Are your car seats full of dog hair?

Riding with your dog in your car is fun and exciting for both of you.  Unfortunately, taking your dog out in your car also means a good portion of dog hair will be left on the seats.

So how do you get to enjoy riding with your dog in your car and still keep your car seats all clean? Well simple. Follow these quick and easy ways to get dog hair out of your car seats.

How to Get Dog Hair out of your Car Seats

 1. Use a Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning off dog hair can really be a tedious task depending on the type of dog you have. Thankfully the loose hair can easily be vacuumed off (see this car vacuum cleaner) to help you get rid of the majority of the hair.

If you are looking for the fastest and easiest way to effectively remove dog hair from your car seats, then you should try this method.

Step 1: Do a quick round of vacuuming over the area to collect all the loose and easily removed hairs. At this point, you shouldn’t worry about the embedded and ingrained hair, but only vacuum up the loose hair that is visible.

Step 2: Start using a small bristled vacuum attachment to dislodge any ingrained hair that is stubborn to extract.


  • Always go for handled vacuum cleaners, they are handier when it comes to reaching tight places
  • Always go for a vacuum attachment with small rubber bristles for excellent results.

2. Use a Pumice Stone or Rubber Glove with some water

Use a Pumice Stone

If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, then this method will also come in handy. Besides being cheap to obtain, rubber gloves can also be used again and again.

The yellow glove commonly known for scrubbing or household cleaning can be used with soap water to be effective. This method has proven to be one of the most effective ways of removing dog hair.

While using this method it is advisable to go for gloves that have nubs on the side of the palm. If you are sensitive or allergic to rubber gloves, latex or nitrile gloves can be used.

You can also choose to go for gloves that are specifically meant for purposes of removing dog hair. Although a common household glove will still do the work perfectly.

A pumice stone like this on Amazon is always an effective way to remove dog hair from your seats. However, I have to warn you that it is not advisable to use a pumice stone on delicate sears.

Step 1: Have your bucket ready

Step 2: Add a reasonable amount of fabric softener or available detergent to your bucket. This mainly helps to prevent static between the hair and the fabric.

Step 3: Add some water to the bucket and stir the solution. Water helps hair to clump by adding weight to it.

Step 4:  Put on your pair of gloves or pick your pumice stone. You may choose to transfer some of the water from your bucket to a spray bottle or you may dampen the gloves. If you dampen your gloves then rub from top to bottom in a single direction. If you choose a spray bottle, then wet the affected area first before you start brushing. Brush until you notice clumps of hair forming.

Step 5: Dip your gloves or rinse off your pumice stone in the bucket of water to wash off the collected hair.


  • Remember to test your pumice stone on a small part of your seat to ensure it won’t damage your fabric.

3. Use a Sponge or a Washcloth

When it comes to this technique, only you need is to slightly dampen either of the tools. Then rub vigorously until the hair forms into a clump. This method is always preferred when one is in a rush but still wants to get rid of the dog hair.

4. Use Velcro Curlers

These tools are commonly known for hair curling. They are specifically designed to trap hair and roll them. The same way you would use it to roll your hair is the same way you will roll it to capture stray dog hair stuck on your car seats.

When it comes to this technique is all about rolling or running the curlers over the affected area.

These tools enable you to clean off the dog hair that is hidden in tight spaces and corners of your car seat.

Roll them cautiously on your car seat to prevent tearing up the seats.
Trap the stubborn dog hair as you roll the curlers on the surface of car seats, as simple as that!


  • Test on a small part of your seat to ensure it will not damage your fabric.

5. Use a Balloon

An inflated balloon is one of the effective methods to remove dog hair from car seats. This method mainly relies on static electricity to collect loose, visible hair. However, this method may not extract the embedded hair at the corners and tight places.

Step 1: Inflate the balloon and clamp to prevent any air from escaping.

Step 2: Run the balloon across the affected area. As you rub the balloon on the affected area static electricity will be created on the balloon’s surface thus attracting dog hair which will stick on the surface of the balloon.

Step 3: Remove the hair from the balloon and repeat the process until you achieve the desired results. Cleaning the hair from the balloon may be a bit difficult. Deflate your balloon to make cleaning off the hair from the surface of the balloon easy.

6. Use a Rubber Broom or Brush

This method has proven to be effective for removing dog hair. It relies on static electricity to peel extract the dog hair on your car seats.

Step 1: Rub the car seat with the rubber brush to dislodge the ingrained dog hair with the help of rubber bristles.

Step 2:  Brush the hair at the center, collect the hair for disposal.

