Orbeez is a popular toy for many kids. They also have other uses, such as making a house colorful and much brighter if you use them for decoration. While you can use them several times, their lifespan is relatively short, and you have to get rid of them at some point.

So, can you put orbeez in your bathtub? Technically, yes, you can. You can use them in the pool or the tub because of the lovely feel. The good thing with orbeez is that they are safe to play with. They are biodegradable and non-toxic, and even if your kid swallows one, it smoothly goes through the digestive tract without much harm.

This article will look into the exciting facts about orbeez, possible usages, how to dispose of them safely, and any other related topics.

What Are Orbeez?

Orbeez are small pellets that grow in size when you place them in water. Their diameter increases 150 times to a diameter of 14 mm. The real magic happens when you put them in hot water. The beads grow more significant, depending on the purity of water.

A scientific explanation of this phenomenon is that orbeez are absorbent polymers made of sodium hydroxide, water, and acrylic acid. The color pigmentation is necessary to create more variety. It is the water molecules that aids in their growth.

Origin of Orbeez

Orbeez were invented for agricultural use as they help the soil to retain moisture. Thus, if the kids are playing outside with the water beads, they can be left uncollected as they absorb into the ground.

Can You Put Orbeez in a Bathtub?

Orbeez in your bathtub is one exciting way to relax after having a long engaging day. Once you place them in a tub full of water, they will absorb the water and enlarge, and hence they cannot slip down the drain. Your kids will have so much fun as they scoop them up and play with them.

Once you get the water beads out of the water, they shrink a great deal but budge once more when you put them in the bathtub.

Life Span of Orbeez

Depending on how often you use them, orbeez have different life spans. When you use them in light-up products, orbeez will last for several months, provided you do not expose them to air. If you use them for decoration only, the beads will last for up to one year. However, the beads’ most extended life is when you mix them with soil. You can have them maintain moisture for seven years.

The good thing with orbeez is that they are reusable. You can shrink them, and once you place them in water, they will grow again. You can repeat this process up to three times. If you detect mold or unpleasant smell, you should dispose of the orbeez.

If you want to keep your orbeez fresh for longer, you need to wash your hands and feet every time you use them. Please place them in a zipper bag or container with a lid once you are done with them. Without air, the beads are safe and can last for over one week.

 Fun Ways to Use Orbeez

1. Light Jars

A cool idea of decorating your house is using a jar full of orbeez. Different tutorials show you how to create light pots and other lamps from orbeez. It is a refreshing approach to how to use orbeez as décor.

2. Sensory Bin

The best way to have fun as you play with orbeez is by placing them in a huge bin and let your kid play with them. You can also place cups, funnels, and scoops inside the container and let the kids explore using them.

3. Balloons

Use a funnel and drop the orbeez inside a balloon. After placing the beads in the balloon you should tie it up. Shake it properly, and they will produce a popcorn sound. It is enjoyable, especially if you use a bright balloon so that you can see the beads.

4. Motor Practice

One way to use the orbeez is by helping your child improve their motor skills. Let the child flip them over and try to put them in different shapes and place them in suction cups.

5. For Therapy Purposes

The feel of expanded and wet orbeez can be very therapeutic, especially after having a stressful day. When you rub them on your body or squish them gently, you will feel more positive and relieved.

6. Freeze and Crush

Once you are done using the orbeez, you can freeze them and then use your hands to crush them. Alternatively, you can hit them against the wall.

7. Water Bead Guns

Orbeez are the best substitute for nerf guns used by kids. With nerfs, you have to pick them up every time your kids play with them. However, an orbeez gun is full of water beads that quickly absorb into the soil. You do not have to pick them up once your kids are done playing with them outdoors.

How to Dispose Of Orbeez

In most cases, people buy orbeez for kids to play with, or as some form of decoration. Therefore, as you dispose of, you need to remember the first use, which is to moisturize the soil. One of the best ways is to pour the beads into the flowerbed.

Alternatively, you can mix them with soil in your potted plants or the garden. Thus, they continue to serve you even as you dispose them off. Remember, if you use this method, you will not have to water your plants as often.

Another safe way to dispose of orbeez is by throwing them into the trash. However, it is a good idea to wrap them in a bag, as they are slippery and cause injury if they spill. The pack will also prevent a pet from swallowing.

Related Questions

What Should You Do If Your Child Swallows Orbeez?

All the orbeez are non-toxic. If your child swallows orbeez, it should easily pass through the digestive system without any problem. They cannot absorb into the body and will eliminate through natural methods. However, if your child swallows many, you should seek medical attention.

Are Orbeez Biodegradable?

The fact is orbeez are biodegradable. Being biodegradable is the leading reason flower shops and other agriculture establishments use them up to date.

When you buy a package of orbeez, you will find a sticker that says 100% biodegradable. Moreover, they are non-toxic, and hence water beads are safe for your kids and pets.

What is the Recommended Usage Age of Orbeez?

Most manufacturers recommend the product should be used by kids above the age of five years. Still, it is always a good idea to supervise your kids as they play with the beads. Many kids might get the temptations to eat them since they look like a tasty candy.

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