4 Best Sofa Covers For Leather Sofas for 2023

Spending time at home is more common now. Since we like to gather on our sofas binge-watching our favorite television series, our couches are likely to get messy and have stains. Leather furniture tends to make people sweat. One way to minimize the stains and odors in your leather items is to purchase a sofa cover.

Best Sofa Covers For Leather Sofas

These protectors put a comfortable fabric barrier between your quality leather furniture and stains. You may like how easy these items are to remove and wash as often as you want. These covers also protect the leather from wear and tear like rubbing from the rivets on jean pockets, thick seams, and shoes. These covers may help you extend the life of your leather sofa.

If you just want to skip to the top pick, then you may want to go with the H.Versailtex sofa cover (learn more). This complete cover will wrap around almost any size couch, love seat, chair, recliner, or lounger you want to protect. The soft texture makes it comfortable to fall asleep on while watching an entire season of your favorite show.

Comparing Top Sofa Covers

H.Versailtex OversizedRose Home Fashion Full CoverRBSC Home Waterproof CoverRose Home Fashion OverthrowTurquoize Protective Cover
SizeL, XLL, XL15 optionsL, XLone size
Colors13 options9 options9 options46
MaterialLycra with SpandexSpandex and polyesterSeveral including cotton and a rubber under layer
Faux cottonMultiple including silicon and faux suede

1. H.Versailtex Oversized Protector – Best Sofa Cover for Oversized Furniture

When you want to protect your leather furniture, nothing helps more than a sofa cover. The H.Versailtex couch protector is soft to lounge on while spending a bit of quality time with the kids or someone special. The two-piece construction helps the material hold securely to the cushions without sliding and shifting all the time.

The Jacquard material is comfortable for everyday use. After removing the cushions, all one has to do is evenly lay the large piece of fabric over the couch and tuck it into the corners. There are no rubber pieces to secure. The second piece of spandex Lycra fabric fits over the cushions. The back label goes on the underside of the cushion. Once in place, the material lays smooth without a lot of wrinkles.

Sofa cover features and perks

  • Ships in a zipper bag you can reuse
  • Fits long couches up to 115 inches in length
  • Deep blue tone to minimize the visibility of stains, dirt, and spills
  • All-natural materials are safe for users and the Earth
  • Durable rubber straps hold the cloth in place to keep it from bunching up and wrinkling
  • Tiny checkered pattern helps the fabric breathe and prevents trapping heat in the seat
  • Fits center cushions four to six inches high
  • Works for couches between 31 and 37 inches wide
  • Easily remove and wash material to clean, deodorize, and refresh
  • Two-piece style makes it easier to keep the cover neat and trim


  • Not waterproof
  • Fabric stretches out after a few weeks and washings
  • Animal claws easily penetrate the fabric creating holes

Consumer opinions

Many consumers enjoy how easily this cover catches food crumbs. The length of the cover fits a wide variety of size and shape sofa. The ease of installation is something many consumers remark about when leaving a review.

Several people talk about how this item covers sofas with high backs or uneven shapes. The cover washes with a single cycle in the machine, and it only takes a light drying cycle. Most people talk about how snug this cover fits, and the way it always stays neat.


We like the H.Versailtex cover for the ease of applying. The cover only takes minutes to install, and it completely changes the look of your furniture and the room. This protective fabric material is soft enough for the whole family to gather and veg. We also enjoy how soft the tiny checks on the cover give this item a lot of cushioning.

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2. Rose Home Fashion Complete Sofa Cover – Best No Wrinkle Cover

Does your favorite leather couch look bumpy and lumpy? Are the cushions sticky in the summer? The Rose Home Fashion couch cover can give your sofa the transformation you need to make it feel welcome and inviting. Instead of replacing old sofas, homeowners can affordably purchase this stretchable fabric to cover blemishes and make the couch more comfortable.

If you want a dramatic style change for your masculine leather couch, then these covers can soften the piece. The medium gray tone of this cover is appealing and easy to integrate into any living room style. You can add accent pillows with bold colors and accents to show off your style. To give the couch a sophisticated design, elegant throw pillows and a knit blanket may set the mood.