Step 3: Rinse your rubber broom in water to get rid of the hair stuck on it.

7. Use Packing Tape or Duct Tape

packing tape to clean pet hair

Ever used packing tape? Well, it does an excellent job when it comes to removing dog hair from your car seats.  Being less expensive and at the same time effective, this technique is highly recommendable.

The pesky hair embedded in your car seats can easily be removed without tampering with your fabric on your seats. Packing tape is always recommended when it comes to this technique because it is gentle and has a lighter touch compared to other tapes. This technique is the best alternative to lint rollers.

Step 1: With the sticky part of the tape facing outward, carefully wrap the tape around your hand. The sticky side is the one that will pick up the dog hair, so you must ensure it faces outward.

Step 2:  Pat the affected area of your seat using your taped hand. The hair will then stick to the sticky part of the tape. Replace the tape and repeat the process until the desired results are achieved.


  • Remember to replace the tape once you notice it has been completely covered with hair.

8. Use a Lint Roller or a Lint Brush

Walk into any drug store and purchase this tool. Like the packing tape, it is gentle and helps you extract the dog hair from your seats.

You can go for a larger version of this tool if you are dealing with a large portion of dog hair.

Step 1: Remove the layer protecting the roller.

Step 2: Gently start rolling the brush across the affected area of your car seats. You’ll notice the dog hair sticking on your lint brush. You can get lint roller here.

9. Use a Water Spray Bottle and a Squeegee

This inexpensive, multipurpose tool has proven to be effective when it comes to removing dog hair from your car seats. You can find it in different sizes from your local store. This tool is easy to use and it’s also reusable.

Step 1: Fill your spray bottle with water. You can either use a fabric softener or soapy water.

Step 2: Spray the desired area of your car seat, just sprinkle a little bit.

Step 3: Rub the squeegee from top to bottom against the seats in a single direction to remove the hair.

Step 4: To avoid reattaching the hair on the seats, wipe the hair follicles off the squeegee after every wipe. Repeat the process until you achieve the desired results.


  • Always move from top to bottom in a single direction to make your squeegee more effective. Moving in a single direction ensures the rubber blade catches all the hair follicles.

10. Use a Wire Brush

This handy tool is great for removing ingrained stubborn dog hair from your car. Most people love the wire brush because it extracts all the stubborn hair that’s hard to get.

This technique is highly recommended for retrieving the unseen dog hair that just won’t budge. You can choose to use this technique as the final step of your dog hair cleaning process.

Step 1:  Run the wire brush along the affected area until the desired results are achieved.



  • For excellent results use a vacuum cleaner or a rubber glove first. After your first process of cleaning, use the wire brush as the final step. Concentrate on tight areas to retrieve all the hidden traces of dog hair.

11. Use Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets can also be useful when it comes to removing dog hair from your car seats.  A fresh dryer sheet removes dog hair by reducing the static bond between the car seat and the hair. This process of an unused dryer sheet doesn’t require water or any solution.

Step 1:   Take your dryer sheet and run it along your car seats to pick up the embedded hair.


  • Always use unused dryer sheets.


There are other alternative ways to help you lessen dog hair left behind on your seats. Consider investing in a good car seat cover, a crate or a comfortable pet travel carrier. Dog grooming before stepping into the car is also an excellent prevention technique.

How to Prevent Dog Hair in your Car

There are other alternative ways to help you lessen dog hair left behind on your seats. Here are three best techniques to prevent dog hair in your car…

  • Consider investing in a good car seat cover. A blanket or a towel could also be used if you want an affordable choice. The best thing about this prevention technique is that the car seat cover can easily be removed and cleaned.
  • Get a crate or a comfortable pet travel carrier for your dog. Remember to secure the crate or carrier with a safety belt to prevent your dog from rolling.
  • Groom your dog before stepping into the car. Brushing your dog will remove all the loose hair. This technique reduces the shedding of hair. Purchase the right type of brush depending on your dog’s coat type. The right type of brush for your dog will help you collect all the loose hair on your dog.

Related Questions

Q: What is the best way to get out dog hair from my car seats?

A: A handled vacuum cleaner with small rubber bristles is. If you can’t afford a vacuum cleaner, use packing tape.

Q: How can I manage dog hair shedding on my car seat?

A: Give your dog thorough grooming before take him or her on a car ride. Brushing your dog helps to remove the loose hair.

Q: How do you protect your car from dog hair?

A: Invest in a good seat cover. You can also choose to get a comfortable crate or a dog travel carrier.  You can also use an old towel or blanket instead of a seat cover.

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