Candles have come a long way from being a necessity to an item of luxury. Today, you can find exotic and elegant scented candles that not only provide an ethereal flame but also add a mystic aroma to the air. It gives your home a special ambiance that cannot be achieved with floral scents or decorative lights.

To mitigate the health risks associated with the use of candles that are made from paraffin, an alternative called soy wax is used. Unlike paraffin that generates noxious fumes when burnt, this vegetable wax is made from 100% natural ingredients. Hence, they do not contain any toxic preservatives.

As a result, most of the high-quality natural decorative candles you find at the stores are made from pure soy wax. You can find them labeled as ‘soy wax for scent throw’. Fragrance throw is used to indicate the release of fragrance from a candle, and it may be of two types – cold throw and hot throw.

Cold throw refers to the release of scent when the candle is unlit, at room temperature. In this case, the wax is still solid. Hot throw is when the candle burns and wax melts to produce a strong fragrance that fills the ambiance. Ideally, the perfect soy wax should have both cold throw and hot throw.

If you are looking for the best soy wax for scent throw, you may find a lot of options to choose from. We know that it can be confusing and you may not have the time to do extensive research. Relax, because we have done that part to ensure that you put the money in the right place.

Our team has reviewed and compared dozens of products to shortlist a few. If you don’t have the time to read this until the end, you can go with our editor’s pick – Natural Soy Wax Flakes for Containers & Tea Lights (learn more). It contains 100% natural soy wax flakes that make scented candle that give a cleaner and longer flame.

#1. Natural Soy Wax for Candle Making


When you want to make pure organic candles to accentuate the ambiance of your home or space, we suggest that you use Natural Soy Wax from the house of KustumKandy. This is an all-natural soy wax that has the ability to contain a lot of fragrance oil to throw scent in both cold and hot states.

The smooth and creamy appearance of the natural soy wax is mainly due to its low melt point and this also helps in reducing frosting. Besides being able to hold a lot of scent, they also release a lot of fragrance when burnt to fill the atmosphere with subtle notes.

The product is carefully manufactured, packaged, and distributed in the United States, so you can be relaxed about the quality. The ingredients used are the finest and the soy wax has the melting point of 113-119°F, while the pouring temperature is 135°F. 

Product features and specifications

  • All-Natural Soy Wax
  • Max Fragrance 10%
  • Soy Wax Flakes
  • Pour temp 135°F (+/- 5°)
  • Smooth appearance
  • High-Quality Soy Wax
  • Melt Point 113-119°F

User/ Customer reviews

People love the texture and consistency of the unvented wax capable of holding a good amount of fragrance oils for making performed candles DIY project. Users have said that this helped them make scented candles that look great and are not flowery. A few customers have mentioned that the package was damaged so you may want to check carefully when it arrives.


If you don’t like the floral candles in the market and wish to create your own DIY project with a fragrance that you and your loved ones like, this natural soy wax candle is the right choice. KustumKandy is a trusted brand with its manufacturing and distribution units in the USA. Overall, a great product you will love to use for your projects.

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#2. Natural Soy Wax Flakes for Containers & Tea Lights

If you are in the business of candle making or you do this just for recreation purpose, this pack of two 1 pound bags of Natural Soy-based wax flakes can help you make several containers and tea lights. Made in the USA, from 100% pure US-grown Soybeans, the off-white wax flakes look creamy and smooth.

The soy wax has an amazing fragrance holding capacity of 6% and by adding palm stearic acid to the solution, you may further increase the capacity to 9%. As pure vegetable wax, it meets the FDA standards and burns much cleaner, cooler, and longer than Paraffin.

This natural soy wax is formulated in a way to deliver high quality and excellent fragrance-holding qualities, along with cold and hot scent throw. It also boasts a much higher pouring temperature which helps in speeding up the production process. There is almost no frosting effect, which reduces the white frost noticed during shipment or storage.

Product features and specifications

  • Two 1 pound bags
  • Made in the USA
  • Pour Temp 160 deg. F (+/- 5)
  • 100% Natural Soy based wax flakes
  • Creamy off White Flakes
  • Makes containers and tea lights
  • Melt Point is 124 to 130° F
  • Maximum Fragrance 6%

User/ Customer reviews

Both commercial users and hobbyists have remarked that this is a great quality soy wax used to make candles and cosmetics. Most customers have said that the product s just like the manufacture mentioned in the description with perfect melting, pouring temperatures, and fragrance holding ability. Users have also said that the product comes with handy instructions that are useful for amateurs working on DIY projects.


This Natural Soy Wax Flakes (NatrueWax C-3) from the house of Northstar Country Candle Company is specially formulated to deliver high-quality manufacturing performance. The candles made from the wax holds a good amount of fragrance to emit both cold and hot scent throw. Overall, we feel this is a great choice for both professional and amateur candle makers.

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#3. Virgin Coconut Soy Candle Wax

When you want your homemade candles to exude luxury and warmth, check out Virgin Coconut Soy Candle Wax from the house of Wooden Wick Company. The superior quality creamy waxes are a perfect blend of pure coconut and soy waxes from trusted sources and approved by the FDA for safe use.

These luxurious waxes are used by premier candle brands as they are capable of holding a heavy fragrance amount and provide optimized burning performance. Besides their plush and creamy appearance, they also exhibit excellent adhesion quality and fragrance throw (both cold and hot).

