Hello everyone, I’ve recently picked up a new collection hobby – press-on nails! Yes, you heard it right, I’ve purchased hundreds of sets of press-on nails in just a month. Let me share a photo to show off how they look when worn.

This design is simply stunning! I bought it from nailsbarbeauty.~As I bought more and more, I realized that storage was becoming a major issue. As a home and lifestyle blogger, I’ve always been quite the organization enthusiast. After doing some research, I couldn’t resist recommending some storage products to you all. If you’re anything like me, you have a love for press-on nails and a desire to keep them neat, organized, and readily accessible. Make sure to pay close attention all the way to the end!

1. 12 Pieces Small Clear Plastic Beads Storage Container

Included in this set are 12 mini plastic storage cases and a larger clear box. Designed specifically with press-on nails in mind, these cases are perfect for keeping your nail collections orderly and separated by style, color, or occasion. Never again will you spend ages hunting for that perfect set of nails!

One of the key features I adore about this set is its see-through design. Made from transparent acrylic, it allows you to see your nails collections clearly from any angle, saving you from the hassle of rummaging through opaque boxes. The transparent design also adds a clean, chic aesthetic to any vanity or dresser.

Beyond the stylish design, these storage boxes offer superior quality. They are made from sturdy, reliable plastic with smooth, seamless edges. This means your press-on nails will be safely stored in durable, long-lasting containers.

And, these boxes are incredibly practical. Each storage case features a hinged lid with a secure latch, protecting your nails from dust and dirt. This thoughtful design eliminates the need for regular cleaning, keeping your nails in pristine condition ready for their next use.

Finally, let’s discuss the dimensions. The individual mini storage boxes measure approximately 2.12 x 2.12 x 0.79 inches each, perfect for holding various sets of press-on nails. The larger box, at 6.7 x 4.33 x 2.36 inches, can conveniently house the smaller cases, preventing them from being misplaced or scratched.

2. Press On Nail Organizer,Press On Nail Packaging,Removable Loose-Leaf Storage Book for Fake Nails

This bundle comes with one nail storage book, four inside pages, and six sheets of double-sided traceless adhesive. With such ample supplies, it caters to your daily nail art display and storage needs, keeping your beloved press-on nails neatly arranged and protected from dust.

The thoughtfulness behind this organizer’s design truly won me over. With a compact size of 12.6*10*1.37 inches, it accommodates between 48-72 sets of press-on nails, regardless of whether they’re long, short, or extra long. This storage solution is perfect for personal use, as well as for nail artists or business owners. You’ll have a well-organized overview of your nails and can easily find your desired set.

The quality is another aspect where this organizer shines. It’s crafted from high-grade PVC, boasting excellent workmanship that is both simple and elegant. This material makes it a breeze to store your press-on nails and carry them around.

As for storage convenience, this organizer takes it to the next level. Simply adhere the included double-sided stickers to the inner pages, arrange your press-on nails onto the pages, and place these pages into the storage book. Finally, thread the elastic rope (available in both black and white) through the cover hole and secure it. Easy peasy!

But there’s more – with this nail organizer, you can bid farewell to misplaced nails. It ensures that your nails are kept in perfect order, presenting a tidy, organized look that’s sure to lift your spirits each time you apply your fake nails.


For anyone with a passion for press-on nails, this organizer box set is a must-have. Its combination of practicality, quality, and style is simply unbeatable.

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