There’s nothing like spending time outdoors, surrounded by good friends, and having a great conversation over delicious food. But, what if a sudden burst of rain plans to spoil the barbeque party? The best gazebo for a concrete patio can save the day and prevent heat or rain from spoiling the fun.

Besides providing shelter from the unforeseen wraths of nature, they also add a lot of style to your boring concrete patio space. However, buying a gazebo is not as easy as it seems, and for some people it might be as complex as buying a house.

After all, you will need to consider the number of people it can accommodate, the size that can fit the space available, things that it will cover, and so on. There are several other things that you might need to consider before choosing a gazebo to meet your specific needs.

With a plethora of gazebos in different styles and shapes available online, it’s hard to find one that meets all your requirements. To take the stress out of decision making, we have spent hours researching the Internet to find that perfect gazebo for you.

Keep reading until the end to find a more detailed review of each product handpicked by our team. If you are in a hurry to order then we suggest that you take a look at the quick summary below. We have also included a quick buying guide to help you make the right choice. 

Quick Summary

The YOLENY Outdoor gazebo is a sturdy, beautiful, and well built gazebo that stands up well to strong gusts of wind and thunderstorms. Even though the assembly poses some challenges, it’s worth the time, energy, and effort put into setting up the thing. This is definitely a good investment for a concrete patio.

The Sunjoy A102009100 solid steel made gazebo for concrete patio makes a perfect and relaxing retreat any time of the day. Powder-coated exterior, two-tier roof, and timeless design are some of the things that make it a class apart from other competitor products.   

The Outdoor Living Suntime instant gazebo, as the name suggests is quick to assemble and enjoy the gazebo for the concrete patio. While it looks great and feels durable, it should be taken down when not in use, or else it may collapse. Good for special occasions.

This Suntime Outdoor gazebo canopy is a beautifully designed unit with mosquito netting and solar LED lights to give you and your family enjoyable times. As the unit comes in a carrying case, it is extremely portable and easy to assemble too. At this price, this is a good investment to beautify your yard.

Best Gazebo For Concrete Patio: Things To Consider

Setting up a gazebo on a concrete surface is different than securing it on grass or garden soil. You will need to use wedge anchors to attach a gazebo frame to a concrete patio to secure it against rough wind and other outdoor elements. Here are a few more things to consider:


The first and most important consideration when buying a gazebo is to decide on the size. Measure the area available and then choose a kit that can fit that space. Most of the kits mention the inner floor area and you may want to leave some clearance space around for roof overhanging.


You may also want to consider the number of people you want it to accommodate – family members, a small group of friends, or more. The gazebo shape should be able to cover a picnic table, outdoor seating, hot tub, and/ or cooking areas.

#Assembly requirements

Some kits will be easier to assemble than others that come with more complex features. Although most of the kits can be set up DIY if you have some basic mechanical knowledge, you will need at least two people for the installation.

#Extra features

The standard gazebo only has the structure containing the overhead roof and nothing else. However, some other models or kits may include mosquito netting for more comfort and privacy curtains for the private gatherings.

#Building permit

To save yourself from any harassment or headache, you may want to check with the local building codes office to ensure that a gazebo is allowed on your property. In some places, you cannot build a structure more than 100-square-feet, so that’s something you should better check in advance.

#1. YOLENY Outdoor Polycarbonate Double Roof Hardtop Gazebo

This outdoor hardtop gazebo from Yoleny is made from durable polycarbonate that has three layers of protection to filter sunlight and reduce heat. It also blocks the harmful UV rays by 99% and still does not fade when used throughout the year. The sturdy and powder-coated aluminum frame is easy to assemble and take down when needed.

Besides the stable structure, the gazebo also comes with ground stakes to further add more stability with four corners reinforced for additional durability. The double-layer side wall with curtains and netting also, protect you from outside weather elements and keep your family and friends comfortable.

What we like

  • Comes with a UV-resistant polyester canopy
  • Has a contemporary minimalistic design
  • Eight ground stakes for enhanced stability

What we don’t like

  • At least 2-3 people needed for installation

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#2. Sunjoy A102009100 Lindsay 10×12 ft.Steel Gazebo

This timeless classic gazebo from the family of Sunjoy combines shade with a two-tier roof and adequate ventilation to ensure coziness and comfort. Despite the glaring sun or light rain, the 10 ft. x 12 ft. 2-tier hardtop gazebo can help you create a nice outdoor shelter for family and friends to gather and chill out together in any weather.

The gazebo is made of a powder-coated and rust-resistant steel structure that provides strength and durability to the unit. It uses mesh netting to prevent bugs and insects from troubling you. You may even add a chandelier or other fancy lighting fixtures in the incorporated ceiling hook to enhance the interior.

What we like

  • Comes with easy to follow assembly instructions
  • Sports a durable and solid steel construction
  • The timeless design adds aesthetics for years to come

What we don’t like

  • Customer service needs improvement
  • May leak if not assembled carefully
  • This is smart and sturdy

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 #3. OUTDOOR LIVING SUNTIME Instant Pop Up Patio Gazebo

Add more fun to our Outdoor living with this instant Suntime patio gazebo that is easy to assemble, thanks to the pop-up and push-up technology. The frame is made from high-grade and heavy-duty steel tube that includes 100 percent nylon mold brackets. The polyester top cover is both water and UV resistant, capable of blocking 95% of the harmful rays.

When fully extended, the canopy dimension is 10x10x9.5 ft and the three-stage adjustable height makes this stylish gazebo large enough to accommodate 5-6 people. There are four zippered mesh sidewalls that help to block the summer sun and insects, while maintaining good ventilation.

What we like

  • Looks great and stylish
  • Fixes firmly with ground stakes
  • Instructions are clear for assembly

What we don’t like

  • Instant gazebo, cannot be left outside

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#4. Suntime Outdoor Pop Up Gazebo Canopy

This is yet another instant pop up gazebo by Suntime Outdoor, however, this one comes with special solar LED lighting for parties and events. Its exterior cover is made from fire-retardant, water, and UV resistant 150D polyester. The strong and durable structure is made from a heavy-duty powder-coated steel tube.

The gazebo includes four zippered mesh sidewalls that block out sun rays on a summer day and ensures good ventilation. There are four LED lights powered by solar energy (or by USB when solar energy is not enough) to better visibility at nighttime. Installation is easy with and sidewalls connect to the canopy with velcros.

What we like

  • Perfect for several days and night events
  • Easy to assemble and sets up firmly
  • Good ventilation and adequate lighting
  • Can accommodate 5-6 people

What we don’t like

  • Can’t leave it outside, not very durable

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Final Words

If you have a concrete patio, you can still have a beautiful gazebo to enjoy cozy and comfortable outdoor times with family and friends. We hope our reviews and things to consider before buying the best gazebo helps you choose that perfect product that meets your specific requirements to give you fun times in your backyard or garden.

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