It amazes me to see how some people live in the oblivion and believe that washing their mattress cover once a week is enough to get rid of dust mites (see 24 ways). Whether you have germaphobe or not, removing dust, germs, and pet danders from every nook and cranny of your home is important to make your home free of allergens.

I hate to scare you but the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences has clearly mentioned that dust mites thrive not just on mattresses but on the carpet, upholstered furniture, curtains and almost anywhere you can imagine.

If you haven’t heard of dust mites before then they are microorganisms related to the ticks and spiders family. They can stay alive for one month and lay over 20 eggs during their life span. They feed on the dead skins we shed, pet danders, hair, and so on. On average, a bed may have about 10,000 to 2,000,000 dust mites!

If that raises an alarm and makes you want to finally do something to get rid of all that allergy-causing organisms at your home, it’s time to look for a powerful dust mite vacuum.  This brings me to Dyson, a brand that has earned a reputation for producing some of the most efficient and powerful vacuums.

In this unbiased Dyson dust mite vacuum review, I will talk about some of the best models from the company that can help you get rid of dust mites.

#1. Dyson V6 Mattress Handheld Vacuum – Cordless

The mattress you and your loved ones sleep on for over 6-8 hours daily is covered with allergens you can’t see and they trigger a plethora of allergies. Fortunately, there are machines designed to get rid of those microscopic germs and the first product we will talk about is the Dyson V6 Mattress Handheld Vacuum (see Amazon). This is a cordless, battery-powered vacuum cleaner that has a specialty – cleaning beds.

Design and build

The Dyson V6 comes with a powerful suction capacity and an array of attachments to remove the microscopic allergens and give you a healthy home. If you look at the design, it almost looks like a robotic gun from the future and the top part is similar in design to the Dyson DC59 Animal.

The vacuum is made of mainly white plastic material with turquoise shades. There is a gun-like drum dust receptacle that sucks all the dust and dirt within it. The device has 15 cyclones that are arranged in two tiers that work in tandem to increase the airflow and suck fine dust.

It also comes with a removable, washable HEPA filter in the middle to help you get dust free air. There is also a large turquoise chamber inside the dust compartment to capture the dust and microscopic critters inside.

Performance and use

The machine is easy to operate by simply pulling the trigger and you can increase the suction power by pressing the ‘max’ button. However, let me warn you that the battery will die out quickly if you use the max power. The package comes with four different attachments – a soft brush for keyboards, accessory tools, and a crevice tool.

The most useful feature is the motorized mattress tool that comes with stiff nylon bristles capable of sucking the most stubborn skin flakes and dust mites. Performance-wise, this machine works as promised and you can actually see all that gray captives and clumps of dust trapped inside the container.

Battery life

Coming to the battery life of the Dyson V6, it claims to last for 20 minutes in average mode and 16 minutes when attached with the motorized mattress tool. If you run the device on maximum power (100 air watts), the battery life significantly drops to 6 minutes, which is a bit disappointing but you can get rid of a lot of dust and allergens.

The device takes about three and a half hours to charge completely. As this is a cordless device, you can’t work with the adapter plugged in so you will have to deal with the battery life issues.


  • Powerful and effective suction with 15 different cyclones
  • Comes with a good set of accessories
  • The design looks great and you can see the accumulated dust
  • Really lightweight so you can work without any pressure on your hands
  • Easy to operate and empty the dust bin


  • Short battery life, 6 mins falls short for King mattresses
  • Slightly on the expensive side


Although the Dyson V6 Mattress Handheld Vacuum is expensive than other competitor products, we feel that it’s amazing suction capacity and power tools make it a winner. We just wish the battery life for maximum mode could be improved. Otherwise a great product!

#2. Dyson V6 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

If you liked the cordless and handheld Dyson V6, with the Dyson V6 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner (see price on Amazon), the company has upped the game and given something to rave about. The name itself suggests that this is an absolute device that includes all the strengths of its cousin device and much more. It comes with improved dust filtration and an assortment of accessories to successfully complete almost any vacuuming task.

Design and Build

The Dyson V6 Absolute has a kind of sex appeal if at all vacuum cleaners can be sexy. It looks like the avant-garde engine of a fast sports car with the motor attached to a hose. It also slightly resembles a ray gun, which adds more drama to the device. The external design is almost similar to the other models from this company – it is powerful, practical, and sleek.

