No matter how careful everyone is, there will always be dust and dirt that gets in the house. You can have all your guests and family members remove their shoes before they go inside, but somehow, the dirt always finds a way into your home. One fantastic method to minimize the times you have to sweep or vacuum is by using mats.

A rugged porch mat is incredible for catching mud clumps and small pebbles. A few scuffs across the mat will disentangle twigs, mulch, and plant matter. If you have a home garden, then a place to clean your feet before heading inside is essential.

Many people choose welcome mats for the front entrance. These decorative pieces are functional and invite guests to knock on the door. When the weather is bad, then having a rug that will stay secure is important too.

If you just want to pick a rug for your porch now, then try the Kempf Natural Coco Doormats (learn more). This plain doormat will hold up to years of outdoor use. This mat stays in place and uses natural materials to get the grime and debris out of your shoe tread.

Quick Guide for Comparing Door Mats for Trapping Dirt and Debris

A1 Home CollectionsRockport Rope DoormatsKempf Natural Coco DoormatsEntryways One DaisyEntryways Wicked Witch
Size48 x 30 x 1 inches 10 pounds24 x 30 x 1 inches 3.34 lb.18 x 30 x 1 inches 4.3 poundsW 17″ / D 28″ / H 0.75″ / 5 lb.30 x 18 x 0.75 inches 4 pounds
DesignHalf circleBraidedPlainTwo-tone green rectangle with a central daisyOrange patterned rectangle with a witch costume and hat sticking off the top
MaterialRubber, CoirUV stabilized Polyolefin100% coconut fiberOrganic coconut fibers with a PVC backingcoir
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1. A1 Home Collections Welcome Mat – Best Luxury Mat

When your home has to have a certain atmosphere, then the right door mat can set the tone. An elegant design and timeless color scheme invite guests to knock on your door. The A1 mat is one-inch thick, making it long-lasting. It will withstand tons of traffic.

Product features and perks

  • Exterior rug
  • Modern design and shape
  • Completely natural top with a rubber backing for strength and waterproofing
  • Coconut fibers remove small and large debris
  • Year-long use
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Fits large and small entrances because of the wide size
  • Windproof


  • Must use under a covered porch
  • Cannot put in direct light
  • Avoid full rain exposure


We like this mat because it is so ornate and thick. The rug material is rough enough to clean out boot treads. The rubber bottom keeps the mat tightly in place. We think the A1 Home Collections mat is an excellent item to use all year long. It holds tightly in place in all weather, and the thick material holds up to the elements and traffic.

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2. Rockport Rope Mat – Best for Removing Large Debris and Mud

If you live or work on a farm or go trekking a lot, then you know how easy it is to track mud, straw, twigs, foliage, and other debris in your home. A mat that features a tough texture that will get through thick soles is crucial for keeping harmful materials off of your interior surfaces. Hardwood floors can easily scar when you have a pebble caught in the tread of your work boots.

Product features and perks

  • Brown color hides stains and dirt
  • UV safe materials
  • American product
  • Braiding resists fraying and tearing
  • Wash and dry to clean
  • Acceptable for indoor use in kitchens, bathrooms, entrances, laundry areas, and porches


  • Does not contain a non-slip coating
  • Synthetic materials


We appreciate the absorbent qualities of this floor mat. The rug is durable with a timeless design. The ability to toss the Rockport Rope Door Mat in the washer and hang it out in the sun or dry it for a few minutes is appealing.

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3. Kempf Natural Coco Doormats – Best Heavy Traffic Mat

Are you an avid outdoors person? When you have RV’s, boats, and cabins in the woods, then you want a rug that will keep the pine needles, leaves, and twigs outside. The Kempf Natural Coco Doormats is stylish while offering dirt-hiding qualities. You can use this mat at home or when you travel.