Sofa cover features and perks

  • Fits cushion sizes between 55 and 73 inches
  • The rubber under layer gets rid of issues with elastic straps
  • Comes with foam rolls to tuck into the sides and back of the couch to keep the cover neat and tidy
  • Envelopes the entire couch from top to bottom
  • Soft quilted pattern
  • Excellent for minimizing claw marks on your leather furniture
  • Prevents pet hair from collecting in the leather seams
  • May wash and dry at home
  • Entire cover weighs less than three pounds


  • Pet nails tend to snag in the cover
  • Holes occur quickly
  • The rubber pieces are a pain to place and keep in the sofa
  • Anchors do not stop the cover from shifting

Consumer opinions

Many consumers appreciate how affordable this slipcover is online. They like how the couch protector stays snug and does not sag or bunch near the edges. Using this cover helps homeowners save money because they can forgo getting new furniture.

Buyers like the tags showing how to attach the cover. Many say it takes a bit to get it even, but it looks great after installation. The most annoying thing about this cover is how the rubber pieces pop out of the furniture as you move.


We like this cover because it makes it so easy to save your favorite leather couch. You can hide scratches, holes, faded spots, and uneven lines with the Rose Home Fashion sofa cover. As a one-piece item, this cover goes on pretty quickly.

This cover might be good for recreational vehicles. Nothing smarts as much as dragging your leg across a cracked vinyl seat when camping. The price makes this cover a great idea for jazzing up the couch or a bench seat in the garage too.

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3. RBSC Home – Best for Loveseats and Anti-Slip Technology

If you live in a small apartment or condo, then you understand what it takes to furnish it. When you want to get more life out of the perfect love seat, then these covers may minimize fraying and wear marks. The eight straps keep the cover snugly against the love seat. Since these covers lay on top of the furniture, the ties make sure the fabric stays put.

This style of seat cover is quick to place. The single piece features two long pieces of fabric that hang over the sides of the sofa. There are pockets on each side to give people room to stow remote controls, magazines, snacks, glasses, and a candy bar or two.

Sofa cover features and perks

  • Fully repels water
  • Thick padding prevents animal stains and scratches
  • Will prevent teeth marks from penetrating the leather underneath
  • Large design makes cleaning up pet messes and fur easier
  • May wash and dry at home
  • Multi-layer design ensures full waterproofing
  • Anti-slide material on the bottom of the material
  • Pleats for securing the cover to the love seat
  • May iron the cover to remove wrinkles


  • May come apart at the seams needing a stronger stitch
  • Tabs may not be long enough for some love seats

Consumer opinions

Most buyers like how well this cover stands up to pets. Claws do not penetrate the cover because of the thick quilting. The large, geometric pattern is appealing, and the material often wipes clean with a little elbow grease.

Many people feel this product is of good quality. Having the option to toss the cover over the seats when company arrives is appealing. When you want to change things back, you only have a few ties to untangle, and the cover comes free. This material is less likely to stretch out and shows wear like the spandex protectors.


We like the RBSC cover because it protects our fine leather pieces with several layers. This cover is thick yet soft with adequate cushioning. The non-slip underside keeps the cover where you put it when your pets or kids climb up and down on the furniture a lot.

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4. Rose Home Fashion – Best Waterproof Sofa Cover

If spills are all too common in your household, then you might want to consider the Rose Home Fashion waterproof sofa cover. The dark brown color of this sofa pad will hide spills and messes. Pet hair wipes up easily with a smooth top fabric.

Tuck the straps in to secure the weights that hold the cover tightly in place. Two ties let you fasten the cover as tightly as you need to keep it from shifting. This cover accommodates couch backs up to 40 inches tall and seats as thick as 36 inches.

