3 Best Duster For Log Home 2023 Reviews

Log cabins are warm, cozy, and adorable, but cleaning them can be a real nuisance, something nobody enjoys doing as much as they love wooden houses. Whether the log cabin is your vacation getaway or you live in a house made of logs, cleaning the interiors is inevitable due to the dust and debris that create a viscous layer on everything.

Best Duster For Log Home Reviews

Besides being an annoyance, dirt and debris can also make you and your family sick. According to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the pollution inside the house maybe ten times higher than the pollution outdoors. Thus, it’s extremely essential to keep your house interiors clean and the best duster for log home can be your savior.

In this post, we have presented our in-depth review of the three dusters for log homes, their unique specifications and a comparison between them. Those who are in a hurry to purchase, we recommend the Extension Rod & Yellow Extension Duster after hours of cleaning. Its two different duster heads, extendable pole, and ease of use makes this product a perfect choice.

Duster For Log HomeExt. Pole No. Of heads Max. Length Washable
Extension Rod & Yellow Extension Duster18 feet Two 20 feet Yes See Price
OXO Good Grips Microfiber DusterNA One 2 feet Yes See Price
Extendable Microfiber Duster5 feet Two 5.5 feet Yes See Price

1. Extension Rod & Yellow Extension Duster

Tall logs, high ceilings, and intricate carvings inside a log home look great but dust and spider cobwebs on them don’t. Here’s the Extension Rod & Yellow Extension Duster (learn more) that gives you wings to reach the tough spots and remove cobwebs even from the high vaulted ceilings. It is equipped with four different dusting tools apart from the extendable pole. The two duster heads, one round duster, and a bendable microfiber tool are just what you need to reach different corners.

We are pleased to find that it is easier to switch the telescoping duster attachments to clean the windows, blinds, and ceilings without the need of a ladder. It also comes with a removable microfiber cover that attracts and retains dust. This static cover can be removed and machine washed so you can reuse it multiple times. The kit comes with a free microfiber hand cloth to help you with various dusting needs.

Product Features and Specifications

  • Weighs 1.81 pounds
  • 18 to 20 Feet pole
  • Yellow Extension Duster
  • Four Dusting Tools
  • 3-pronged blinds cleaner

User/ Customer Impressions

People are thrilled to use this long brush as it’s easy to bend the head and clean a lot of things that are otherwise hard to reach. An amazing bonus is that the dust and debris do not go flying everywhere and sticks to the brush, so they can just scoop out the dust and throw. Seniors are super elated to be able to do all the dusting work without having to climb on a ladder.

Users are in general happy with the sturdiness of the product and many are of the opinion that this is better than other tools they have used in the past. The product gets the job done quickly and works as advertised, hence people are happy to get their money’s worth.


If you are looking for an ultimate kit that can help you keep the interiors of the log home clean, this Extension duster gets the job done perfectly. With the different attachments and extension pole, you can reach the tight corners as well as high up the ceiling. Overall, a perfect cleaning device you need to keep the dirt and debris away from your home. A great buy!

2. OXO Good Grips Under Appliance Microfiber Duster

If you are too busy to change different duster heads or simply find this a hassle, then here is an all-rounder best duster (shop now) for a log home. It is brilliantly designed to get too tight spaces and corners without a lot of effort. We love the flat and long profile, which enables the duster to easily get around and underneath the cabinets and appliances. The duster comprises of two types of microfiber – thin cloth on the sides and hairy strands on both ends.

We love how the long and fluffy texture of the fibers work great even on the uneven surfaces to help capture dust and debris. When the head is all covered with layers of black dust, you simply need to unsnap the head from the pole and wash it with cold water to help it bounce give into the previous form. Let the duster air dry, without any heat and it will last for many years.

Product Features/ Specifications

  • Weighs 8.8 ounces
  • Flexible duster head
  • Best for kitchen appliances, washer, dryer, blinds, deep cabinets
  • Generously sized microfiber head
  • Soft and non-slip grip
  • Removable head
  • Washable in cold water

User/ Customer Impressions

Those who have used CLOTH rags to clean their house all these days are pleasantly surprised and pleased with this product. It does a good job of attracting dust and keeping the house clean. Customers with pets find duster extremely useful because the furry friends bring home a lot of dust due to the frequent opening of the door.

