Sparkling water is a brilliant way to get the fizzy bite of soda without all of the additional sugar and calories. However, after a while, all of those bottles of sparkling water can start to add up in both your budget and your trash can. That’s where SodaStream comes in!

SodaStream, like its name suggests, is primarily used for making soda using CO2 and flavored syrups. If it can make sodas, though, can it also make other fizzy carbonated drinks? 

If you’re not a fan of soft drinks but still like the crisp, fun feeling of carbonation on your tongue, you can easily use a SodaStream to make sparkling water. SodaStream has made its main product capable of making numerous carbonated beverages to keep customers happy no matter their hydration preferences.

Should you buy a SodaStream if you only plan on using it for sparkling water, though? Is SodaStream worth it for sparkling water?

A SodaStream is absolutely worth it, even if you’re just using it for sparkling water. Sparkling water isn’t cheap when bought in cans and bottles, and using a SodaStream to make your own sparkling water at home can save you money as well as positively affect the environment in the long run. 

SodaStream’s versatility and ease of use make it a no-brainer of a purchase for sparkling water lovers everywhere, but what makes it so desirable? Read on to discover everything about SodaStream and their ability to quench your thirst for sparkling water!

Is It Worth It to Buy a SodaStream for Sparkling Water?

Yes! Buying a SodaStream will save you money in the long run compared to buying canned or bottled sparkling water if you are a frequent sparkling water drinker.

The SodaStream itself is also smaller than a 12-pack of sparkling water, meaning you’ll save space in your kitchen, too. Counter space is one of the first things I consider when purchasing something new for my kitchen, and the SodaStream is a compact addition that takes up very little of that precious surface area. 

Using a SodaStream for sparkling water also means that your favorite sparkling water is always at your fingertips, and there are unlimited free refills. You won’t have to worry about making a bunch of grocery trips nor your favorite flavor being discontinued if you use a SodaStream—you’ll have everything you need right there in your kitchen for whenever you get thirsty and only sparkling water is the answer. 

What Else Do I Need for a SodaStream?

There are two additionally things you’ll need to get after you purchase the SodaStream itself: the CO2 (carbon dioxide) and the flavorings for your soda or sparkling water.

All SodaStream machines generally come with a CO2 canister to begin with, and places like Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond offer incentives for trading in your empty CO2 canister for a full one—so, in the long run, the CO2 won’t cost you much at all.

A typical SodaStream CO2 canister will last between 4-8 weeks too, depending on how high the usage is in your home. 

Additionally, if you want some variety in your sparkling water, you’ll need to buy some flavorings (see Amazon) as well. All of the flavors tend to be under $6.00 each, and each bottle of flavoring makes around 33 cans’ worth of sparkling water.

Some users also enjoy adding fresh-squeezed lemon or lime or even a splash of fruit juice. The possibilities are endless, so don’t be afraid to experiment with flavoring your sparkling water!

Does a SodaStream Make Good Sparkling Water?

Yes, a SodaStream makes good sparkling water, and it is a great substitute for buying sparkling water in bottles and cans. 

SodaStream’s sparkling water tastes no different from other sparkling waters aside from the variations in taste due to different tap waters. (You can, however, use filtered whatever that may provide a bit more consistency.) In flavorless sparkling water, the only ingredient is CO2, so most flavorless sparkling waters taste nearly identical.

Common errors like over-flavoring or under-carbonating can make SodaStream sparkling water taste lackluster, but one can easily fix such errors with practice.

If you don’t enjoy the taste of your SodaStream sparkling water, your own tap water may be to blame. Consider adding a filter onto your faucet or even using bottled water in your SodaStream. Just keep in mind that the positive environmental effects of the SodaStream will be lessened if used in conjunction with single-use plastic bottles.

Another problem may also be the flavorings that you are using. The flavors available for making sodas and the ones marketed for sparkling water are different and not interchangeable, so if you have a soda drinker in the house, you won’t be able to use the same flavorings.

Lastly, make sure the flavorings you’ve chosen are actually for sparkling water! There are also both sweetened and unsweetened flavors available. 

Is It Worth It to Get a Sparkling Water Maker?

If you drink a lot of sparkling water—as in ‘a few cans a day’—then it’s worth it to make your sparkling water at home with a sparkling water maker. 

On the other hand, if you only enjoy sparkling water only once or twice a month, it probably isn’t a good idea to invest in a sparkling water maker like the SodaStream.

However, making the choice to switch from drinking soda to drinking just sparkling water is one notable reason to get a sparkling water maker, even if you don’t drink a lot of sparkling water currently. The fizz in sparkling water helps to curb soda cravings, and this can be the perfect substitute when soda cravings hit when you’re trying to cut back.

Does SodaStream Taste Like Sparkling Water?

SodaStream Fizzi

Sparkling water is water that has been carbonated with CO2, and that’s exactly what SodaStream makes! So, not only does SodaStream taste like sparkling water, it is sparkling water. 

SodaStream doesn’t actually produce soda unless you add the flavored syrup to the water before you carbonate it, meaning the base of all of SodaStream’s soda options is actually just plain sparkling water itself. How much easier could it get? 

Not to worry if you’re a soda drinker, though—SodaStream’s soda products don’t taste like sparkling water once you’ve properly added the flavored syrups into the mix. They taste just like full-flavored sodas.

Is SodaStream as Good as Perrier?

Perrier is a mineral sparkling water and is more carbonated than most sparkling waters, so if it’s the mineral taste you love, you may find SodaStream lacking.

Whether SodaStream is as good as Perrier really depends on your own preferences. Some people prefer the purer taste of SodaStream and value the choice to add flavors over Perrier’s mineral content and extra carbonation.

However, you can actually use mineral spring water in your SodaStream to make a rather close copy of Perrier if desired. Another trick to getting your SodaStream water to taste more like Perrier is to make your water as cold as possible before carbonating it. Cold water holds carbonation better, so icy cold water will be much fizzier than room-temperature water. 

Is SodaStream Cheaper Than Sparkling Water?

The upfront cost of a SodaStream is more expensive. However, over time, it will end up being cheaper than buying packaged sparkling water if you drink a lot of sparkling water on a regular basis. 

SodaStream machines are especially cost-efficient if you have both sparkling water drinkers and soda drinkers in your home. One SodaStream can replace hundreds of cans of soda, and you’ll only have to ever replace the CO2 and flavorings instead of continuing to buy enormous cases of drinks every week or month. 

SodaStream machines also go on sale quite often, so check prices at different stores to get the best deal. Additionally, it can save you a few extra dollars to see which store has the best trade-in plan for your CO2 canisters. 

Related Questions

  • Does SodaStream Make Sparkling Water?

Yes, SodaStream makes sparkling water. In fact, the base of its soda options is sparkling water, so you’re fully covered no matter what you’re wanting to drink. Read the information above if you’d like to learn a bit more about how all of this works.

  • Is SodaStream Water the Same as Sparkling Water?

SodaStream carbonated water is sparkling water. SodaStream water is exactly the same as any other sparkling water unless your sparkling water has additives. 

  • Can SodaStream Make Flavored Sparkling Water?

Yes, SodaStream can make flavored sparkling water using either their own water flavorings or natural flavors like lemon or lime juice. You can experiment in your home with mixing flavors and natural juices to create your own new favorites with ease.

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