The vacuum cleaner is significantly lightweight at just 2.3 kg and it comes attached with a handle which makes it easier to move around the corners of the house. Besides the ergonomic features of the device, it is also easy to set up, clean, and store after use.

The device comes packed with an array of accessories such as a wall-mounted docking station, 0.4-liter dustbin, additional exhaust filter, motorized mini turbo brush head, nozzle/ dusting brush, and long crevice tool.

Performance and use

The Dyson V6 Absolute is capable of sucking a lot of dust in the standard mode and the max power mode works best for removing fine dust and allergens from the hard floor, carpets, staircase and so on. It comes with an extension tube that enables you to reach out to the difficult to reach spider webs and dust.

The Absolute is based on the same cleaning mechanism as the previous models by Dyson and the motor spins at 110,000 rpm. There are about 15 cyclones and the suction power of the motor can reach a maximum of 100 watts, which is really good. The carbon bristles do a fantastic job at sucking out dust from the hard floor and carpet.

Battery life

Just like all other models in the V6 series, the Absolute also comes with a built-in single battery that makes it lightweight and reduces the pressure on your hands. The manufacturer claims that you get 20 minutes of standard run time, which reduces to 14 minutes if you use the accessories. On maximum power, the machine is doubly efficient but the battery lasts for only 6 minutes.

After one run time, the device needs to be charged for three and a half hours to get a full charge. We feel that as long as it lasts, it is enough to clean the critical areas of the house unless you want to do some deep cleaning.


  • This is a beautifully designed device
  • It has a brilliant suction capacity
  • Easy to operate for anyone
  • Soft roller cleaning tool works well on hardwood floors
  • Comes with a lot of useful accessories
  • The handle can be used to clean around corners and also inside the car


  • Not suitable for large homes
  • The battery lasts for only 6 minutes on max power
  • Pet hair sticks and flings large particles
  • Expensive than competitor products


If you have a thing for beautiful devices, this one will surely steal your heart. Apart from the gorgeous design, the Dyson V6 Absolute also delivers an outstanding performance. We would recommend this device for small homes.

#3. Dyson V6 Trigger – Cordless

If you want more power in your hands, consider your wish granted by one of the most powerful vacuum makers in the world – the Dyson. Their Dyson V6 Trigger claims to have three times the suction power you can find in any other handheld devices. So, get ready to kill all those dust mites and suck out the allergen with triple the power. That’s all about the manufacturer’s claims. Let’s take a look at how this device looks and performs in real life.

Design and build

The Dyson V6 Trigger battery powered handheld vacuum is the signature device of the Dyson brand and it boasts a design that does justice to it. The device features a modern trigger-style handle that makes it easier to hold it. The main nozzle attached to the device is thin and long and you may increase the suction power for the more tough jobs.

The colors used in the V6 models vary widely, and this signature vacuum cleaner combines gunmetal gray with gorgeous purple accents. The purple color is mainly used to highlight the filtration system and suction areas. The product comes with an assortment of accessory tools such as brushes and crevices that let you clean every area of the house and even the car interiors.

Performance and use

The cleaning technology is the same used in other Dyson models. There are two tiers of radial cyclones and they use the power of centrifuge to provide suction and filter out the smaller particles. Powered by the digital motor, the device’s suction capacity is three times more than any other conventional motor.

The 15 cyclones are spread across the two tiers to manage the airflow according to the area being treated and capture the finest dust particles. It can also be used to clean the car interiors including the upholstery, footwells, and beneath the car seats. However, several tests have shown that the vacuum falls short when it comes to cleaning carpet area, and tight areas of the car.

Battery life

The Dyson V6 Trigger comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that can be fully charged in about 3 hours, however, the run time is not that long. It lasts for about 20 minutes on standard mode and when you use the maximum mode, it runs only for 6 minutes. The good news is that if your device is under the 2 year warranty period and the battery dies, the company will replace it free of cost.

Although this small handheld vacuum looks really cool and the manufacturer makes great claims about the suction capacity, it falls short in terms of battery life.


