Pets are lovely creatures that bring joy to our lives. However, they can be annoying at times by making a mess on your carpet, upholstery, stairs, and other places especially if they are not trained. So, instead of getting angry whenever your dog or cat vomits, urinates, drops fur or does any other annoying thing on your carpet, why not buy the best carpet cleaner for pets.

These machines make it easy to clean the mess to ensure you coexist happily with your pet. You no longer have to shout at your pet “STOP!” whenever they are starting to do any of the above mentioned annoying things. Let your pet roll freely on the carpet without worrying about how you will get rid of the hair stuck in the carpet fibers. Below are top 6 best carpet cleaner for pets, an overview of the top 5 cleaning products for pet stains and a guide to help you choose the best options for your situation.

3 Best Carpet Portable Cleaner  Comparison Chart

3 Best Carpet Upright Vacuums Cleaner  Comparison Chart

Best Carpet Portable Cleaner for Pet Stains and Urine

1. Bissell SpotBot Handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner

Do you want to clean your carpet while at the same time doing something else? Then you will love this portable carpet cleaner from Bissell. SpotBot pet spot and stain cleaner have automatic cleaning cycles that give you the freedom to choose your setting and leave it to do the cleaning on its own. When it’s done with the cleaning, it will beep to draw your attention. However, it has manual cleaning to enable you to carry out cleaning in areas that require more of your attention.

This pet carpet cleaner has a weight of 14.1 pounds which makes it easy to carry around. Its compact size facilitates easy storage. The Bissell 33N8A can be used to clean various surfaces like Low pile carpet, upholstery, stairs or Auto.


•Deep reach clean technology for dealing with stubborn stains
•Microban Antimicrobial product protection to eliminate unpleasant pet odor out of the carpet
•More than 400 revolutions spiral brushing action for thorough cleaning


Compact design for easy storage

Lightweight for portability

Powerful enough to get rid of almost any stain from the carpet

Automatic cleaning to allow multitasking or relaxing


Not sturdily built for regular use

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2. BISSELL Portable Carpet Cleaner-Corded,  Deep Spotclean Pet Pro

Looking for a carpet cleaner for pets that can help you get rid of pet stains from any place? Bissell Spotclean pet Pro has got you covered. This is a compact sized carpet cleaner that you can easily carry to any place courtesy of its lightweight of 13.2 lbs and a carrying handle. With a power rating of 5.7 amps, this carpet cleaner can clean almost any stain from your carpet.

The compact design and 5 flex hose of the 2458 Bissell carpet cleaner enables you to clean those areas that are hard to reach with ease. This is a handy cleaning tool if you have small pets like cats or puppies that can make a mess in confined places. This pet spot cleaner is effective on stairs, upholstery, carpet, and many others.


•Has a pet stain trapper tool for removing and trapping stinky messes
•3-inch brush tool for eliminating stubborn stains and spots
•Professional pet urine eliminator plus Oxy formula to get rid of strong pet urine odor
•Long reach power cord and 4 feet hose


Excellent suction power

Portable due to its carrying handle and relatively low weight

Easy to clean almost any place and any stain

Easy to store due to its compact design

Excellent water dispensary


Not a good option for cleaning large areas

The hose may crack if not handled with extreme care leading to leakage

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3. Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner

Tired of manually scrubbing stain on your carpet? Rug Doctor Carpet cleaner is here to help you. This portable spot cleaner uses a motorized scrub brush and gets rid of even the deepest stains in your carpet, upholstery, stairs, and interior of your car. The brush has a cleaning extent of 4.5 inches which provides enough coverage for cleaning spots.

The extendable handle and wheels of this carpet cleaner make it highly portable. The wheels are carpet friendly hence won’t damage it or leave any marks during the cleaning process. It has a removable water tank with a capacity of around 2 liters.


•A cord of 15 feet and a hose with a length of 5.5 feet which makes the carpet cleaner flexible and maneuverable hence covering an extended area. This comes in handy when cleaning spots in hard to reach areas or autos.
•Cleaning technology doesn’t use damaging steam or heat to preserve your carpet. It pulls stains from your carpet which reduces drying time.
•Powered by a 10 Amp motor for superior suction power and thorough cleaning.
•Large water tank which reduces refilling trips hence saving you time during cleaning.


