19 Innovative Cleaning Products on Amazon to Make your Life Easier

Cleaning Products

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Would you not love to magically clean your house in a short time? That would call for cleaning multiple rooms and places at one time, cleaning several things simultaneously. To achieve this, you might need helpers- robots and humans, or otherwise, you will not get the desired result. However, you can achieve almost the same level of satisfaction with some innovative cleaning tools.

If convenience and efficiency is what you are looking for, then this list will meet your needs. You can handle the most annoying cleaning tasks with these innovative cleaning Tools.


1. Sanitizing Wand

This sanitizing wand kills up to 99.9 percent of allergens, germs, and other odor that attracts bacteria to your home. It is portable enough, and you can carry it with you. Its ability to kill most of the allergens is down to the fact that it uses UV-C light technology, a technology that has been used to sanitize hospital equipment for over three decades. If you are overly sensitive to allergens and germs and you want to be safe, you can carry it with you.

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2. Supersonic Scrubber

This multipurpose scrubber can clean virtually everything at home. It can scrub grout in tiles crevices, any hard to reach an area in your bathroom or kitchen, clean greasy pans, and polish metal.

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3. iTouchless Squeeze Trash Compactor 

This is a handy gadget everyone should have in their homes. It features a robust design that makes it look just where it should be. It can reduce your waste volume significantly; in fact, by a whopping 75 percent, thanks to its crushing method that applies over 3,000 pounds of force. It can also reduce odor so that waste won’t smell in your kitchen.

The iTouchless Trash Compactor will reduce your trips to disposing of garbage as it reduces the size of trash by six times.

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4. Window Cleaner Robot

This helpful buddy will help you clean your windows conveniently and efficiently. You can use it to clean windows at home or your office. It can clean for 30 minutes when fully charged. This device attaches to the window with the help of its air suction system. It uses spinning microfiber pads to clean windows.

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5. Baseboard buddy

 This is another innovative cleaning product you need to have in your home. It is designed to help your molding and baseboards clean. You don’t need to bend to clean baseboard as it will grab grime and dust that has built up.

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6. Angry mama microwaves cleaner

Tired of scrubbing? Why not try this Angry Mama cleaner. Fill this gadget up with vinegar and water, and it will sprinkle it out all over your microwave thereby releasing splatter and all caked-on foods.

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7. Scrub daddy

This magical sponge won’t scratch any surface, unlike steel-wool pads. It also doesn’t trap any odors or food particles.

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8. Plink cleaner and deodorizer

If there is stinky garbage near you, Plink might be of help to you. Drop these tiny pellets in the area with stinky garbage, running water, and stir the area to remove foul smells. They will do the magic.

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9. O-cedar Easy-wring Mop

Another handy cleaning product over here. This mop spins off dirt and instantly dries, meaning that you will not be spreading dirty water around your floors. It is easy to clean it as well as you only need to open its head and wash it; you don’t have to touch a dirty mop again. Read on for more detailed reviews.

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10. Electrostatic All-surface Sweeper

This all-surface cleaner will take your sweeping game to another level. Rather than sweeping dirt and debris into a dustpan, this sweeper will do that work for you.

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11. Grillbot Auto Grill Cleaner

Everyone will agree with me that cleaning a grill is not an easy task, but this gadget will change that. Simply turn it on, and shut the lid to the grill. It will do the cleaning. It will automatically clean your grill and restore its shiny appearance without you having to do a thing.

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12. iRobot Looj Gutter Cleaners

It can be tedious to clean your gutters especially if your house is very tall. This can also pose a danger of accidents. If leaves and other debris have piled up, this gadget can help you safely and quickly clean them. It sweeps them away by lifting and throwing them to the ground. You can control it with a remote control.

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13. Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner

This premier pool cleaner is another great product from Dolphin and helps clean in-ground pool. The pump, vacuum, and filter system remove leaves, hair, dirt, bacteria, and algae from your pool bottom. With this gadget, you will not use a scrub brush to clean your pool surfaces as it will clean all pool surfaces from top to bottom and sideways. It even cleans at the waterline where bacteria builds up.

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14. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

These erasers clean virtually everything. From stains on floors, to scuff marks on counters, burn marks on a stovetop, soap scum in the bathroom walls, and sticky glue on glass surfaces, these little erasers remove all marks.

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15. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Before I knew the effectiveness of these clothes (see more detailed reviews), I used old rags to clean surfaces. But since I discovered how these workhorses are effective at removing scum and grime off the solid surfaces, I have since ceased using rags.

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16. Bona Floor Cleaner Spray

Bona is a fan-favorite when it comes to store-bought wooden floor cleaners. Imparting a rich wood-conditioning shine, without leaving streaks or residue, this spray makes cleaning up your floors easy.

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17. WD-40 product Spray

The uses of WD-40 spray lubricant are quite extensive, and we cannot finish listing them all. The main uses include silencing squeaky doors, removing lipstick stains from virtually all materials except silk, and lifting away stubborn stickers from new purchases.

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18. Giottos Dust-Removal Tool

This rocket-shaped desk accessory is a useful cleaning tool as it blows puffs of air when squeezed thereby expelling debris, dust, and crumbs from your sensitive items such as keyboards.

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19. Litter maid

This automatic self-cleaning litter box will ensure your cat don’t find another place to do its private needs because the litter box is dirty. If you don’t want to keep cleaning your pet’s litter box manually, get this automatic self-cleaning litter box that also comes with premium clumping litter.

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How many of these innovative cleaning products do you have and which ones would you like to add? We hope our list enlightened you!

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