  • Easy to operate, handheld device
  • Attractive build and design
  • Powerful motor and good suction capacity
  • Great customer care and 2 years warranty


  • Mediocre cleaning performance
  • Too expensive
  • Limited accessories


With the Dyson V6 Trigger, users get more power in their hands but alas, the battery life falls short in allowing them to utilize the power to the fullest. Besides cleaning your home, it may also be used to clean your car interiors. All in all a good product if you are looking for a product that does regular cleaning better than the rest.

#4. Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

According to the market experts, Dyson Cyclone V10(see Amazon) is one of the best vacuum the company has designed and manufactured till date. It is the perfect blend of smart engineering with aesthetic design to deliver a world-class product that matches your day to day requirements. Dyson has been a market leader in terms of design, portability, and performance. With the Dyson Cyclone V10, the company has taken its expertise to the next level. Let’s take a look at the different features, pros, and cons of the product.

Design and build

Apart from the technological advancements of Dyson Cyclone V10, it also sports a number of other improvements. Firstly, the different sections are positioned in a completely different manner than the previous V-series models.  The V10 digital motor that sits behind the barrel is the smartest and the smallest motor that the company has designed.

The motor is so smart that it can easily detect the other variables such as temperature and air pressure to adjust as per the increased efficiency. According to the manufacturing company, it can even tell the difference between table and floor.

Performance and use

The device is powered by a new digital motor with 14 cyclone array that can even the finest dust in a jiffy. The Soft Roller Cleaner Head is one of the most useful tools that come with the product and you may use it to clean the bigger pieces such as cat litter, pet kibble, cereal, and so on. Some of the other notable attachments are Mini Motorized Tool, which works great for removing dust from upholstery and stairs.

The pointed Rigid Crevice Tool does a good job at vacuum cleaning deeply around the corners and crevices and the extendable hose makes it possible to reach the difficult areas for cleaning. This comes handy when you need to clean in the confined spaces such as the interiors of a car. However, pieces of debris like wrappers and tissue papers can cause the V10 to jam up and it can be only unclogged by removing the obstruction.

Battery life

When used on medium power, the Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute gives about 30 minutes of continuous use and in most cases, you will be using this mode. The medium power offers incredible suction capacity and is good enough for small cleaning tasks. When used on maximum power, it usually lasts for only 5-6 minutes before the battery drains out.

The maximum mode is reserved for the special occasions when you need to get rid of the stubborn dirt trapped in the rugs or carpet. The improved battery means it can charge pretty quickly and takes about 3.5 hours for the battery to charge fully.


  • Advanced design, better than previous models
  • Incredible attachments and power tools to improve performance
  • Money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied
  • Powerful suction on maximum mode
  • Improved battery life that lasts for long


  • Maximum setting drains the battery fast
  • Paper and tissue cause jam


This vacuum cleaner is called the best product from the Dyson stable for a reason. It indeed excels in terms of design and performance. The lightweight makes it a highly portable device. All in all, a great investment!

Related Questions

How long should a Dyson last?

Some Dyson vacuums last as long as 10 years. However, you must take good care of your device if you really want it to last that long. Regular maintenance and careful use are essential to ensure that the vacuums last for long. Make sure you clean the machine after use and wash the filter frequently.

Why did my Dyson machine stop working?

If your vacuum cleaner stops working in between, this is probably due to the built-in safety system that shuts down automatically when the machine starts to overheat. Let the machine cool down completely for an hour and then start again.

What is the standard guarantee period for Dyson?

Most of the Dyson vacuum cleaners are warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for about a period of 5 years from the date of purchase. According to the clause in the Dyson Owner’s Manual, this again applies only when the product is bought for private household purposes.

Is it possible to use a Dyson vacuum with drywall dust?

The problem arises when fine dust clogs inside the vacuum. If you have a high-end device, the HEPA filter may get clogged and put pressure on the motor. I would suggest that you stick with the fine dust bag that comes with the product and wear a dust mask during the cleaning tasks.

Is the Dyson V6 battery replaceable?

One of the biggest advantages of Dyson vacuums is that they are so easy to use. If the battery needs to be removed at any point, you just need to undo the two screws that hold the cover in place.

How long does a Dyson battery last?

For most of the models mentioned above, it takes about 3 to 3.5 hours to fully charge. With a fully charged battery, it can last for 20 minutes on standard or medium mode, and only for about 6 minutes on maximum mode.
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