Oven gloves are an essential kitchen gear, elaborately designed for protection while handling hot surfaces in the kitchen. While you may want to cook normal dishes without putting a pair on, when using your grill, stove top or even oven, your mitts will come in handy.

They will help you avoid unwarranted burns on your hands. Your mitts will often be exposed to oil, floor, smoke, and other kitchen elements, which will make them dirty over time, thus needing some washing occasionally.

That begs the big question of how to wash silicone oven gloves. Some oven gloves are safe to wash in the washer, while others will tend to fade or even wear out when put in water. Overall, depending on the label on the mitt, you could hand wash or machine wash.

In this article, we explain deeper on how to wash silicone oven gloves by hand and by machine, and answer other related questions. Stay with us to learn the benefits of silicone oven gloves as well.

Washing Your Oven Gloves

As already said, many elements in the kitchen such as smoke, soot, oils and grease will make your mitts dirty. Thus, occasionally, you will want to wash them-who wants to hold their cooking pans using dirty gloves?

The washing method to use will depend on the type of oven gloves that you are using. Ideally, some may wear out if put in the washer, while others will be just fine. It all depends on your manufacturer. Some manufacturers use durable material like silicone and nylon, while others use softer materials like cotton.

Silicone, for instance, is machine washable, and it shall follow the general guidelines for washing gloves.

Below are the general guidelines to follow before hand washing or washing by machine.

The Prewash Stage

The first stage is determining how you are going to wash your gloves in a safe way.

  • First, check out the label located around the cuff or opening of the glove. You have to follow the instructions on it keenly. Some may be machine washable, other hand-wash only, while others may require you to remove the trim decorations. You must adhere to these care maintenance instructions on the label.
  • In a bucket or sink, make a solution of one-gallon warm water and ½-cup mild detergent.
  • Once your solution is ready with suds and foam, take a whit piece of cloth and dip it in. once it is fully immersed, take it out and wring it, leaving just a little wetness.
  • Now take the damp piece of cloth and dab it on two to three invisible areas on your oven gloves. After doing this, dip another washcloth in clean rinse water; cold water will be ok. Dab it on the spots that you dabbed with the other cloth. This is a way of rinsing those spots.
  • Now leave the mitts to dry for like 30 minutes.

The above pre-wash process is just an attempt to find out if your mitts will fade or if the fabric will get any damage. If the gloves pass the spot test, then you can proceed to the actual washing either by hand or by the machine.

Washing Silicone Oven Gloves By Hand

If you are in this stage, then it means your gloves passed the test on the pre wash stage and you can safely wash them here following the steps below.

  • Immerse the gloves in your solution. If the solution is cold, you can add another gallon of warm water and ½-cup detergent and mix.
  • Wring them out gently, taking care not to tear the seams and the decorative elements.
  • You can then proceed to rinse the gloves under cold or lukewarm water in a different bucket. Rinse well to remove any traces of soap and suds.
  • Once done, hang it to dry. Give it sufficient drying time, say like a day. You can insert a plastic item inside the glove to open it up for air circulation to every corner including the fingertip areas.

Washing Silicone Oven Gloves in the Washer

You already know the instructions on the care label.

  • Toss in your gloves in the washer separately, bearing in mind these instructions.
  • For machine-washing, you are going to use cold water on a gentle cycle.
  • Ensure you turn the water level in the drum to low. To do this, check the settings on the control panel.
  • Use detergent of the same amount as in the hand washing part, which is ½ a cup or even ¼ if the brand you are using is too concentrated.
  • Once the cycle is complete, you can hang them out to dry. You can also tumble-dry if the care label allows for that.

Sometimes, you want to use some homemade solutions such as baking soda to remove the stubborn stays. That would be ok, but you must first test it on the prewash stage.

With the above tips, you clean about any type of oven mitts. However, for handmade ones, you may want to practice extra caution just so you don’t damage the delicate seams.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Silicone Oven Gloves?

Silicon gloves come with tremendous benefits as listed below:

  • holding hot food right from the oven
  • grilling
  • can be used when cooking in an open fire
  • you can also put them on when opening a tight lid
  • you can wear them when holding ice o any frozen items
  • you can even wear them when hand washing dishes to protect your hands

Apart from the above, the silicone gloves are known to be more heat resistant, easy to clean and they provide a better grip

Related Questions

How can you get stains out of your oven mitts?

If your mitts have some stubborn stains such as grease, you can get rid of them using a mixture of baking soda. However, you should do a spot test first, not forgetting to read the care label too.

Can you wash oven mitts in the washer?

Yes, you can wash your oven mitts in the washer. Given the hard to clean stain from grease, smoke, soot, and even food particles, it could be easier for you to wash by machine as opposed to battling it out by hand.

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