4 Best Food Processors With Dough Blade for 2023

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If you like to make homemade dough and bread, then having a food processor that can knead the dough for you can save a lot of time. These products will also make it more enjoyable to make your favorite foods because you have less work to do. Not every food processing appliance is the same because they come with different cutting discs, operations, and power settings.

Some food preparation appliances hold more than others. Having a machine that accommodates the recipes you want to make is essential for cutting your time and effort. The number of discs, how heavy the machine, and whether it is easy to store or should go on your counter may be important to you.

You may appreciate a wider opening for allowing you to put whole vegetables and fruits into the processor. Whether your machine is easy to store can make or break a sale for some people. We talk about all these features in the comparison chart and individual reviews below.

If you are in a hurry to make a purchase, then we suggest selecting the Kitchenaid Adjustable Food Processor (check price on Amazon). This machine has a lot of features like large and small bowls, variable speeds, a pulse button, and a button for kneading dough. You may appreciate the Kitchenaid name because the company makes products synonymous with top-quality results.

Comparing Dough Making Food Processors

Breville BFP660SIL Sous ChefCuisinart DLC-8SBCY Pro CustomBreville BFP800BSXL Sous ChefKitchenaidCuisinart Elemental
Size9.5 x 7.5 x 17 inches11.25 x 7 x 14.5 inches10.25 x 8 x 17.75 inches16 x 11 x 10 inches7.6 x 9.58 x 15.19 inches
Internal capacity12 cups11 cups16 cups13 cups8 cups
ColorSilverBrushed chromeBlackMetallic Gray
Weight15.9 pounds16.27 pounds23 pounds30 pounds6 pounds
Best for Largest ChuteBest Compact ProcessorBest Large Capacity MachineEditor’s Choice Food ProcessorBest Lightweight Food Processing Machine
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1. Breville BFP660SIL – Best for Largest Chute

When you like to make bread, muffins, and cakes using fruits and veggies, the Breville Sous Chef Silver is an excellent item to consider. You can make extra batches because of the large bowl. Plus, adding fresh produce to your dough is easy with the wide opening on the top of the machine.

Item features and benefits

  • BPA-free processing containers
  • Pulse operation
  • Convenient size for countertops and islands
  • Uses 110-120 volts and 1000 watts
  • Induction motor with braking system to prevent damage to the motor
  • Five-inch feed opening
  • Safety controls stop the machine from working unless the lid and container snap into place
  • Excellent for produce, nuts, cheeses, and dough
  • Three chute sizes with a large push tool
  • Variable cutting disc with 24 settings
  • Serrated blade with an S-shape helps provide consistent chopping and slicing


  • Cord may be too short for some users at 12 inches
  • Pushers can stick in the feed tube
  • Lid and bowl come apart, but the main body does not

Consumer remarks

Four out of five users like this Breville food processor. They appreciate the motor brake that prevents overpowering the machine and burning up the engine. Most people rave about how well they like the cutting blade for consistent slicing.

They say you can slice peaches for homemade pies, or you can shred cabbage to make Rubens or sauerkraut. Some consumers say this processor takes the place of their regular mixer. The biggest complaint is that cheese can make the motor slow down more than most items.

Our thoughts

This Breville Silver food processor (see Amazon) is versatile and durable. We love the safety features, the BPA-free plastic, and the large container size. We think many buyers will get a lot of use out of the wide feed slot when you need to shred or grate produce for breads and cakes. The small machine size makes it easy to store in the cabinet or pantry.

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2. Cuisinart Pro Custom – Best Compact Processor

If you live in a small apartment or need to save space in your kitchen, then you may value a smaller machine. While the Cuisinart Pro is a less powerful item than the Breville or Kitchenaid models, this food processor is still robust enough to knead bread dough and pie crust. The large primary container can hold up to 11 cups of produce, cheese, dough, or batter.

Item features and benefits

  • Three, stainless steel cutting slides with shredder blades
  • Large capacity food opening
  • Two discs with small and medium slicing capabilities allow you to slice at various thicknesses
  • Two sizes of pushers
  • Emulsifies, shreds, kneads, slices, and chops
  • Commercial motor
  • Two pusher sizes
  • Only 15 inches tall
  • BPA-free product


  • Plastic body
  • Bottom is heavy
  • Spatula may be too flimsy for hard produce

Consumer remarks

Many people enjoy using this machine for making sauces and purees. Cabbage is a breeze with the shredding discs, according to some buyers. Several buyers feel this model is difficult to operate even with the small size. Some say the large lid does not push the safety down far enough to allow the processor to continue operating.

Our thoughts

We admire the power you get out of such a small appliance. This processor will fit on most counters. However, it can be difficult to move this machine if you cannot lift over 15 pounds. The Cuisinart Pro Custom is a tool that comes with a long warranty, and it runs in the middle of the price of these five appliances.

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3. Breville BFP800BSXL – Best Large Capacity Machine

If you make a lot of recipes or double batches, then you may admire the large food container on this machine. When you need a durable product that can chop, shred, slice, knead, and puree, then the Breville Black Sous Chef processor (learn more) may be a great appliance for your home. Although this product is the one with the highest price on our list, it comes with a ton of accessories.

