Fried food is a favorite for many people. However, these products are high in fat and calories. Healthier cooking is better for everyday meals. Plus, no one wants to tie up a big pot to fill it with oil for frying and leave it sitting out. When you need the pan the next time, then you have to dump the oil and wash the pan several times to get it clean enough to use.

A designated fryer is another small appliance you have to find room for on your counters. If you try to store it in the cabinet, then the smell will penetrate the wood and the cupboard will be greasy. How do you get your favorite foods without the hassle? An air fryer is a great alternative to help you get the crunch you want without all the calories.

If you are a new couple or have a small kitchen, then finding the best air fryer for two people can be a big help. We talk about the size, features, and cooking capabilities of four top air fryers to save you room, time, and hassle. The quick guide will give you all the details for fast shopping.

For those of you who do not have the time to compare all the information, our top pick is the Dash Compact two-quart air fryer. Our favorite feature is the automatic shutoff timer that keeps you from burning your food if you have to walk away. Plus, the basket is safe for dishwasher cleaning, and this model is the lightest one, so you can take it with you when you visit or travel.

Quick check guide

FeaturesChefman TurboFryDash Compact Air FryerSecura Air FryerGoWISE Air Fryer
Dimensions9.75 x 9.75 x 12.5 inches10.2 x 8.1 x 11.4 inches15 x 13 x 14 inches12 x 8 x 8 inches
Cooking capacity2 quarts2 quarts4.2 quarts3.7 quarts
Weight7.35 pounds5.7 pounds10.3 pounds13 pounds
Temperature range200°F – 400°FN/A180°F~390°F170°F to 400°F 
ConstructionBPA-free plasticDurable, cool-touch plastic;BPA-free plasticDurable plastic;
Warranty1 year1 year2 year1 year

1. Chefman TurboFry Personal Air Fryer

The small size of this air fryer makes it convenient to store in a cabinet when you are not using it. At under 13 inches tall, this model will fit comfortably on your counter when in use. We like the easy turn dials for the temperature and the cooking time. The black exterior is quick to wipe clean. The outside of the fryer always stays cool to the touch.

When you have a long day or you need a fast dinner, then using the Chefman TurboFry may help. The automatic shutoff function means you will never forget to turn off the machine no matter how busy you get. Plus, cleaning is a snap because you can toss the basket straight into the dishwasher.

Product features and benefits

  • Variable temperature settings
  • 30-minute shutoff feature
  • Half-gallon capacity
  • Safe for cleaning in the dishwasher
  • No burn exterior
  • Power on indicator
  • Detachable basket
  • Weighs under eight pounds
  • Fits in small spaces
  • One year warranty


  • The plastic smell when first using can be overwhelming

User reviews

Many users like this fryer because it is compact yet big enough for two servings of meat. Consumers like that this model does not heat the house or use a ton of energy.


If you are looking for a convenient appliance for cooking small portions, then this air fryer does the trick. The two-quart size Chefman Air Fryer is perfect for two pieces of chicken, steaks, or fish fillets.

2. Dash Compact Air Fryer and Oven Cooker

The Dash fryer is small yet mighty. This little appliance comes with an automatic timer, so you can program the cooking time and walk away. The fryer can hold as much as 6 chicken wings or a half a bag of fries, hash browns, or tater tots.

You may like the six-pound weight of this model when you go RV’ing. This little fryer can cook up a boatload of sides and appetizers, or you can use it for the main course. When you get home, all you have to do is pull out the basket and put it in the dishwasher to clean it.

Product features and benefits

  • 50-inch power cord
  • Lightest product on the list
  • Editor’s choice product
  • Programmable timer
  • AirCrisp technology
  • 30-minute safety shutoff
  • No burn handle and exterior
  • Two-quart capacity
  • Safe for dishwasher cleaning
  • Non-slip grips
  • Comes with a recipe book


  • Basket may melt with prolonged cooking times
  • Paint may start to chip after a few months

User reviews

Consumers like the Dash fryer because of how easy it is to wipe clean after each use. The 1,000-watt cooking power gives you the versatility to crisp up a perfect batch of fries or cook everyone’s favorite wings.


We love the automatic shutoff feature on this model. If you have a busy lifestyle, then tossing your main dish in the tray and prepping a salad or fresh fruit makes meals faster with the Dash Compact Air Fryer.

3. Secura Electric Air Fryer

The versatility of the Secura Electric air fryer may keep this handy appliance on the kitchen island. From barbecue to kabobs and cake, there are so many things you can make healthier in this air fryer. The preset times and temperatures make it easy to get the perfect crisp on your foods.

The larger 4.2-quart size of this model means you can cook for company or just one. The fryer comes with a basket, rack, skewers, and a cooking pan. You may like that you can roast, bake, or fry foods without heating the entire kitchen.

Product features and benefits

  • Long cord at nearly four feet in length
  • High speed heat transfer
  • One hour timer
  • Several accessories including skewers and a baking rack
  • Cooks between 180 and 390 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Over one gallon of cooking room


  • Some consumers did not get all the accessories
  • Knobs can loosen and paint chip with frequent use
  • May release offensive plastic smell for the first few uses

User reviews

Many buyers like the speed of cooking with the Secura. A tip from other consumers is to shake the food at least once while cooking. Other users suggest not overfilling the basket to prevent burning or uneven cooking.


We like that you can put an entire five-pound chicken in this fryer and cook it. When you want a moist cake, then you cannot go wrong with the Secura Air Fryer. This model is double the size of the other fryers on the list making it more appealing for entertaining.

4. GoWise Programmable Air Fryer

Cooking in an air fryer is easier when you have preset controls that help you get the time and temperature just right. The GoWise Air Fryer uses a digital screen with push-button controls for quick operation. You can set the timer for as little as one minute depending on what you are cooking.

The display will light up when the cooking operation is over. You will also hear five beeps allowing you to go about other tasks in the kitchen while it cooks. With 50 recipes that come along with this fryer, there is sure to be a favorite dish to discover.

Product features and benefits

  • Eight automatic cooking controls
  • Wide range of temperatures from 175 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Cooking complete light and audible signal
  • Removable basket
  • Non-stick surface
  • 3.7 quart cooking capacity
  • 1350-watts of power


  • Many users find the non-stick coating starts to flake after a few months

User reviews

Many consumers like the way the fryer contains the steam and odors inside the Secura. The diverse range of foods from seafood to desserts is one reason many people like this countertop fryer.


We like this model because it has a large basket size for cooking for company. The digital display and diverse cookbook are great features with the GoWise Air Fryer.

Tips for selecting the right air fryer for your home

You may want to pick a model that suits your lifestyle. For example, if you entertain a lot, then the first two items may be too small for regular use. If you want a model that shuts off automatically, then the Dash Fryer is our best pick. Dishwasher safe materials and versatility of items you can cook are other considerations for choosing the right air fryer for your home.

Top air fryer questions

What temperature do you fry most foods in the air fryer

Most foods will cook at 350 F or 375 F degrees Fahrenheit. However, every appliance is different. You may need to adjust the temperature or cooking time to ensure you do not burn the food or need additional cooking time.

How often do you clean the air fryer

All the fryers suggest a thorough cleaning after each use. For the dishwasher safe products, you can remove the basket and wipe out the tray with a paper towel to get out the debris and any cooking spray or olive oil.

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