If your bedroom is crowded and doesn’t look organized, it is probably because you use it as your store. You can change that by removing certain things that make it look cluttered.

For many of us, we are more concerned about de-cluttering and cleaning the rest of the house over our sleeping quarters. I’m quite sure that this is a thing we copied from our parent. Kids have a way of disarranging things no matter how much you strive to stay organized. You give up on being organized and kids think that’s the way of life. I remember I had a well-organized bedroom that I always looked forward to going in the evening, but then the kids came. I got tired of having to organize everything all the time. There were times when even I would feel lucky that I successfully managed to toss a dirty diaper into the wastebasket that was a few inches from the bed. Other times I failed, and it would lie on the floor until morning.

I realized my bedroom had become a dumping site while my sitting room looked fantastic. I always felt lazy to organize my bedroom because nobody saw it, except my husband and me.

If you are like past-me, then you need to find the motivation to restore sanity to your bedroom. And the best way to start being organized is by eliminating the following 13 things;

1. Technological devices

Your bedroom should be a screen-free zone. Screens emit EMFs and blue light which interferes with sleep and relaxation. The only technology I have inside there is a stereo for relaxing music. If you have to use your tablet or phone in the bedroom, try using it on night mode setting, and also make sure to give yourself one hour to relax before you sleep.

2. Bills and other paperwork

To make your bedroom look organized and free of distractions, you need not keep anything related to life or work in there. For me, I never have my computer or paperwork in my bedroom because I need to relax in a calm environment.

3. Items under the bed

Items under the bedBoxes and drawers are not allowed under my bed. I want to sleep better knowing that there is nothing under my bed. I don’t want to freak out that I heard something crawling down there. Therefore, I purposely ordered a bed with no drawers or boxes under it.

4. Bedside table clutter

It is common to have a little nightstand covered with hairbands and empty glasses. However, you need to be ruthless and clear them on a daily basis. You only need to keep things that you need for that night.  This will help you switch from the world and relax your mind without distractions.

5. Piles of clothes

Organizing and putting your clean clothes on your hangers and closets and the dirty in your laundry basket will help keep your bedroom organized. You don’t want to sleep with clothes hanging over your bed or piled on a chair. See more: Where To Store Your Worn (But Not Dirty) Clothes – 11 IDEAS

6. Dirty dishes

Some people like to go with their cup of herbal tea or warm water to their bed when going to sleep. Also, others like taking their breakfast in bed- it is a treat. But you should not leave your dishes in there as they will clutter your room and attract things like rodents and cockroaches. Also, the smell of stinky food is not pleasant at all.

7. Unwanted products and cosmetics

13 Things You Should Never Keep in Your BedroomAs per my experience, we all have our favorite gel or makeup, and a few other body lotions, but the rest is just clutter.

Even if you keep them stored in a cupboard in an orderly way, I wouldn’t recommend having them in your bedroom.

Go through all your cosmetics and product and chuck off any products or cosmetic that you have not used in the last six months.

8. Exercise equipment

If the exercise bike or treadmill in your bedroom has turned into a hyped coat hanger, it’s time to get it out there. Hang your attires in the closet and start using your exercise equipment for its intended purpose.

9. Your kid’s toys

Your bedroom should not be a playroom for your kids. Yes, I know it is amazing to cuddle with your kids on lazy mornings, and one great thing a parent should do is to comfort their kid when they wake up in the morning or the middle of the night.

However, that is not an excuse to allow them to bring their toys to your room. This will undermine other instructions you have issued that they should put their toys in their respective areas once they are done playing with them.

10. Books

Of course, you should keep one or two that you are currently reading. After you have done reading, keep them in your personal library instead of leaving them to pile up in your bedroom.

Do not leave piles of books on your drawers to gather dust.

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11. Anything that is work-related

Most of the young professionals work in bed. In fact, statistics shows 8 in 10 work while on their beds. This practice interferes with sleep patterns. By conditioning your mind to know that your bed should be for sleep, and not work, will help you sleep immediately you fall on your bed. Making your bed a working environment will prevent your mind from reaching peaceful state and unwinding. This will prevent you from getting a good night sleep.

12. Space heater

In most winters, people keep space heaters in their homes to warm their bedrooms. However, these devices are not safe. If you still want to keep warm and cozy at night, buy an electric blanket.

13. Love letters from your Ex

The chances are that you cannot read those love letter while sleeping next to your partner, and if you are reading them, then you have a big problem. So, why keep these letters nearby? Help Karma do her work and get rid of them entirely. If you can’t move them to a different room.

Wrap Up

For you to relax and unwind, you need to keep your bedroom clutter-free. Get rid of anything that reminds you of work, office, your spouse, or life. Once you get to bed, your mind should switch to “sleep mode.”

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