Sofa cover features and perks

  • Cover weighs under a pound
  • Quilted circles minimize slipping at the edges
  • The cover is two-sided giving you additional design options
  • Will not attract pet fur or hair
  • Easy to wash and dry in your home appliances
  • Affordable cover
  • Wide straps tie to the back of the seat
  • Lightweight material


  • Stitching is not as good a quality as the fabric since it tends to come apart
  • Some consumers find the circular disks to hold the cover in place break off from the straps

Consumer opinions

Many individuals enjoy the way this item protects leather furniture from the damage large pets can cause. This cover uses several layers to provide comfort, protection, and waterproofing qualities. Lots of consumers approve this cover for homes with animals.

The affordability is another perk of using this cover. The circular design on the back of the cover helps the material grip to fabric or leather. Most buyers say this feature keeps the sofa protector secure whether the kids are playing on it or the dogs are wrestling.


We like the wider straps on this cover. They seem to grab the legs better and stay tighter than most fabric covers. The protector will need adjusting daily when using it on reclining furniture. One of our favorite things about the Rose Home Fashion Chocolate Sofa Cover is the dark brown color that helps hide any stain.

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5. Turquoize Non-Slip Sofa Cover – Best Protector for Pets

Many of us have pets at home. These animals are part of our lives, often going for rides in the car or sitting on the furniture with us. Consumers typically buy protective covers for car seats and expensive furniture like leather sofas, recliners, and love seats.

The dense foam core and soft outer layers of the Turquoize sofa cover provide protection and comfort for people and pets. One of the best things about this cover is that it is waterproof. If your pet has an accident, then you can remove this cover and wash it quickly. When the kids spill a cup, the liquid wipes up fast.

Sofa cover features and perks

  • Appealing quilted pattern provides additional comfort
  • Little paw prints on the back of the cover are more than adorable – they keep the protector from slipping on the furniture
  • Top layers of faux suede and cotton absorb liquids without allowing them to penetrate the bottom polyurethane sheet
  • Hangs low in the front to protect the sofa from claws
  • Weighs under two pounds
  • Resists pet nesting damage


  • Can only use one side
  • Grips on the back can fall off after washing
  • Cover seems to move around more than some

Consumer opinions

Several buyers comment on how well this product holds up to kids and messes. From spilling cups to toddler accidents, these covers protect your high-quality leather furniture. The most appealing thing about this cover is that one person says it can withstand a large dog upwards of 100 pounds shifting and laying on it.

Generally, consumers feel this product is worth the price. They love the animal footprints on the underside of the cover. Keeping this cover neat is no problem because the material resists wrinkling.


We like the Turquoize sofa cover because you can tuck it in place without worrying about fixing it every five minutes. The cover soaks up spills, helping you save your carpet as you carry the cover to the washer. The polyurethane material prevents any moisture from reaching the furniture underneath.

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Tips for picking the right sofa cover for your leather furniture

We suggest carefully looking at the materials and sizes of any sofa cover you want to buy. These products have similar features, but the more stretchy the material, the more likely it will bunch up or wrinkle. The thicker pads are best for pet owners, however, not all use a waterproof liner. Some thick pads may still let moisture reach the furniture under the pad.

When choosing the size of your cover, consider the way your furniture looks. If the material is awkward or uneven, then the more elastic covers will fit better than the quilted options. If you just want to protect your furniture, then the last three covers on our list are excellent choices. For changing the entire look of the room, we suggest going with the full couch covers in the first two reviews.

Top two questions about sofa covers for leather couches

Can these covers go in the washer and dryer

Yes. All the items on this list are machine washable. Most of the protectors require a delicate or light wash cycle. Always dry your furniture protector on a low or air setting. Most of the products use elastic or silicone materials that you can damage with high heat. Some of the items on this list are easy to iron on a low setting, but not all. We suggest reading all the manufacturer’s instructions before attempting to remove wrinkles from the cover.

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Does the cover work for odd cushion shapes

Yes. Most of these items will stretch or go over cushions that are not square, but the fit may not be perfect. The cushions might stick out of the quilted options while the full covers should work better for these applications. We suggest checking the manufacturer’s size suggestions before purchasing your cover because most companies make protectors for recliners, couches, chairs, and love seats.

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