Apart from the waxes’ ability to easily hold 9-10% fragrance load, they also come with a melting point of 122 degrees and a maximum pouring temperature of up to190 degrees. You can use the candle for making high-quality professional line of candles and also for your DIY projects.

Product features and specifications

  • 5 lb quantity
  • Natural soy-coconut wax blend
  • FDA approved waxes
  • Maximum 9-10% fragrance load
  • Melting point 122 degrees
  • Warm and cold scent throw

User/ Customer reviews

Those who have used this high-quality blend wax to make scented candles are extremely impressed with how beautiful the waxes look in their natural state and also when touched. Customers have said that it’s soft and smooth, and significantly easier to handle when making candles.

A few users have also said that the candles prepared using these waxes emit a soothing and elegant fragrance both in display and burning state.


When you don’t want to take chances with cheap quality or mediocre waxes, opt for this luxurious soy-coconut wax blend that promises to enhance your candle making experience. At this price, you get an extremely high-quality blend that can be used for both professionals and hobbyists alike. We totally recommend it.

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#4. CandleCocoon Container Soy Wax

Golden Wax from the house of Candle Cocoon is one of the highest quality waxes available in the market and they are extremely easy to work with when compared to paraffin. These non-toxic waxes are derived from completely natural and renewable sources, hence they are safer for your family.

The Golden Wax is derived from soybeans grown in American farms, hence they help the US farmers. As a blend, it contains soy-based additive and has the ability to hold a good amount of fragrance oil. The soy wax when burnt with a wick, gives a clean flame and is virtually soot free.

This soy wax works well with the average candle making equipment and tools available in the market. If spilled, the liquid wax can be easily cleaned using hot water and soap to get rid of the wax from upholstery and carpets. It has a low melting point which makes it easier to work with.

Product features and specifications

  • 5 pounds
  • Non-toxic, natural, and renewable
  • Soot free
  • Fragrance oil 7%-9%
  • Can blend with slack wax and microcrystalline waxes
  • Lower melting point
  • Clear flame

User/ Customer reviews

Most users feel that this is one of the supreme quality soy waxes available online, which is natural, renewable, and chemical-free. Users are happy that this can be blended with other waxes to create container candles. Both the professionals and hobbyists like the ease of use and simple handling of these waxes.


When you want nothing but the best quality vegetable wax to create attractive candles that give you amazing cold and warm scents, CandleCocoon delivers spot on. At this price, you get a bag of 5 pounds soy wax, which is a great deal.

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#5. Soy Wax – ECOSOYA Pillar Wax 10lbs – Q230

When talking about soy waxes for scent throw, let’s not miss out the ECOSOYA brands that offer some of the best quality waxes for professional and home use. Whether you are looking for pure non-toxic waxes to make DIY candles at home or start a new candle business, this one is worth checking out.

With a smooth and creamy surface, these soy waxes are useful for making molded candles, pillars, tarts, votives, novelty candles, and melts.  The melting point for these waxes is 120°F and the maximum fragrance load is 18 percent to give you a strong scent throw whether you burn or just keep it at display.

To make DIY candles, the manufacturer suggests that you melt the wax between temperatures 155 – 190 degrees, and pour the melted wax about 145 – 175 degrees to mold into solid structures. If you are a beginner, the instructions that come with the product can help you get started.

Product features and specifications

  • 10lbs of EcoSoya Pillar Wax
  • Melt Point 120°F
  • Fragrance Load approximately 18% max
  • Wax Form Pastilles
  • Pour wax 145 – 175 degrees
  • Made in the USA

User/ Customers

Most users have said that the soy waxes come properly packaged so there are no damages and working with the clear and smooth wax feels heavenly. Most people have had a positive experience making fragrant candles with these waxes. A few users have said that the waxes had a strong vinegar smell which was unbearable.


If you fancy making different types of pillar, tart, and novelty candles at home, then the ECOSOYA Pillar Wax can give you a good start. With 18% fragrance load ability, this is one of the highest capacities you can find. Overall, we feel these innovative plant-based waxes are worth the price.

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Tips To Maximum Scent Throw In Homemade Candles

  • Always mix the suggested percentage of fragrance oil with the wax you are using, and weight fragrance oils on a scale, not measure cup.
  • Add the fragrance oil at the melting point and mix thoroughly to bind well in order to give you the best scent throw. Put a lid over the candle and store it away from too much light or heat.
  • Cure the candles before test burning them and the minimum time for curing is 3 days. For natural waxes like soy and coconut, the curing time is 1-2 weeks.
  • Evaluate the size of wick you use, because a too long or short wick can impact the overall fragrance of the candle.
  • Consider the size of the room where you will be burning the candles. The candles with a wider diameter will give a stronger scent throw.

Related Questions

What’s the ideal temperature to mix fragrance oil to soy wax?

The perfect temperature to add fragrance oil to soy wax is 185 degrees. Remember to never add the oil above this mark or you will not get the best results.

How much fragrance oil should I add in melted soy wax?

As a general rule, you should not add more than 12% fragrance oil to the waxes, which is before the candles start curdling and sweating. We suggest that you use about 6-10% fragrance oil while making candles.

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