programmed to activate at a certain time of the day. It also has an automatic air deodorizer to remove bad odors from the bathroom, and illuminates the toilet with its built-in night light.

Toto 550e Installation

While installation is relatively easily performed by those who have some technical knowledge, we recommend you read the instructions and watch the installation video before moving forward. Make sure that you avoid over-tightening and cross-threading the Washlet junction T in order to fill the valve.

Before you tighten the Washlet seat mounting bracket, be sure the seat is in the right position. We cannot emphasize how important it is to read the directions that come with Toto 550e to avoid any unneeded trips to the hardware store.

Who Should Buy The Toto 550e?

You should buy this seat if you want the luxuries of a heated seat, warm water option, and customizable cleaning toilet. It also features a spray with four cleansing modes, including the pulsating and oscillating “massage” options.

What’s more, if you’re looking for a toilet seat equipped with an advanced touchpad remote control and compact seat, you’ve found it in the Toto 550e. This seat has a sleek, slim design to match the décor of any bathroom, giving it a sophisticated appeal.


Most customers have said that the biggest shortcoming of the Toto S550e model is that you can only find it in an elongated version. If you have an existing round toilet seat, then this option will not work for you.

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Related Questions

Can a TOTO WASHLET go on any toilet?

The TOTO S550e Washlet is a high-end, luxury bidet seat from TOTO, but it is not compatible with all toilets. Make sure that it fits your existing toilet design. In general, the TOTO S550e is compatible with most elongated toilets.

What’s the difference between the TOTO WASHLET and the WASHLET+?

The TOTO’s WASHLET bidet seats look almost the same as the WASHLET+ bidet seats. While they offer the same in functionality, they are not interchangeable. Even though the TOTO S500e WASHLET has the same shape and bidet functions as the S500e WASHLET+, the two seats are physically configured a bit differently. 

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