Ugg boots have become incredibly popular across the globe, to the point where they have turned into a fashion statement. These boots are different because they are primarily made from dual-faced sheepskin, and contain a layer of fleece on the inside. In some cases, the outer surface is tanned while a synthetic sole is usually placed inside to provide additional comfort while walking.

As you can imagine, Uggs are an excellent choice during the harsh winter months. While most people love their boots, you should know that cleaning and taking care of them is not as easy as you might think. Ugg boots can’t be washed like normal shoes and boots. So, here are a few tips that you should follow if you want to maintain the boots properly and clean them from time to time.

What Do You Do About Mud?

The biggest problem that most people face is getting mud stains off of their Ugg boots. Mud can be a big problem if you do not deal with it right away. These are boots, so they are going to get dirty. You are going to step into puddles, and even if you don’t, someone else will, and the mud will fall right on your boots. It’s something that is bound to happen every now and then, and you need to learn how to get the stains off.

If you walked through a dirt patch and your shoes got dirty, there are a few things that you need to do. A common mistake that most people make is that they try to wash off the mud as quickly as possible before it dries. They think they can get it off with a tissue or a piece of dry cloth.

However, you need to understand that water and sheepskin don’t go well together. If you try to do this, you will simply end up causing more harm than good to your expensive boot. That is one of the reasons why you should follow the tips given below on how to clean the mud from your Ugg boots.

1. Don’t mess with the mud stains. Let the mud dry completely on your boots. If you have gotten home and taken your boots off, leave them in a properly ventilated area. Within a few minutes, the mud will dry completely on the shoe, leaving behind an ugly stain.

2. Use a stiff bristled brush like this and then brush off all the mud. Use a small suede brush afterward to get the finer mud from the boot as well.

3. Use a standard back and forth cleaning motion to get rid of the mud stain without causing harm to the sheepskin itself. If you are too harsh while trying to remove the stain, you will end up damaging the sheepskin, or leaving behind marks.

4. If you still see a mark on your shoe, and there is a strong chance that one will remain behind, you will want to dip your brush into the suds from a mixture of water and dishwashing detergent.

Avoid using any harsh chemicals or materials on natural sheepskin because that is only going to cause more damage. Remember, you have to dip it in the suds only, and only the end of the brush!

5. Then, with a gentle motion, you can scrub the boots until the stain comes off. Use a clean, dry rag to absorb whatever water you can from the boot, and leave it out to dry.

Keep in mind you need to be as gentle as possible to get the stain out. If you use a lot of friction, you will end up permanently damaging the boot and leaving lines of the hard bristled brush on your boot!

How to maintain Ugg boots

You should know that Ugg boots require a bit of care and maintenance. Here are some simple tips to prolong the life of your boots.

1. Don’t Keep Them Under a Direct Heat Source

Uggs are made of sheepskin, so keeping them under or near a direct heat source, like the sun, the radiator, or even the electric heater, is a terrible idea. It could cause premature aging and can also cause the sheepskin to crack over time.

2. Don’t Apply Cleaning Products Directly

When you clean your Ugg boots, you need to make sure that you first apply the cleaning product on a piece of cloth or a sponge first. Many of the chemicals used in these products are incredibly damaging and need to be diluted first.

3. Dry Them First Before Keeping Them in Storage

When you wash the Ugg boots properly, you need to make sure that you let them dry first before keeping them in storage. It’s best to make use of a dehumidifier or keep them in the shade to dry. Do not try to hasten the drying process and throw those boots in the closet.

4. Always Wear Socks

Internal sweating can cause your boots to develop an odor. You need to make it a habit to wear socks to prevent them from sustaining more damage.

5. Apply a Sheepskin Protectant

The first thing that you need to do before you put on your Ugg boots is to apply a sheepskin protectant. This is a special protectant that is designed to prevent moisture and other elements from causing harm to your Ugg boots. Moreover, it’s going to allow different kinds of stains to just fall off. However, keep in mind that this is just the first line of defense; it’s definitely not going to keep the stains away forever.

Getting Rid of Water Stains

One of the biggest problems with these Ugg boots is that they can’t be worn in the rainy weather. Water and snow are both incredibly damaging to the sheepskin and can leave permanent marks if you are not careful.

If a certain area on the boot gets wet, you need to clean it properly, otherwise it will leave a stain behind. So, if that happens, you need to take a damp cloth and evenly wipe the rest of the boot to prevent any lines or watermarks.

But, if you didn’t do it on time, you might want to start off by blotting the wet area with a dry cloth, and then stuff paper towels in your boots to keep them away from direct heat. Buy high-quality suede cleaner, and then use a damp cloth to clean the boots properly.

Related questions

Q. Can I Waterproof my Shoes?

One of the most common questions that people have regarding their Uggs is whether they can waterproof them or not. Certain models, like the rain boots, are already waterproof. They also manufacture snow and winter boots that are quite resistant to water.

However, the classic suede variant is not waterproof. If you want, you can waterproof the shoe yourself. There are several kits that you can find in the market, but before you start waterproofing the shoe, you have to make sure that you clean it from a suede brush. 

Use the brush vigorously in order to remove all the stains from the shoes before you use a waterproofing kit.

Q. Is the UGG Cleaner and Conditioner Effective?

The company also offers a wide range of tools that you can use in order to maintain your UGG boots. One of these is the Ugg Cleaner and Conditioner, which you can find directly from their store.

It’s a pretty effective cleaning solution that you can use in order to keep your Ugg boots neat and clean. However, it’s expensive, so if you don’t want to use that, there are quite a few other tools that you can use as well.

Q. Can I Use a Hard-Bristled Brush to Clean my Shoes?

UGG boots are made from suede, and you should avoid using a hard-bristled brush that is going to leave lines on the boots. These are permanent marks that are never going to go away, so you will end up permanently damaging your shoes. Always use a soft-bristled brush to get rid of the mud or stains.

Q. Can I Use a Normal Detergent or Soap to Clean the Shoes?

Most detergents and cleaners that you will find in the market contain relatively harsh chemicals and substances that can cause damage to the shoes. The natural sheepskin or the suede can cause serious damage to your shoes, and you should avoid using them at all costs. Do not use them.

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