Do your dishes come out unclean with white streaks of soapy residue? Please don’t jump into conclusions and blame your Samsung dishwasher yet because the culprit could be someone else. The detergent you are using may not be perfectly compatible with your appliance. It may be the reason for your dishes coming out dingy instead of dazzling.

To get sparkling clean and good smelling dishes, you must ensure that you use only the best dishwasher detergent for Samsung. These products are specially formulated to be compatible with your dishwasher and cut the toughest stains. Some products just work better with certain appliances.

When buying a detergent, you will need to consider several factors such as ingredients, flavors, performance and so on. You don’t need to worry because we have taken the stress out of your buying decision. Read on to find our top handpicked dishwasher detergents that are formulated to work with your Samsung machine.

After reviewing several products, we feel that the Finish – Quantum – Dishwasher Detergent (learn more) is the best bet as they produce the cleanest dishes. The tablets contain the power of a pre-treating solution, bacteria-killing bleach, degreasing agent and rinse-aid. They are capable of removing baked-on food and prevent spots/ streaks.

Features Cascade Platinum PlusKirkland SignatureMember’s Mark AutomaticCascade Dishwasher PodsFinish – Quantum
Quantity 70 Count 115 105 78 82
Scent Lemon Scent Lemon Citrus Scent Fresh Scent Fresh Scent Fresh Scent
Type ActionPacs Automatic Pacs Automatic Pacs ActionPacs Tabs
Ingredients 3 cleaning agents NA NA 3 cleaning agents 3 cleaning agents

1. Cascade Platinum Plus Dishwasher Pods, Actionpacs Dishwasher Detergent

The Cascade Platinum Plus is a unique and potent formula that includes power boosters to make your dishes come out sparkling like new. It boasts a powerful grease-fighting agent that can remove the toughest stains and burnt marks, without the need of pre-wash. The detergent lifts, dissolves, and rinses away food like magic.

The Cascade detergent performs well in both soft water and hard water. It leaves a refreshing lemon scent on the dishes and the dishwasher also smells really nice. We were also impressed to see that the dishwasher looked clean after use. Ingredients include Sodium Carbonate, Enzymes, and Nonionic Surfactants.

Product features and specifications

  • Contains power boosters
  • No pre-wash
  • Re-sealable bag
  • Removes burnt food
  • Works in both hard water and soft water
  • Made in the USA

Users/ Customers review

Many users are happy with the cleaning performance of the detergent and they have mentioned that dishes come out really clean. However, a common issue pointed out by several customers is that the detergent has a strong and overpowering smell that lingers on the dishes. Besides the scent, a few users have said that it also lends flavor/ taste to water filled in a glass washed in this detergent.


The Cascade Platinum Plus (learn more) is no doubt a very powerful cleaning agent that does its job diligently. However, the biggest disadvantage is that it is heavily perfumed and many people may find this repulsive. We feel the product is not suitable for all, but nevertheless it’s a good detergent for Samsung dishwashers.

2. Kirkland Signature Automatic Dishwasher Detergent

Love cooking lavish dinners and hosting parties for friends? Leave the dirty part to Kirkland dishwasher that works wonders on tough stains, grease, eggs, and wine, so that dishes come out sparkling clean. We were impressed to find that the dishes had no streaks, residue marks, or food leftovers, some of the common complain faced by dishwasher owners.

The new improved formula of Kirkland Signature detergent does an amazing job, without the need for pre-rinse. It leaves behind a nice and refreshing lemon citrus scent in the dishwasher. The product also includes Dishwasher Pacs and a Gain Scrubbie.

Product features and specifications

  • Weighs 68.7 oz
  • 115 dishwasher pacs
  • No Pre-Rinse Required
  • Lemon Citrus Scent
  • New improved formula

Users/ Customers review

Those who have bought the dishwasher are pleased with the results as the dishes come out without any film and also takes less time to clean as no pre-rinse is needed. A few users have cautioned about the strong smell that stays on the dishes and needs several rinses to remove.


 The Kirkland Signature Automatic Dishwasher Detergent has all that it needs to be the best dishwasher detergent for Samsung. However, our team found that although it delivers a good performance, the overpowering smell may not be appreciated by all.

3. Member’s Mark Ultimate Clean Automatic Dishwasher Pacs

If you are looking for a dishwasher that performs as good as expensive products without compromising on the quality then check out the Member’s Mark Ultimate Clean Automatic Dishwasher Pacs. This new and improved formula eliminates the need for doing a pre-rinse of dishes and removes most of the stuck-on food residue.

The large quantity makes the dishwasher more economical and the plastic re-sealable container is pretty convenient to use. It leaves behind a faint smell on the dishwasher and the utensils, without overpowering your senses.

Products features and specifications

  • Single-dose detergent
  • Weighs 1.89 kg
  • 105 count
  • Powerful formula
  • Cleans dried food
  • Crystal-clear rinsing action
  • No pre-wash needed

User/ customer reviews

People are happy to find a product that is affordable, lasts longer, and does a good job of cleaning all types of utensils. Users have mentioned that glasses come out clean and without any dirty film over the surface. Besides the price, customers are also happy that the detergent only has a faint refreshing smell.


