Pool skimmers are utilized to ensure water consistency remains level and fully operational for usage. Cleaning and sanitizing a pool can be a rigorous task, which is why most pool owners will turn to specialists to treat their water systems and regulate their pool settings.

While this option might be the best course of action for heightened cleaning and pH consistencies, most budgets won’t allow for the monetary expense that comes with a pool specialist. To better combat narratives of debris, build-up, and animal fur, owners turn to skimmers to treat their pools. Among the most disastrous materials that harm your water, animal fur can be a pain that offers little resistance in terms of build-up.

Scaling through the different skimmer models to locate the consistencies that combat this epidemic is an effective model for increasing consistency from your operating systems and ensuring your water remains safe for usage.

Skimmer Inclusions to Look For

With the many different formats of skimmers on the market, there are a few different tendencies to apply to your search terms. One of the main contributions to this process is deciding between a self-servicing device or a manual model.

Self-servicing model

The self-servicing model will attach to some element of the pool or water system. Most devices attach to the water retrieval and feeder, working directly with the waterway system to ensure removal at the source point of your water flow. This is important because it represents the main beckon of your water consistency.

Some skimmers will graze on the top of your water, suctioning the debris from atop your water. These systems often fail to reach elements at the bottom of your pool, due to the limited amount of suction that these machines produce. It is best to stick clear of these models, as their price point and effectiveness do not contribute to the desired task. Attachment models in the automatic space will represent your best bet if you are searching for a self-servicing model.

Manual Models

The manual models leave a few designations of importance to their design. The application and usage of a manual model will rely mainly on your ability to use it. Most offer ease of handling systems that are built-in to the design formats. Comfort handles, extended rails, and other such handling care is submitted to ensure these models are easy to use.

As you get more extension, the flexibility within the pole also increases. To accurately cover a pool that is as wide as 30 feet, you’ll need about half that amount in extension to apply accurate coverage. If you can avoid extending beyond 15″ in length of the poll, you’ll want to do so. Extending any further represents wasted space and limits the amount of control you have over your manual model.

The netting is also an important design factor of manual models. Most nets will be made up of nylon or mesh materials. Reinforcement of this material will help to combat the main source of your frustration: pet hair and fur.

Reinforcement helps to keep debris entrapped within the net and prevents particles from slipping through the small holes placed within these fabric types. Nylon might be a little more effective than mesh, but it is the reinforcement mechanism that makes the world of difference.

Taking the mouth size of manual models into consideration is another important factor of consideration. The wider the mouth, the harder it becomes to push around the areas of your pool. As the mouth becomes wider or larger, the pressures faced when skimming around the pool exert more effort from the user.

The prime width for mouth considerations should fall anywhere between 12-18 inches. Any larger or smaller will create tendencies of ineffective behaviors. The smaller mouths call for a greater use of physical exertion and take a longer time period when treating your pool. The larger mouths become difficult to operate due to the pressures faced by moving against water and currents, keeping physical exertion at the maximum amount.

These are just a few of the considerations that should be taken when diving into the decision-making process. Each element of a skimmer serves a purpose for dissection, which helps us point to the positives and mentions ways to avoid the negatives.

Additional factors of consideration would be price point, warranty planning, or other such measures of importance that relate to the length of usage the user is looking to claim from their skimmer.

Product Reviews

Below is a listing of carefully selected products that will work most proficiently in combating the build-up of animal fur and hair. Each model holds a review of the product and a list of pros and cons that can be cited to help the consumer place their best foot forward when facing the decision-making process.

1. PoolSkim: Pool Skimmer and Pool Cleaner

The PoolSkim product line is an automatic system that attaches directly to your water line. By sifting through the water returning to your pool, this PoolSkim product creates a suction system that compiles all forms of waste within your water. This system holds a removable, nylon bag that clips to the bottom of the skimmer device. Simply remove the bag and dispose of contents to return to original state of the collection process. Some adaptations may be needed to apply the correct threading system to your water return, so be sure to carefully page through your pool’s owner manual to ensure the proper threading. PoolSkim also sells the attachment pieces that may be needed to comply with different thread sizes.


  • Dimensions – 9 x 9 x 9 in.
  • Weight – 4 Pounds
  • Automatic System
  • Attachment pieces for side mounting
  • Durable materials
  • Easy clip attachments
  • Easy removal and disposal process
  • PoolSkim line of products

Customer/ User reviews

Customers enjoy the automatic nature of this design. Have a self-servicing machine greatly reduces the amount of work that the consumer has to put into the process. The suction of this machine is raved by those who have used it. Most consumers also enjoy the price point for the tendencies and consistencies that this machine delivers.


This sturdy Pool Skimmer and Pool Cleaner does a great job of cleaning the leaves, bugs, dust, dirt and dog hair and keeping water clean. Overall, we feel this is a good investment you make to keep your pool looking nice and safe to use.