Most customers are pleased with the fact that duster is washable and light to use, plus it reaches tight spaces and corners effortlessly. However, the biggest disadvantage pointed out by users is that the duster sheds a lot and it’s annoying to find red threads everywhere, especially stuck to the textured surfaces.


Oxo is known for manufacturing high-quality products, and this duster for log homes is no exception. It does a very good job at cleaning appliances, walls, logs, and tight spaces. However, bear in mind that the duster is designed to use only on even and smooth surfaces. It sheds like crazy on uneven and textured areas so that’s something you may want to consider before buying.

3. Extendable Microfiber Duster

If you find it difficult to clean your log house interiors with traditional cleaning tools, arm yourself with this versatile extendable microfiber duster. It comes equipped with two microfiber duster heads, an adjustable angle, a 5-feet extension pole, and a lightweight handle. When fully extended, the pole along with the cleaning attachment measures 5 ft 5 in, making it possible to reach the toughest spots and corners with ease. You can adjust the angle of the duster depending on the area you desire to clean.

Our team was impressed with the unique and smart design of the duster which serves as multiple cleaning tools in one product. The duster heads are easily detachable and they can be washed to become squeaky clean. We also love the quality of soft and fuzzy dust fibers that clean efficiently without scratching the surface. The lightweight handle is easy on the hands so you can clean for longer without feeling strained.

Product Features/ Specifications

  • Weighs 1.25 pounds
  • 5ft Lightweight Pole
  • 2 Duster head attachments
  • Angled extension handle
  • Soft duster fibers
  • Lifetime money-back satisfaction

User/ Customer Impressions

Those who have bought this product say that it’s extremely lightweight and easy to use, hence they can use the duster to clean different corners and spaces. Older owners of log homes find it very convenient to clean the high ceilings, fans, and shelves without any risk. The duster’s ability to attract dust and dirt, without making them airborne is also highly appreciated by users.

Customers are happy that the handle can be easily opened up and extended to access hard to reach areas with ease. It can also be cleaned easily, making it a low-maintenance product for users. However, there are a few people who have cautioned that there is less cleaning material in the product so it may not be suitable for houses that get very dirty.


This Extendable Microfiber Duster gives you two different duster heads that are capable of accomplishing different tasks. The extendable handle is sturdy and does a good job at cleaning, but the biggest selling point is the solid manufacturer’s lifetime money-back guarantee making it a no-risk purchase. If you are looking for the best duster for a log home, this is worth considering.

Tips To Have Less Dust In Your Log Home

Use lint-free logs to ensure that the crevices in between do not become natural dust catchers, thus giving your interiors an untidy look. You can ensure this by applying a clear sealer both inside and outside after staining the logs, so that just feather dusting can do the cleaning job.

Gaps between logs can allow dust and dirt particles to enter into the house and create havoc. Avoid this by using chinking, a sealant product that can seal the gaps in between logs. If you don’t like the after-chinking appearance, consult a professional to find other solutions.

To clean the indoor air inside a log home, consider investing in an air purifier that can filter dust, debris, and other dust particles. These products use the latest technologies to not only trap the dust particles but also destroy the allergens and germs.

You may choose to buy a single vacuum cleaner or get one of those central-vacuum systems to get rid of dust, pet dander, airborne dirt and large particles to keep your log home clean. You may use one of the dusters for log home for regular cleaning, and vacuum clean once or twice a week as needed.

Related Questions

Are lambswool dusters better than microfiber?

The lambswool dusters do a good job but only for removing dust on the irregular areas and flat surfaces. When compared with its microfiber counterparts, the latter is hands down a better option for its ability to attract and retain dust without making them airborne.

What should I do first – dusting or vacuum cleaning?

We recommend dusting first using a microfiber duster to get rid of the dust, dirt, and debris and prevent them from floating in the air. Vacuum cleaning afterward can help in removing the hidden dirt and germs that can be cleaned by dusting alone.

How often should you dust your log home?

Experts recommend that you must dust the easy-to-reach areas at least once per month and the hard-to-reach areas like door frames, high shelves, ceilings and corners at least once every 3 to 6 months. With one of the above dusters, you will be armed to clean as often you like without too much hassle.

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