Did you know that humidity makes it difficult to sleep? It’s impossible to relax when your room is all hot and sticky.

Moisture in your bedroom can also ruin your clothes, damage your blankets, and create weird smells. It doesn’t matter if the humidity is caused by a poorly-ventilated shower or the weather outside; if it gets into your bedroom, it can cause problems.

That’s why most people who live in humid environments have started using moisture absorbers in their bedrooms. These handy devices suck water out of the air so that you and your belongings can stay nice and dry.

If you’re looking for a simple dehumidifying solution for your bedroom, I’d recommend the VacPlus Dehumidifier Bags. These little packets are easy to hang in your closet and around your room. They also don’t have any noticeable smell, which is a huge plus for this type of product.

DampRid FG91 Easy-Fill SystemCamco DehumidifierVacPlus Dehumidifier BagsPro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier
TypeRefillable ContainerRefillable ContainerDisposable PouchElectric Dehumidifier
Absorbs WithCalcium ChlorideCalcium ChlorideCalcium ChlorideElectric Condensation
Lasts For2 Months4 Months1-2 MonthsIndefinitely

1) DampRid FG91 Easy-Fill System

Damp Rid FG91 DampRid Any Room Moisture Absorber - 3

DampRid moisture absorbers are small white canisters that can be placed on a shelf or in a corner of your room. The upper chamber holds a sealed pack of calcium chloride beads, and the bottom chamber catches any water that gets absorbed.

DampRid canisters (learn more) are made from sturdy plastic and can be reused for months or even years. Drain the water reservoir as soon as it’s full, and replace the beads when they become waterlogged. DampRid canisters are available in multiple sizes for bigger rooms or especially humid environments.

One of the main benefits of DampRid refills is that you never have to touch the beads. Just unwrap a pack, place it in the chamber, and let the absorber do the rest.


  • Ventilated canister is good at regulating moisture
  • Refill packs are convenient and low-mess
  • Comes with three absorbers for your entire room
  • Lasts for up to 2 months at a time

Customer Impressions:

Customers who swear by DampRid love how efficiently the absorbers work. However, other customers have noticed that the DampRid absorber beads have a particularly strong smell. If the water isn’t drained correctly, the canister might start to leak over time.


DampRid is an effective product that works for any room in your home. The Easy-Fill system is convenient and low-mess, and the moisture beads don’t need to be changed for months at a time.

2) Camco Dehumidifier

The lavender scent of a Camco moisture absorber is as instantly recognizable as the pink and white absorbent beads. Camco absorbers are extremely effective and are often used on boats or in other particularly humid environments.

The Camco canister is a simple jar with a removable plastic filter and a bright blue ventilated lid. The filter keeps the beads separate from the water reservoir. When the reservoir is full, just dump the canister, wash off the filter, and add fresh beads to the upper compartment. The ability to clean the inside of the canister helps it last much longer than other brands.


  • Canister is easy to clean and refill
  • Beads are pink and smell like lavender
  • Comes in multiple sizes for different rooms

Customer Impressions:

Customers note that Camco absorbers are incredibly effective and will often fill up more quickly than they expected. If your room is extremely damp, you may want to use multiple canisters or switch to a larger size.


The Camco Dehumidifier (show now) is a solid product with a convenient design. I love that I can add as few or as many beads as I want; it might be a little messier, but it lets me customize the absorption to the humidity in my room.

3) Vacplus Dehumidifier Bags

Vacplus moisture absorbers are small and convenient. Every pack comes with five disposable absorbers. You can set them all out at once, or you can save the extras to use later on.

Vacplus dehumidifier bags (shop now) are small pouches attached to a plastic hanger. The top half of the pouch holds calcium chloride beads, and the bottom half of the pouch acts as a water reservoir. Clear film windows let you check to see how much water has been absorbed. When the packet is full, simply throw it out.

Aside from their convenient design, Vacplus absorbers are popular because they don’t have a noticeable smell. This makes them a great choice for bedrooms and clothes closets.


  • Disposable pouches are convenient and low-mess
  • Clear window lets you see the moisture that’s been absorbed
  • Included hangers are perfect for the closet
  • Absorbent beads have no noticeable smell

Customer Impressions:

Most customers really appreciate that Vacplus absorbers don’t smell like anything. They’ve also commented on the effectiveness of the beads and the convenience of the design. Some customers have complained that the pouches are too small for large bedrooms and extremely wet environments.