2. United States Pool Supply Professional Skimmer

This manual model marks the perfect system for pet hair and fur removal. The fine design of the netting keeps the collection depth at the maximum capacity. The mesh design also keeps the net from ripping, tearing, or getting caught up on different portions of your pool. Extends over a foot in size at the mouth of the net, holding a large collection capacity and a deep mouth. Slight flex allows for easier maneuvering of the net and applies the ultimate amount of control needed to clean the pool proficiently and effectively.


  • 18″ aluminum alloy frame
  • 17.8 x 15.2 x 1.5 inches
  • 8.3 ounces total weight
  • Extensions to meet pool sizes up to 30 ft.
  • Quality materials
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Sturdy build
  • ONE YEAR – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer/ User reviews

Customers enjoy the design work that goes into this model. The sturdy frame stands up to the test of time, placing a value on the money spent for this skimmer. The lightweight materials keep mobility at the top of the of the approval ratings, leaving customers satisfied with how easy this model is to use and navigate with. The different extension sizes seem to meet up the requirements of all pool sizes on the market.


Keeping your pool clean should not be a stressful job and this pool Leaf and dog hair Skimmer promises to reduce the time needed. At this price, you get a well-built and durable cleaning tool that does its job with the utmost efficiency.

3. Bucket Lidz Spa/Pool Skimmer

This Bucket Lidz product is designed with debris removal in mind. This product features a finely woven net that works to collect some of the smallest particles in the removal process. Combating animal fur and hair is an easy task for this model. The mouth is wider than most models within this space, applying nearly 14″ of space. The polycarbonate handle applies for comfort and ease of usage and the triple woven design of the net ensures durability to stand up to the test of time.


  • Triple stitched netting
  • 14.2 x 12.8 x 1.2 inches
  • 15.2 ounces total weight
  • Steel frame
  • Lipped edge for ease of use
  • Made in the USA 3 year warranty included
  • 14″ mouth
  • Polycarbonate handle for easy handling

Customer/ User reviews

Customers enjoy the netting style and the triple stitch design. As a comparison, customers have stated that this model lasts much longer than comparative pieces within this price range. 3 year warranty provides the peace of mind the consumers love and enjoy. The wider mouth makes for easier access around the pool lip, another piece of information and inclusion that sits well with the consumer base who have utilized this product.


The Bucket Lidz Spa/Pool Skimmer (shop now) is a brilliantly made tool money can buy. Overall, we feel this is a wise investment for your swimming pool.

4. ProTuff Pool Silt Net

The ProTuff pool net holds one of the widest mouths on the market for pool skimmers. This skimmer extends nearly 17.5″, marking each swipe as an effective course for hair and particle removal. The 18″ alloy frame remains consistent against pressures, sporting the idea that this model can last the user for a lifetime of uses. The abrasion-resistant net design helps to keep penetrations and snags from damaging the material. The handle extension and removal allows for ease of use for wide coverage of close encounters. Adapts to meet conditions for nearly all pool sizes, marking this model as a great option for all pool owners.


  • Durable frame
  • 17.5″ extension
  • 18″ steel frame
  • Abrasion-resistant net
  • Handle extension
  • Close encounter usage
  • Sizes to meet any pool dimensions
  • Widest mouth on the market
  • Reinforced netting

Customer/ User reviews

Customers love the width of the mouth of this net, being that it represents one of the largest on the market. The price point rests near the middle of the road for consumers, but the material build makes up for the lack of a solid price point. Handles extend to add reach for all pool sizes. The abrasion-resistant net works to keep the consumer working in or around their pool for years without having to worry about their net tearing or ripping. The steel frame also remains durable and standing up to the test of time, yet another high satisfaction rating from the consumer base.


This Heavy Duty Fine Mesh Silt & Sand Swimming Pool Skimmer promises to cleans 3X faster than vacuum. All in all, this is a well-made product designed with the user’s specific needs in the mind.

Related Questions

Do pool skimmers offer warranties?

All of the mentioned products offer some sort of warranty. The typical warranty period is anywhere from 1-5 years. Most companies will require a shipment of the defective/broken product, but others will only require the use of a submission form to apply for replacement.

Can I customize the length on manual skimmers?

Most skimmers come with the ability to lock the pole length in place, adjusting to meet the sizes of many different pools. The models that work within the realms of 15-30 feet in dimension will often suit most pool sizes on the marketplace. Additional hardware can be purchased to create an attachment arm if the netting and skimmer does not come with the built-in ability to extend.


After diving into some of the products placed within the space for pet hair and fur removal, the decision remains in the hand of the consumer whether or not their prefer an automatic or manual model. Each model holds its fair share of advantages, with some of the nets holding designs that combat large and small particles alike.
The main consistency noticed within the mentioned products is that they will perform the job of removing hair and fur from your pool. The removal process is important to ensuring the consistency of your water system and ensuring your operating system is up to par.

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