Having a love for beer and having a passion for brewing beer at home are two different things. If you wish to take things forward and brew your own beer at home then you will need some equipment to get started.

I always follow a principle that says ‘If you choose to do something, make sure you do it the damn best way’. So, choosing the best beer brewing equipment kit from the house of Bayou Classic is a wise step. However, users often get confused among the two most popular models – kab4 and kab6.

Having a high-quality broiler in your home brewing setting will not only make the things look better and also impact the flavor of the end product. There’s nothing worse than working so hard and then ending up with a bad tasting beer because of cheap equipment.

A good quality boiler helps you by improving heat distribution evenly throughout and also boiling more quickly. You will also be able to brew more quantities of beer than you can imagine doing on a stovetop.

Difference Between Bayou Classic kab4 And kab6

When looking for the best boilers, one of the names that stand tall is Bayou Classic, and both their products kab4 And kab6 look almost similar at first glance. However, when you dig deeper, you realize there’s a lot of difference between the two.

In this post, we will review both these models, but before that let’s take a walkthrough of the differences between them.

Product Material Max Capacity Size BTU Output Regulator
KAB6Cast Iron 162 quarts 22” 210000 30 PSI
KAB4Cast Iron 100 quarts 16” 210000 30 PSI

Material and Build

The most important point of consideration when reviewing any boiler is the material that it is made from. Most of the boilers in the market are made from stainless steel or cast iron, and both these are reliable options.

In terms of materials, there is no difference because both KAB4 and the KAB6 are made of cast iron, high quality, and extremely durable material that holds heat good enough. The downside about cast iron is that the material can rust if left outdoors without any cover.

If you have your brew set up outside, make sure you bring the boiler inside after you are done or protect it from outside elements by covering well.

Consistency and Ease of Adjustment

Setting the right temperatures and maintaining a uniform temperature throughout is extremely important to get that perfect flavor. You should be able to control the temperature in the boiler and also make the necessary adjustments to achieve the peak.

After you have adjusted the temperature, you should be able to maintain it consistently until the result is achieved. When we checked the temperature settings for both KAB4 and the KAB6, we found that they come with a 30 Psi regulator that can be safely adjusted.

When the stove starts burning, the cast iron frame and regulator make sure that the consistent temperature and heat are maintained to deliver accurate brewing results. Both the burners come with an enclosed flame that ensures only minimal heat is lost with optimum consistency of temperature.

Thus, even in the ease of adjustment and consistency, both the KAB4 and the KAB6 deliver the same performance.

BTU Output

To homebrew, you need a unit that has a fairly high BTU output to allow the boiler to achieve the required temperature for brewing. Upon review, we found that both the KAB4 and the KAB6 models feature a maximum BTU output of 210,000. As a result, they are capable of burning really hot.

Thus, there is not much difference even in the case of BTU output. Most importantly, despite the high output, both the units do not make too much noise.


Until now, we have noticed that both the KAB4 and the KAB6 have almost the same features, capacity, and performance, so what makes them different and why does the price also vary? Well, the answer lies in the size of both these products.

The size of the pot is important in determining how much each one can hold and boil at any given time. The KAB4 model features 16 inches cooking surface, which can hold a maximum of 100 quarts or 113 liters in total quantity.

The KAB6 model features a 22 inches surface that is easily capable of supporting a maximum of 162 quartz size. Due to this dimension difference, the KAB4 also feels much lighter.

So, if you plan to brew a large quantity of beer then KAB6 is more suitable for your needs.  Many homebrewers find KAB6 too big for their needs and feel that the KAB4 suits better.


Yes, this is another big and probably the second most important point of difference between the two models. Whether you choose the KAB4 or KAB6, you would want to make sure that you put your money in the right place.

When the prices are compared, the KAB6 turns out to be slightly pricier (approximately 15% more expensive) than the KAB4. So, where does this price difference comes from?

As discussed above, the features and capabilities of both models are relatively similar and modest; however, they differ in the technical specifications. The pot dimensions impact the pricing, and it’s worth it too. Let’s into the individual reviews:

#1. Bayou Classic KAB6 Bayou Cooker with Hose Guard

The Bayou Classic KAB6 comes with a 30-psi regulator that allows users to have a wide range of flame control ranging from a bare simmer to a full blast flame. Homebrewers prefer the 10-inch cast-iron burner as it prevents the natural sugars to scorch at the bottom of stockpots.

The cooker includes a 22-In wide frame with double vertical thick steel bars that provide a stable platform for cooking with stockpots worth 160-qt capacity. It also includes a 48 inches LPG hose that increases the distance of the propane tank. The stainless hose and hose guard also offer an extra layer of protection from heat and flame.

What we like:

  • Compact size offers more portability
  • Comes with a heat resistant paint
  • Includes a 360° Windscreen Protection
  • Burner puts out a significant amount of heat
  • Very solid construction
  • Capable of brewing more quantity

What we don’t like:

  • The pan supports are too high above the flame
  • Takes some time to put together

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#2. Bayou Classic KAB4 High-Pressure Banjo Cooker

Most homebrewers prefer the Bayou Classic KAB4 (show now) over other products in the market for its solid construction and make. It has some of the most robust cast iron burners available in the market. The burner is almost the same as you can find in the KAB4 outdoor propane burner.

As the burner is capable of producing nice and crisp fame with 210,000 BTUs output, users require a 20 PSI regulator to go with it. We are impressed to know that the burner can also provide infrared cooking at low settings and inferno flames at high settings. With its broad flame and flame control, it works best for batch cooking.

What we like:

  • Works good for average home brewers
  • Enables a wide range of flame control
  • Strength, safe and versatile function
  • Gives you a nice and crisp flame

What we don’t like:

  • User manual does not help much for trouble shooting

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Final Verdict: KAB4 vs KAB6

It’s hard to draw a difference between the two as both the burners are incredible in terms of performance, and they share a good reputation among homebrewers and outdoor cook enthusiasts.

We would recommend the lighter and slightly pricey KAB4 (See Amazon) for the average home brewers for better value. Those who wish to brew a large quantity at once should select the KAB6 that has a higher boiling capacity.

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