Who doesn’t like the kitchen to look organized and sorted? No wonder, homemakers have a special corner for hand mixers that come with a storage case to hold the attachments and cords in one place. It not only makes the kitchen countertop look neat but also protects the mixer attachments too.

While there are several manufacturers that offer a snap-on case with hand mixers, not all is durable enough. If you are in the market looking for the best hand mixer with a storage case, expect to feel confused with several options available in front of you.

To ease out the trouble and help you choose the best out of the lot, our review team has spent hours scouring the Internet. We have created a list of some of the top-rated hand mixers that come with a case to help you make a better choice.

Read on to find more details of the hand mixers picked by our team. If you are in a hurry to order when we recommend that you go with our editor’s choice – LILPARTNER Electric Hand Mixer that comes with five stainless steel accessories and a storage box to keep your kitchen sorted.

Product NamesWattageNumber of SpeedsWeightIs Dishwasher Safe
#1. SHARDOR Hand Mixer 350W Power Advantage Electric Handheld Mixers350 W53.3 poundsyesSee Price
#2. Hand Mixer Electric, Cusinaid 5-Speed Hand Mixer250 W53.1 poundsYesSee Price
#3. LILPARTNER Hand Mixer Electric, 400w Ultra Power Kitchen Hand Mixer400 W51.9 poundsyesSee Price

#1. SHARDOR Hand Mixer 350W Power Advantage Electric Handheld Mixers

This electric handheld mixer 350W comes from the house of Shardor, and it includes 5 regular speed and turbo function to enable users to meet their diverse mixing requirements. You can start slow and then speed up using the turbo function for each gear to minimize splashing.

The electric handheld mixer comes with five different attachments including two beaters, two dough hooks, and a whisk that works perfectly for baking and cooking. We love the immense power of the pure, heavy-duty copper motor that boasts peak power of 350 Watts and also has a good heat dissipation system.

The mixer also comes with a compact storage box to store the unit and its attachments when not in use. Taking care of the unit is easy as you just need to wipe it with a soft damp cloth and attachments can be cleaned easily by putting them in the dishwasher.

Product Features

  • Measures 10.63 x 9.61 x 5.08 inches
  • Weighs 3.03 pounds
  • Heavy-Duty Motor
  • 5 Regular Speed
  • Turbo Function
  • One Button Eject Design
  • Compact Storage Case
  • Good Heat Dissipation System

User/ Customer reviews

Most users have said that this is a great hand mixer with a storage case that looks great together and comes in handy to keep the kitchen well-organized. People love how powerful this handheld mixer is and how nicely it gets the job done without demanding a lot of counter space. A few users have warned that the storage case does not seal so you need to be careful.


This is a powerful, well-design, and easy to hold hand mixer that comes with five different speed settings to help you perform various activities with ease. This is an extremely useful kitchen appliance that can be stored away neatly in the storage case when not in use. Overall, we feel that every kitchen deserves a SHARDOR Hand Mixer (see Amazon).

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#2. Hand Mixer Electric, Cusinaid 5-Speed Hand Mixer

This handheld electric mixer by Cusinaid features five variable speeds and comes equipped with a 250W motor capable of blending a variety of food. It comes with 5 different speed options that let you mix, knead, and whisk, plus the turbo setting lets you do more.

We love how conveniently ad safely you can operate the hand mixer using just one hand. It also makes less noise while working so it does not feel disturbing to others. The unique design includes a curved handle and snap-on storage case for user convenience to store the attachments.

The stainless steel construction makes the mixer extremely durable to use, and after using it, the hand mixer can be kept upright on the kitchen counter without taking a lot of space. The attachments are dishwasher friendly, hence easy to clean and maintain after use.  

Product Features

  • Measures 8.3 x 5.9 x 3.9 inches
  • 5 different Speeds
  • 250W motors
  • Five Wider Stainless Steel Dual Beaters
  • One Button Eject Design
  • Curved Handle
  • Fix Stainless Steel Beaters
  • Snap-on Storage Case

User/ Customer reviews

Those who have bought the product have said that it is not as heavy as their earlier handheld mixers, but still feels quite sturdy and does the job with ease. Many people have said that the power and speed are beyond their expectations, and attachments do a great job. A few customers have warned that the beaters fall off while mixing.


This is a powerful handheld mixer that can be used for blending, whisking, and kneading in the kitchen, plus you can keep it upright on the desk when not in use. With a good number of attachments and sturdy storage case to keep the unit, this Cusinaid Hand Mixer Electric is worth the money.

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#3. LILPARTNER Hand Mixer Electric, 400w Ultra Power Kitchen Hand Mixer

The third pick by our team is this LILPARTNER electric handheld mixer (see Amazon) that comes equipped with a powerful 400 w motor. It comes with adjustable 5 different speed settings that allow you to whisk, beat, and knead different types of ingredients without splashing them.

There is a turbo button that uses a three-dimensional blowing technique to boost the efficiency and minimize the blowing time. With just one click, you can pop up the attachments and make the mixer stand upright on the table. It’s also light enough to carry with you wherever you want.

The white and silver exterior looks sophisticated and it beautifully matches the kitchen décor. We are impressed to know that the manufacturer stands behind the product with a lifetime warranty to make your purchase risk-free.

Product Features

  • Measures 9.45 x 8.39 x 4.37 inches
  • Weighs 1.9 pounds
  • Turbo Boost & Automatic Speed
  • Free up troublesome disassembly
  • Stand-Alone Design
  • Max to 400W
  • Made from 304 Stainless Steel

User/ Customer reviews

Many users have said that they are impressed with this light handheld electric mixer that does a lot of job including whisking, mixing, and making cookie dough. Users have said that the appliance has a lot of efficiency and performs very quietly. A few customers have also said that the mixer is easy to store safely in the storage case.


This is a well-built, and gorgeous white handheld mixer that comes with a lot of attachments and a storage case to keep your kitchen well organized. We love the one-button operation, convenient features, and ease of use that make it a good investment for every household. Overall, we highly recommend this unit.

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