Product features and perks

  • Resists Sun damage like fading and cracking
  • Heavy-duty fibers for tough dirt removal
  • Appealing, non-slip design
  • Floor Protection


  • Thinner than some models on this list


When you need a standard door mat to get rid of the dirt from the bottom of your shoes, then this rug is an excellent go-to design. The Kemp natural mat is functional yet thin enough for doors with a lot of weatherstripping.

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4. Entryways One Daisy Mat – Best Non-Fading Rug

Do you have a porch without a roof? If your door is in the elements, then you might appreciate a rug that you can leave in full sun. The Entryways Daisy mat is a pretty rug that will warmly greet your guests.

Product features and perks

  • Waterproof backing
  • Environmentally-friendly top
  • Resists fading
  • Stylish design
  • Appropriate size for standard doors
  • Shake to knock most dirt loose


  • Best in covered areas
  • Only three-quarters-inch thick


We like the Entryways One Daisy for a seasonal rug. While it works in the sun, it is better if you use it on a porch. This rug is durable and uses some eco-friendly materials.

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5. Entryways Wicked Witch – Best Holiday Mat

Do you like to greet guests with a fun and festive mat and door decor? This fun Entryways Witch rug is appealing and functional. You may or may not like the way the hat sticks up on the stoop.

Product features and perks

  • UV resistant material
  • Fun design
  • Handmade
  • 100 coconut husk
  • Decorated by Indian artists


  • Best under an awning
  • Lightest rug


We like this rug because it is so festive. The vibrant colors stay crisp out of direct sunlight. We think the Entryways Wicked Witch doormat is affordable and functional.

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Tips for Choosing the Best Door Mat

While many people think a rug is just a rug, it is the first step to going or being inside your home. How well it cleans off the dirt, and what the mat says are important. If you use the wrong material in icy weather, then your mat might slip. A porous or cloth material wears differently than rubber or vinyl. Here are six things to consider before you spend money.


Is this mat going inside or outside of your home? Perhaps you need a mat for both areas. If you need to get rid of dirt, then a rug in either or both areas is preferable to none. Two is always better than one. The cleaner the rug, the more it will get rid of new debris.


A small rug will only handle so much traffic. Too tiny, and you will be cleaning it all the time. Too big, and it can be cumbersome to wash and recenter. The wrong size might affect whether the mat stays put.


What materials will work best for your mat? If you have a lot of visitors or family, then you may need a product that is durable and thick. For decorative uses, a thinner mat will suffice.

Sliding is not something you want to feel when you step on your rug. If you have a slick paint job on your concrete porch, then some materials can move when wet. Ice can cause other products to crack, wrinkle, or slide away from the entry. Floor cleaners or wax may have negative effects on other items.

Waterproof qualities

How important is your rug? Is it the only defense between your floors and mud or water? Keeping salt and rocks off your floor is critical when you have soft hardwoods like white pine to protect. A waterproof rug might save you thousands of dollars.

Cleaning requirements

How hard or easy is it to clean your floor mat? Rugs that take a long time or a lot of work to clean out may not be your best option. A dirty rug will stop taking debris off from shoes after a while. A product that fits your lifestyle can be a huge help for keeping dirt and dust out of your house.


Why do you want or need a floor mat? Some people want a rug to be decorative and sweet for guests or strangers that visit The holidays are popular times to put out fun, custom items. Others want a durable product that needs little care. Some may want a material that is safe for the environment or uses all-natural, renewable materials.

Top Questions and Answers for Door Mats

How do you clean a door mat

Most mats will come clean with a quick shake or two. If you are using a cloth material, then a vacuum could be the best and fastest solution. Interior rugs are usually the ones that need sweeping. Waterproof outdoor rugs come clean with a quick rinse with the hose.

How do you know what size rug to choose

The standard for rug sizes comes down to around 75 or 80 percent of the size of the entrance. The door mat should cover most of the floor without reaching the edges. It should fit neatly within the frame and stay secure as the person is using it.

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