Powerful motorized brush

Superior suction power

Extensive reach

Compact design


Refilling and emptying water tanks can be messy

A little bit of leakage through the handle if not well placed

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Best Carpet Upright Vacuums Cleaner for Pets

1. Hoover Carpet Cleaner Max Extract Dual V All Terrain

If you have extremely mischievous pets or too much traffic in your house, Hoover Max extract carpet cleaner is your best friend to ensure your carpet remains clean. It is multipurpose cleaner that you can use on your carpet or hard floor surfaces. With its spin brushes technology, the cleaner will scrub any surface from all sides for effective cleaning. The brushes are powerful but do not damage your floor.

The cleaner uses rinse and wash cleaning settings. The former uses water only to clean your floor while the latter automatically mixes water and cleaning detergent. This ensures you don’t have too much soap on your carpet which can be troublesome to clean or require too much water and time to clean.

•SpinScrub Technology for all-round cleaning
•Dual tank system prevents mixing of clean water with dirty water or detergent. There will be no repeated rinsing to try and remove detergent residue from the floor
•13 inches cleaning path to cover a large area for faster cleaning
•Dual V Nozzle for equal suction to prevent leaving behind damp spots on your floor after cleaning
•Powered by a 12 amp motor


Removes even the most stubborn stains

Covers an extended area courtesy of its 20 feet cord for

Leaves behind little dampness on the floor

Has a long lasting battery life and automatically returns to the charging station once done

Powerful brushes


A little bit of spillage

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2. Bissell DeepClean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner

BISSELL DeepClean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner, 17N4, Grey

If you are in search of an Upright Vacuum cleaner carpets that can help you get rid of pet hair, stains, and odors from your carpet or rugs, Bissell premier is your solution. With its professional-quality deep cleaning capability, this cleaner will eradicate even the strongest pet odors something that not many cleaners can achieve.

For people with many pets, this is a good carpet cleaner because it’s an upright vacuum and it can remove both odor and hair. The latter are two things you can’t avoid when you have many pets in your house, but this cleaner can prevent the mess they can cause.

The cleaner comes with hand attachment which is suitable for cleaning stairs and other areas that can be reached easily. You can disassemble the whole cleaner for easy maintenance.

•Heatwave Technology which provides constant warm water for excellent cleaning
•It has 12 rows of dual rotating power brushes which removes old stains from your carpet with ease. The rotating brush heads revive the carpet pile which makes it feel soft after cleaning.
•Pet hair collection basket which catches pet hair to prevent jamming the cleaner or clouding the dirty water compartment.
•EdgeSweep which facilitates easy cleaning of the baseboards
•Surround suction to dry the floor fast after cleaning
•Pet stains tools for easy removal of messy and awkward pet stains
•Large water tank to reduce refilling trips


Easy to operate and maneuver

Removes even the toughest and old stains

Sturdily built and Lightweight

Superior suction power


Relatively heavy

Has a fairly short cord

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3. Bissell DeepClean Lift-Off Deluxe Pet Carpet Cleaner

BISSELL DeepClean Lift-Off Deluxe Upright Pet Carpet Cleaner Machine, 24A4 This is a uniquely designed carpet cleaner for pets where it functions as an upright cleaner, but it has a removable portable unit. This makes it versatile for use in cleaning upholstery, car interiors, stairs, and other areas that can’t be reached easily.

The cleaner weighs around 14 kgs which are relatively heavy. However, that should not worry you because the cleaner has wheels for easy transportation. Bissell Lift-Off Deluxe Model 24A4 has a large tank which reduces refilling trips. This saves time and gets the job done within a short time. The sprayers may get clogged if you use the wrong cleaning solution.