Item features and benefits

  • Food-safe containers and utensils
  • Five discs and three cutting blades for any size or consistency you want
  • Comes with a pushing tool and a spatula for scraping mixes and pie crusts away from the sides of the container
  • Dual-function timer with a clear LCD screen that is easy to see
  • Accessory storage container you can use in either direction
  • Parts are easy to clean and safe for your dishwasher
  • Five-and-a-half-inch opening
  • Robust 1,200 watt induction motor powerful enough to turn nuts into nut butters
  • Three sizes of chutes to fit any item you are processing
  • Several thickness options when slicing
  • Two bowl sizes
  • All metal stand
  • Easy storing cord with fasteners on the bottom of the base


  • Bowls tend to crack at the seam or where they sit on the base
  • Company can have long backorder dates

Consumer remarks

Four out of five buyers say they would not choose another processing machine. They love the large capacity and easy cleanup of this product. Grinding cheese and making bread dough are two favorite tasks for most consumers. The variety of slicing thicknesses you can get with the 24 blade heights are a huge hit with many customers.

A few people have issues with the bowl or the stand because of cracking. The worst part they say is getting through to customer service and finding a bowl that is not on backorder.

Our thoughts

When you want a food processor that can blend, mix, cut, chop, and mix dough, then we think you will like the Breville Sous Chef black the best. We like that you can make creams, milkshakes, and smoothies using frozen fruits with this model. We never have to chop nuts with this machine either.

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4. Kitchenaid – Editor’s Choice Food Processor

This processor is our favorite because of the top-quality name and durable products they manufacture. This machine features a die-cast base that is long-lasting and will hold up to a ton of movement and use. The Kitchenaid Adjust accommodates whole fruits and veggies with three mouth sizes. This machine is a high-speed processor that chops and shreds foods in seconds.

Item features and benefits

  • Fits large potatoes and tomatoes
  • Knead dough with one easy push-button control
  • Safe for acidic foods with no chemical leaching
  • Variable thickness slicer
  • Comes with a whipping tool for beating eggs and a bread hook for kneading dough
  • 13 cup large bowl capacity for double batches and feeding big families
  • Comes with a case for storing the slicing tools
  • Clear top gives you full view into the processing area


  • Large lid may be difficult to lock in place
  • Lid may leak
  • Constantly need to scrape the blades when kneading thick dough

Consumer remarks

Most buyers are extremely happy with their Kitchenaid food processor. They love the variety of cutting tools and accessories. The versatile options for cutting and chopping food allow users to create a ton of dishes.

Some people say it takes two hands to use the largest opening on the chute. They say customer service requests are friendly and prompt. A few people were not happy with the weight of the machine because it makes it harder to stow away.

Our thoughts

When it comes to food preparation tools, there is nothing better than a quality brand and equipment. We feel the Kitchenaid Adjust is a machine that will hold up to lots of use and give users a ton of options for meal preparation. Our favorite things about this appliance are the large opening, the all-metal base, and the ability to do a ton of food prep.

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5. Cuisinart Elemental – Best Lightweight Food Processing Machine

When you want a food chopper that you can take to friends’ houses to prepare a lot of veggies or bread, then this processor might be the best one for the task. The Cuisinart Elemental is very easy to lift and transport at just six pounds. The small size makes it comfortable to put in a tote bag and take wherever you want to go.

Item features and benefits

  • 350 watt motor
  • Eight cup holding capacity
  • Parts can go in the dishwasher to clean
  • Free of BPA
  • Soft-touch buttons
  • Pulse function
  • Several operation settings
  • Patented sealing system to prevent leaks
  • Fits entire fruit and vegetable ingredients
  • Chops nuts, kneads dough, and cuts in various sizes


  • Plastic parts may break
  • Must empty container a lot during use

Consumer remarks

Over 75 percent of buyers say this product works well as long as you realize the limitations. This machine is not a heavy-duty product, so it can only accommodate small amounts of ingredients at once. Some people experience problems putting the accessories in the dishwasher. They say the heat causes warping in the tube. Others have problems with the blades chipping.

Our thoughts

We like how light and convenient the Cuisinart Elemental is for any user. We feel kids, people with weight restrictions, and arthritic users will have little issues with this product. The food processor feeding tube is clear giving you a full view of the machine as it operates. To keep this item from bogging down or experiencing cracks, we suggest emptying the container when it is half to three-quarters of the way full.

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Things to consider before purchasing a food processor for making dough

Things like the type of plastic that the manufacturer uses to make the food processor bowls may be an important consideration. The chemicals that are in some plastics can leach into foods. Timers, pulse settings, and pushers may also be important features you want to look at to decide which processing machine is right for your dough and other recipes.


If you plan to use your processor a lot or for frequent heavy use, then we suggest going with the most robust models. Items with 1,000 or more watts can typically handle long kneading jobs and double batches. Plastic food processors are prone to breaking with excessive use or when making nut butter.


How many functions do you need your processor to perform? If you think you will want an item that can do most of your chopping, blending, slicing, and kneading, then an option with at least three power settings is optimal.


Where do you plan to put your food processor? If you are happy with it being on the counter, then the weight should not be a problem. People who like to put appliances back in the cupboard after use may want a smaller item that breaks down into several pieces.


Some machines come with several blades while others use various settings to get the same results. We suggest looking at all the pieces that come with each model to determine which processor is best. For example, if you have trouble with spatulas not working to push down the foods you chop, then an item with solid pushers could be better.

Bowl size

The amount of food you want to prep at one time is important to the size machine you need. If you have a small family, then the lighter models with small cups may work best. For larger meal prep or making multiple batches is more your style, then you may want to select one of the more robust food processors to accommodate your cooking preferences.

Two questions about food processors for dough

Can you use a food processor to make nut butter

Yes. However, you may find the bowls break down faster if you use the machine for a lot of hard processing or long periods.

Will all the blades work in both bowls

No. For some models, only the small blades will fit in the tinier bowls. You can check the owner’s manual for more information about which blades fit which food containers.

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