If you want the dishwasher detergent to do its job well without leaving behind a strong flavor or scent then buy the Member’s Mark Ultimate Clean detergent. Overall, we love how the dirty dishes come out looking clean and smelling really nice.

4. Cascade Complete Dishwasher Pods

We found that Cascade Complete Dishwasher Pods is the #1 recommended Brand for a dishwasher in North America. Hence, we were curious to find out what separates it from the rest. After looking at the performance we were convinced that this detergent not only cleans stuck-on messes and leaves a fresh scent, but also lends a brilliant shine to the dishes, thanks to the rinse aid action.

Cascade Actionpacs dishwasher detergent comes with the grease-fighting effect of Dawn. It removes all types of residues without the need of pre-wash. It works like your new shortcut to save time while cleaning without compromising on the performance. It contains Sodium Silicate, Sodium Carbonate, and Enzymes.

Product features and specifications

  • Weight 1.16 kg (40.9 oz)
  • Fresh Scent
  • 78 Count
  • Grease-fighting power
  • Removes limescale buildup
  • No streaks or spots
  • No prewash needed
  • Phosphate Free
  • Dissolves quickly

User/ customer reviews

Those who have used the product have said that the end result is much better than other brands and it cleans even the dishes with dried food residue. Most people agree that it has a strong smell, while some find it overpowering and not completely soluble. The pods were slightly damaged in shipping, which caused disappointment for a few customers.


Cascade is undoubtedly a wonderful dishwasher detergent brand and this product delivers a superb cleaning performance. If you don’t mind the smell, this product can give you freedom from worrying about the dirty dishes. Although slightly more expensive than other competitor brands, users get a good value for money.

5. Finish – Quantum – Dishwasher Detergent

Finish – Quantum makes you see the difference between ‘clean’ and so clean that it practically shines. We are happy that this dishwasher detergent gives us sparkling dishes without the need for pre-soaking or pre-rinsing. It contains three separate fast-dissolving chambers that bring you the power of three into one – powder, gel, and liquid Powerball.

While the powder gives scrubbing power to remove stuck-on food, gel helps in cutting down toughest stains, and liquid Powerball makes your dishes shine like new. We were impressed to discover that the 3 chamber tab delivers the power for overnight soaking and good scrubbing even on dried food. The advanced detergent powder with bleach action helps in combating the toughest stains of tea and coffee.

Product features and specifications

  • 36.1 oz
  • 3 separate chambers
  • Liquid, Powder, and Gel
  • 82 Count
  • Recommended by brands
  • Dishwashing Tablets
  • Pre-measured pod

User/ Customer reviews

There are mixed reviews for this product. While some people are happy with the end results and feel that the dishes come out really clean, there are others who are not impressed. A few customers have cautioned about the gritty texture they leave behind and the overpowering chemical smell which slowly subdues after some time.


Despite the mixed reviews, we feel that the Finish – Quantum – Dishwasher Detergent has in it to be called the best dishwasher detergent for Samsung and other brands. Our team also came to know that the brand continuously works on improving the product to deliver something better for the customers. We recommend this product to all.

Things To Look For In The Best Dishwasher Detergent

Types of detergent

When you are looking for a detergent dishwasher, you will need to choose from three different types – a powder, gel, pods/ tablets. the powder is the least expensive choice but they may not be enough for deep cleaning. Gels are less abrasive in nature than powders but they may lack certain active ingredients. Pods and tablets have a unique formula that works well but they are an expensive option.


The price is an important factor to consider when buying dishwasher detergent, and this is highly dependent on how often you plan to use your dishwasher. If you clean a few times per week, consider buying a good quality detergent as you may have dried food stuck on the dishes. If you use the dishwasher daily, consider buying in bulk amount and calculate the price in your monthly household expenses.

Packaging and safety concerns

In recent times, detergent packaging has been a cause of concern for many households. While some detergents come packed in tamper-resistant and child-safe packaging, there are others that don’t have these features. Hence, it is important to keep these products out of the reach of kids and pets.

Specific cleaning needs

To determine what type of detergent you should buy, first consider your specific cleaning needs. What do you wish to clean often – dishes, glasses, silverware, and dishwasher-safe containers? You may need to wash them separately and some detergents are more suited for specific utensils. If you use all types, you may want to buy an all-purpose cleaner.

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Related Questions

Which detergent format works best – liquid, powder, or pods/ tablets?

The best detergent contains two active ingredients – enzymes and bleach. The enzymes do the job of dissolving dried food and grease on the dishes, while bleach cuts tough stains. The pods/ tablets contain both these ingredients in reasonable quantities to deliver a great cleaning performance.

What’s the right method of using pods/ tablets?

The tablets come wrapped in a thin film to protect the user’s fingers from the chemicals. Just put the tablet in the compartment and hot water will dissolve the cover. Similarly, the pods also contain concentrated liquid, hence they should never be pierced.

Is pre-rinsing dishes recommended?

We recommend not to pre-rinse your dishes for two reasons. First, the advanced dishwashers are designed with sensors that determine how dirty your dishes are. If you over clean them, this will result in a comparatively shorter cleaning cycle. Secondly, most of the modern pods/ tablets contain enzymes that get activated only when they encounter organic material. So, over rinsing will mean that the enzymes don’t get activated fully. 

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