•Removable nozzle facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance
•Power rating of 6.7 amps for powerful and effective cleaning
•Heat technology to provide you with warm water during the entire cleaning process
•2-IN-1 capability makes it useful both in cleaning carpets in large areas and small and restrained regions
•Surround suction capability which makes it extract almost all the water it has used in the cleaning process for faster drying
•Dual dirt lifter power brushes that remove deeply-seated dirt while at the same time ensuring it doesn’t damage your carpet


Uses warm water to give excellent results

Easy to assemble

No leakages with this carpet cleaner

Highly efficient in cleaning

Versatile and Convenient


Heavy and difficult to maneuver

Can get clogged if you don’t pick up pet hair before using it

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5 Best Carpet Cleaning Products for Pet Stains/Urine

1. BISSELL 2X Pet Stain and Odor Formula

This Bissell detergent is made for folks with pets (dogs and cats alike). It works well to eliminate the stubborn stains and the awful smell of pet waste. While it has chemical ingredients, this formula has met EPA Safer Choice guidelines for non-toxic household cleaners.

It is a safe, non-toxic formula and is biodegradable. Being one of the best carpet cleaners for pet stains and odor, this formula comes in at an affordable price. It works with most portable carpet cleaners especially Bissell compact deep cleaner machine.

This detergent is designed to get rid of even the toughest pet stains and odors on your carpet. With double concentration, it works better than most cleaners. Specially designed to work on Bissell cleaning machines and Dirt Devil compact cleaners, this formula does not contain any dyes, optical brighteners, harmful phosphates, or heavy metals. It is a cleaner we can highly recommend to any pet owner.

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2. Bissell Professional Spot and Stain Formula

With most carpet shampoos coming in large packagings that are meant to handle an entire floor, it can be challenging to use them for spot clean. That’s why you need Bissell Professional Spot and Stain Formula to clean occasional stains and spills.

This spot remover formula is meant for occasional stain cleanup. It is ideal to keep in your cabinet to handle any accidental stains caused by pet wastes.

This eco-friendly formula doesn’t have heavy metals, unnatural dyes, and other toxic chemicals. It is designed to work on stains and dry quickly on spot spills. The shampoo works with most small spot cleaning machines for simple cleanup tasks.

Its quick application process and portability make it an ideal choice for organic stains and odors caused by fruits, wine, tea, vegetable oil, as well as pet wastes.

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3. Rug Doctor Pet Formula

There is no stain or odor that cannot be cleaned by Rug Doctor Pet Formula. This formula has two times more concentration as compared to most carpet cleaners on the market. This makes it an effective formula that will be of great benefit to any pet owner looking for a proven cleaner that works on pet stains and odor on carpets.

It removes any kind of pet stains such as those caused by cat and dog urine, feces, vomits, blood, hairball spots, and others. Its fresh blue wave smell neutralizes and removes the odor brought by the pet stains.

This cleaner also boasts of a powerful pro-enzymatic formulation that stops re-soiling of pet waste. It keeps your carpet smelling fresh for up to 24 hours.

It can be used in any carpet cleaning machine but works well with Rug Doctor Mighty x3 Pro or Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner. Also included in its packaging is a measuring cup with a fill line indicator.

Customers have praised its effectiveness with some saying their carpets regained their new look after pet’s waste stained it. The nice smell of this cleaner has also been highlighted in most of the customer reviews posted on Amazon.

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4. BUBBAS Commercial Enzyme Cleaner

 After a tedious day, the last thing you would want is to clean up the mess made by your pet. While you cannot always prevent your small pup or kitten from having accidents, you can at least make the work of cleaning the stains left by pet’s urine or vomits easier.

One proven formula is BUBBAS Commercial Enzyme Cleaner. One outstanding thing about this cleaner is the use of dormant enzymes. If you look at most of the pet odor and stain eliminator formulas in the market, they use active enzymes in their formulation. However, this cleaner uses dormant enzymes.

The difference between these two formulations is that odor eliminator using dormant enzymes becomes active when it comes into contact with organic food sources such as urine, feces, blood, vomits, etc. This makes dormant enzymes more effective than active enzymes, which lose their potential when they sit on the shelves for months. They are as powerful as new whenever they are used.

You can use this cleaner on various surfaces including mats, hardwood floors, carpets, upholstery, rugs, and tiles. Besides removing stains and odors caused by pet’s urine, vomits, and feces, this cleaner also remove stains caused by chocolate, coffee spills, human waste, etc. This makes it one of the most versatile carpet cleaner.

