Can You Wash Your Hair With Hand Sanitizer

You need to practice good hygiene for your hair. To keep it strong and healthy, it is recommendable that you wash it regularly using the right protectant. Washing hair the right way acts as therapy for many people. Most people will tend to use just about any hair product or soap that they find at the stores. However, it’s important to know what is safe to use and what is harmful.

Can You Wash Your Hair With Hand Sanitizer?

So, can you wash your hair using a hand sanitizer on your hair? No, never use hand sanitizer on your hair, no matter the temptations. It is all due to the chemicals that are used to make the sanitizers. They have harsh chemicals that can easily irritate your skin. It will also harden your hair causing frizz and dandruff. For this reason, you should be safe and avoid the hand sanitizer.

This article will look into reasons you should not wash your hair with hand sanitizer, the alternatives you may have, what to use on your hair and other relevant issues.

Why You Should Not Wash Your Hair with Hand Sanitizer?

You may already know that hand sanitizer is made explicitly for your hands and not hair or body. Additionally, most of them have a clear warning that states you avoid using on hair, body, and face. However, you need to be careful as not all of them have these warnings.

Below are some of the reasons why you need to avoid using hand sanitizer on your hair.

  • Dry Skin

There are many dangers involved when you are using alcohol-based products on your skin. The alcohols in hand sanitizers include n-propanol, ethanol, and isopropyl. All these are drying alcohols, and they will harm your hair. They will irritate the scalp, strip away its acid mantle and natural oils. The cells of your hair will also dehydrate and increase your scalp and cause dermatitis.

  • Unknown Chemicals

Many hand sanitizers have chemical fragrances. Manufacturers are not required to list the fragrances they use; thus, you never know what to expose yourself. Most of these fragrances are irritating, and they bring about hormone disruption and allergies.

  • Alcohol Poisoning

By smelling a hand sanitizer, you will realize it has alcohol. Just because it is for hygiene does not mean it is 100% safe. The alcohol in the sanitizer is for killing bacteria and viruses. Though it has fixed amounts of alcohol, it may still cause poisoning and consequently alter the growth of hair.

Experts opine that few squirts of a sanitizer are equal to several shots of alcohol. Now, this is dangerous, especially for kids. Whereas it is an alternative, ensure you use it in limited amounts.

What Alternatives do You Have?

There are many conditioners and shampoo, which you can use to clean your hair. It is imperative to find the right shampoo depending on your hair type. Combining the right shampoo and conditioner might be just what you need for your hair to look great.

You should also observe the right washing techniques, and you are on your way to a beautiful look. Below we look at some of the alternatives you can use to clean your hair.

  • Aleppo Soap

Some believe that Aleppo was the first soap that has been in use for centuries. It represents the beauty of simplicity as it is made from laurel oil and olive. Though it has its roots in Syria, it is fabricated in several European countries. However, the European version has palm oil.

  • Light Rye Flour

There is a mild hair wash known as Rye. It is full of amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. Amazingly it also contains Omega 3. Being natural, it does not disrupt the PH of your scalp or hair. You get immense benefits as it has vitamin B5 that has anti-inflammatory and regenerating effects. Vitamin B5 is used in baby care products, antiseptic ointments, and other products for sensitive skin.

  • Bentonite Clay (Hair Care)

Bentonite clay (see Amazon) is perfect for your hair and scalp. It reliably removes the grease and dirt. Bentonite clay does not strip hair of its natural oil like shampoo or ordinary soap. Bentonite’s main problem is that it is expensive and might be out of reach for ordinary people.

  • Water

Another way to get your hair clean is by using water only. If your hair and scalp are sensitive to chemicals, then you should use water only. Water will get your hair clean even though it might not be able to get out all the grease. Using hot water might be more beneficial in getting the oil out but might leave you with a dry scrap.

How to Wash Your Hair the Right Way

A great hair day starts once you hit the showers. You should know how to maintain and wash your hair right. Here are some of the tips to get shiny, silk, beautiful hair.

  • Less is better: Avoid washing your hair daily. Three times in a week is enough.
  • Use filtered warm water. Exposing your hair to high temperatures leaves them looking lifeless and dry.
  • Massage your scalp using gentle force. Your hair starts growing from the scalp, and being soft on it is of utmost importance.
  • Choose a shampoo that completes your hair type. Choose a formulation that will suit your hair and give you the best results.
  • Dry your hair properly and apply a protectant.

How to Choose the Right Shampoo for Your Hair

Buying shampoo might be confusing; hydrating, non-moisturizing, smoothing, thickening, and color-safe, how do you choose the right one for your hair? You can select the shampoo based on your hair type. Choose the shampoo that fits your desires based on the following:

  • Moisturizing/Hydrating Shampoo

Great for adding shine, hydrating, and smoothens your hair. It is ideal for curly, thick, coarse hair that does not have moisture.

  • Volumizing Shampoo

It works best on fine or limp hair. It will boost the weight of your hair without weighing it down.

  • Curly Hair Shampoo

Curly hair shampoo contains ingredients that remove frizz while moisturizing your hair. It does not weigh down on your curls.

  • Straight/Smoothing Hair Shampoo

It has extra moisturizers that aid in sealing the cuticle, giving you smooth and straight styles.

  • Balancing Shampoo

It is a middle option; it does not dry your hair out and is not too moisturizing.

  • Fortifying/strengthening shampoo

Fortifying shampoo is ideal for over-processed, damaged, weakened, highlighted, or brittle hair. It has extra proteins that help improve the hair’s condition.

Related questions

How can you maintain long hair?

You need to take extra care to be able to maintain long hair. Washing and shampooing are not enough. You need to have regular trims to keep the hair strong and healthy. Ensure you choose the right shampoo and conditioning depending on your hair type and dry it carefully.

Avoid tight hairstyles that will end up damaging the hair shaft. Your diet is also vital; ensure you have a balanced diet with a lot of fiber to keep your hair healthy and long.

How can you reduce dandruff?

You can quickly get rid of dandruff by using anti-dandruff shampoo. Moreover, you can use a mild exfoliant to soothe the scalp. Baking soda balances the PH levels of your scalp and aids in removing the dead skin. 

Additionally, baking soda will reduce the fungus that causes dandruff growth on the scalp. Wet your hair using warm water and gently rub baking soda on the scalp.

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