Mixer grinders are versatile kitchen appliances. It is no surprise that they have started to replace a ton of equipment in the kitchen. So, can a mixer grinder be a formidable replacement for a juicer? Our experts have the answer for you.

So, can we make juice in a mixer grinder? Yes, you can. In fact, a mixer grinder is likely going to make some of the best juices that you have ever seen. This is all due to the way in which the mixer grinder works. It ensures a consistent ‘chopping’ motion.

Our experts want to go into a bit more depth than this, as well as give you a couple of hints and tips on how you can ensure that the mixer grinder is processing the fruits and vegetables as efficiently as possible. All you need to do is move on.

Can We Make Juice in Mixer Grinder?

You absolutely can! In fact, a good mixer grinder will be able to do so much more than making juices.

Many people suggest that using a mixer grinder to make juice is far superior to just use a juicer. This is all due to the way in which a mixer grinder works.

When the blades of a mixer grinder spin around, they ‘suck’ in the ingredients. Once they have been ground up by the blade, they are pushed back out, and fresh ingredients are pulled in to be processed. This is a continual cycle.

The reason why this is so beneficial is that the way of cycling ingredients in and out of the blades helps to ensure a far more consistent mixture for the juice.

Just about any juice can be made inside of the mixer grinder too. All you need are some fresh ingredients and you are ready to roll.

How Do You Prepare Fruits and Vegetables for a Mixer Grinder?

Mixer grinders tend to have a pretty decent motor inside of them. Far better than your average juicer. This is because these machines are made to grind up some pretty tough foods e.g. nuts. This means that you have to put less effort into preparing fruits and vegetables for adding to the mixer grinder.

While you could feasibly add some smaller fruits e.g. strawberries and other berries into the mixer grinder without much preparation beyond removing the stalks, you will have to do a bit of light preparation with some of the larger fruits and vegetables.

We recommend that you roughly chop up any larger fruits and vegetables. You only need to cut them up into medium-sized chunks. Try to ensure that they are of a consistent size. The mixer grinder will have a far easier time processing them like that.

Now, while you don’t have to do this, we have found that it will give you a far more consistent juice. It also means that the mixer grinder will be done with making your juice far quicker than normal!

If you are going to be putting ice into your juice, which we suggest that you do if you want something that tastes wonderful, then we recommend that you crush up the ice beforehand. While the blades of a mixer grinder should probably be capable of handling uncrushed ice, the mixing process will just be slower.

Can You Make Apple or Orange Juice With a Mixer Grinder?

Apple and orange juices are among the most popular breakfast juices. As a result, a lot of people wonder whether they can make juice using one of these fruits alone.

You can. However, it won’t be exactly the same as the orange or apple juice that you buy from the store. Those juices will have been squeezed juices i.e. the fruit is pressed very hard and all of the internal juices are pushed through a strainer. The juice that you make from a mixer grinder is going to be closer to that of juice with pulp.

Perhaps the best way to get something closer to your typical breakfast juice is to strain the juice that you make in the mixer grinder through a very fine strainer. It will taste delicious and help to remove all of that pulp.

We recommend that you had some lemon in the orange or apple juice that you make. You only need to add a few drops. It won’t impact the taste at all, but it will help to ensure that the juice is ‘preserved’. This means that if you make it in batches, you can store the juice in the fridge for an extra day or two.

Related Questions

Do you need to purchase additional accessories to make juice with a mixer grinder?

No. The vast majority of mixer grinders on the market will include all the accessories that you need to make juice. Of course, it is always worth checking. However, it is very rare that they will not have the components required.

What is the best way to clean a mixer grinder after you have made juice with it?

It is recommended that you use warm, soapy water to clean the inside of the mixer grinder when you are down with it. Make sure to remove any attachments and other accessories so that you can clean those separately. If you do not clean the mixer right away, then there is a strong chance that staining could occur. 

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