Does Bathtubs Waste Water

Does Bathtubs Waste Water? Read This First!

Water consumption is an area of concern for all households. Our homes are one of the areas where we use a lot of water and where we really need to be aware and more efficient with our usage, especially when local or national water supplies can’t readily meet our demands. Read More

steam cleaner

Where Does the Dirt Go When You Steam Clean?

Steam cleaners offer a great way to get deep down into carpeting, furniture, flooring and other surfaces to return them looking like new. It’s a chemical-free, non-toxic method that can help kill bacteria, destroy germs and breakdown stuck-on grime. While it may offer some great benefits, it does beg the Read More

How Much Does a Jacuzzi Bathtub Cost?

How Much Does a Jacuzzi Bathtub Cost?

Jacuzzi bathtubs offer a luxurious upgrade to standard ones. These feature fabulous jets that allow us to have a hot tub within our homes whenever we want it. They’re great after a long, hard day or just to take an opulent dip to treat ourselves. But how much does a Read More