I’m really sensitive to smells, so I love that the Vacplus absorbers have a neutral odor. They’re also really easy to place around the room. However, since the packs are meant to be disposable, I recommend keeping an eye on them; if they’re allowed to overfill, they might spring a leak.

4) Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier

If you don’t like using calcium chloride beads, an electric dehumidifier might be more your style. The Pro Breeze Mini works just as well as a moisture absorber and doesn’t ever need to be refilled.

The Pro Breeze Mini is a desktop-sized dehumidifier with a 16-ounce water tank. The Pro Breeze needs to be plugged into work. However, once it’s turned on, it does an amazing job of pulling moisture from the air.

As with an absorber, the Pro Breeze’s water tank needs to be emptied regularly. This can take roughly 4-7 days depending on the humidity in the room. Don’t worry about tracking it; an indicator light turns on when the tank is full.


  • Electric dehumidifier does not require refills
  • Continuously cycles and dries air
  • Small enough to fit on a desk or a bookshelf
  • Indicator light warns when the tank is full

Customer Impressions:

Most people who own a Pro Breeze dehumidifier think it does a good job, and the ever-filling water reservoir is proof. Some customers have complained that their Pro Breeze stopped working after six months. This may be a natural breakdown from the continuous electric current; extend the lifespan by turning the Pro Breeze off when it’s not in use.


The Pro Breeze Mini is a convenient little dehumidifier that barely makes any noise. If you have access to an electrical outlet, switching to an electric absorber might be a good choice for your bedroom.

How to Use a Moisture Absorber

Always read the instructions for your moisture absorber before you open the microbead pouch. Every system uses a different kind of filter and might need to be handled in a certain way to be effective.

What Are Moisture Absorbers For?

A moisture absorber is an item that pulls water from the surrounding air. They’re typically used to reduce the effects of water damage on clothes, books, or furniture.

You can put a moisture absorber in any room that needs dryer air. Absorbers are commonly used in the following locations:

  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Closets
  • Kitchens
  • Basements
  • Sheds

A moisture absorber isn’t a cure-all solution. If you live in Flordia, you’ll still notice the humidity. But if you use your absorbers effectively, you can keep your home and your items safe from mold, rot, and other water-based problems.

How Many Absorbers Do You Need?

Moisture absorbers come in many different shapes and sizes, so it can be hard to guess how many you will need. Most packages will tell you how much space the absorber is expected to cover.

One medium absorber is usually enough for a bathroom or a small bedroom. Larger rooms typically need two or even three absorbers because they have so much open air.

Try placing one or two absorbers in your room, and see how much water they collect. If they fill up right away, you will need more absorbers. If they fill up slowly, you might only need to keep one.

Where to Place Moisture Absorbers

You should always place your absorbers near the area that you want to be dry. Dehumidifiers dry out the nearest air first before pulling moisture from the rest of the room.

For your bedroom, I recommend placing an absorber in your closet, under your bed, and near your favorite sitting area. You can also place absorbers in any spot where you have noticed water droplets. Try putting one near your books, electronics, or anything else that you want to protect.

Absorbers work best when they have good airflow, so make sure the space around them is clear. I generally have better results when I place my absorber on the floor since water tends to fall down after it condenses.

Don’t place your absorber by an open window. It will absorb moisture from outside and won’t do anything for your room.

When to Refill and When to Replace

Moisture absorbers are meant to be disposable. The microbeads will eventually stop holding water; when they reach this point, you need to throw them out and use fresh ones instead.

The absorbed water has to go somewhere, and that’s why dehumidifiers always have a water reservoir. Empty the reservoir as soon as it’s full – you don’t want it to overflow and damage your belongings. Most absorber manufacturers recommend that you change the beads at the same time.

The DampRid and Camco absorbers are both refillable, so you can keep the container after you toss out the beads. Keep an eye on the container; if it starts to feel slimy or starts leaking, you should consider purchasing a replacement.

One of the reasons that I love the Vacplus absorbers is that they’re completely disposable. When the water reservoir pouch is full, you just need to toss the packet and pull out a fresh one.

Related Questions

Are moisture absorbers safe to use?

Most moisture absorbers are made with calcium chloride. Calcium chloride isn’t toxic, but you definitely shouldn’t eat it or leave it out near your pets. If you touch the beads, they might absorb some of the moisture on your skin and cause mild irritation.

How long do moisture absorbers take to work?

You’ll start to see water develop in your dehumidifier’s reservoir after 1-3 days. Expect to feel a difference in the air after the first week or two.

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