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5. Simple Solution Pet Stain & Odor Remover

This formula is 3X stronger than most carpet cleaners on the market. It contains enzymes as well as pro-bacteria to help it work on cat and dog wastes that cause stains.

The formula is safe to use on any surface including clothing, carpets, bedding, and upholstery. It doesn’t cause damage or fading.

It is child and pet-friendly and thus you can use it when they are around without causing any allergies. It has a trigger spray design and thus enables you to direct the formula to the spot you want to clean.

This natural and environmental-friendly product acts both as a stain remover and a deodorizer. After applying it on the stained area, let it settle for at least 10 minutes before you blot it dry.

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Make your own Homemade Carpet Shampoo

What should you consider when choosing the Best Carpet Cleaner for Pets?

When buying a new carpet cleaner for pets, don’t just pick any choice that you find in the stores. You should choose something that gives value to your money. Below are the things you should consider to enable you to make a wise investment:

Ease of Maneuver

Where are you planning to use the cleaner? How big is your home? If you plan to use it in restrained places, the ideal choice for you would be one with a canister vacuum. Such a cleaner is easy to move around and will reach practically any place in your house.

The best carpet cleaner for pets should give you an easy time in accessing any place your pet may stain or mess on, and weight is a significant factor that determines the portability a cleaner. If you have a large space and your pet is free to roam, go for a lighter cleaner for portability purposes.

Amount of mess you are dealing with

How many pets do you have in your home? The more the pets, the more the mess you have to deal with. This means you have to find a carpet cleaner that will handle such an undertaking regarding motor power, unique features like hair collection basket, among others. If you fail to consider this, you will end up buying a cleaner that has less power thus fail to perform well or take a lot of time to clean.


Check the configuration of the bristles of the carpet cleaning nozzle that you choose. It determines the effort you need to put forth during the cleaning process and the outcomes. If a brush is stationary, then, it should be multiple rows of bristles to ensure it’s efficient. If the brush functions through oscillating or rotating, ensure it moves at a high rpm for an easier time in cleaning and excellent results.


The length of the hose determines the extension of the area you can clean. Make sure the carpet cleaner for pets you choose has sufficient length to enable you to cover as far as possible.

Which is the best choice between an Upright and a Portable Carpet Cleaner?

Upright carpet cleaners are best suited for cleaning a large area. However, pets typically make messes on a particular area or space sporadically. This means if you have one or a few pets, there is no need to buy an upright carpet cleaner to clear some little mess.

Portable carpet cleaners for pets are designed for spot cleaning and will do well in such a situation. The cleaners are lightweight, simple to set up and require little storage space. They can be used anywhere like stairs, upholstery, and autos. However, if you have many pets, you will be required to clean your whole carpet periodically. In this case, Upright carpet cleaners for pets are the best choice for you. They will cover a large cleaning path hence will get the job done within a short time.

What benefits do carpet cleaners offer over Hand Scrub brushes?

You may be wondering whether there is a point in spending hundreds of dollars to buy a carpet cleaner when you can spend a couple of dollars to buy a hard-bristled scrub brush. Right? Well, the only benefit that the latter offers is being cheaper.

Best carpet cleaners for pets can clean stains and spots at a higher speed than you can hence save on time. Unlike using a hand brush, using a carpet cleaner won’t make you suffer from blisters no matter how long you clean.

When you decide to you use a hand brush you will only clean the upper part. Stains will reappear within a few days meaning you will have to be washing now and then. On the other hand, carpet cleaners can reach and extract the stains and dirt seated deep into the carpet fibers. This will make look clean and charming for a long time.


If you have a pet in your home, there are things you cannot avoid. Pet hair on the carpet, unpleasant odor, and occasional mess whether its urine, vomiting or waste among others. This will cause stains and spots on your carpet. So, how do you handle that? Do you do away with your pet? Definitely no. That cat or dog in your house is your companion.

The best solution is to buy the best carpet cleaner for pets. You will no longer have to worry about any mess they create on your carpet. Any of the above carpet cleaners can help you maintain a clean home regardless of how many pets you may have. You only need to pick the one that suits you best.

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