Toilets don’t ask for a lot of maintenance but they are often one of the most neglected places in the house. Having a stylized and clean living room is not enough – what if your guests want to go to the toilet? Do you want them to see calcium deposits and ugly rings in the toilet bowl? Of course not! And this why you need the best toilet bowl cleaner for calcium deposits.  

If you get hard water in your area, chances are you will have tough and stubborn stains and mineral deposits, typically calcium and magnesium. While they don’t cause any harm to your plumbing, the mineral deposits accumulate over time and look disgusting.  If left neglected, they can intensify and become difficult to remove later on.

In today’s post, we have brought for you a list of best toilet bowl cleaners with their features, benefits, and real customer reviews to help you choose the right product. If you are in a hurry to order then we recommend the Lime-A-Way Liquid Toilet Bowl Cleaner (see details) as its thick gel formulation helps in getting rid of the toughest stains in seconds.

Features Summit Lime Out Rust, Lime & Calcium Stain RemoverLime-A-Way Liquid Toilet Bowl Cleaner CL-4Pro Calcium, Lime and Rust Remover CLR Bath and Kitchen Cleaner Lime-A-Way Bathroom Cleaner
Rating (1-10)8.28.587.97.5
Brand Summit Brands Lime-A-Way Women’s Owned Brand Women’s Owned Brand Lime-A-Way
Style Thick, powerful fast Thick gel formula Powerful liquid formula Foam Spray NA
Quantity 24 fl. Oz 16 fl oz 128 fl oz 26 Ounce 32 fl oz
Septic safe Yes Yes NA Yes NA
Safety NA NA EPA’s Safer Choice EPA-CERTIFIED NA

1. Summit Brands Lime Out Heavy-Duty Rust, Lime & Calcium Stain Remover

Brown rust, calcium deposits, and hard water stains not only give an unsightly appearance to the toilet, but they are also bad for your health. If you are looking for a solution for the clean and sparkly toilet then check out the Lime Out Heavy-Duty cleaner by Summit Brands, an expert in this field. The makers are a family-owned business that has been producing sustainable and innovative household cleaning products since 1958.

This heavy-duty cleaner boasts a thick and fast-acting concentrated formula that can also be used on vertical surfaces because it clings-on for optimum cleaning power. The Lime Out solution is septic-safe and it can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. Besides removing ugly toilet rings, it can also be used for cleaning the sinks, tubs, faucets, showers,  appliances and other exterior surfaces.

Product Features And Specifications

  • Measures 8.5 x 7.2 x 10.2 inches
  • Weighs 11.2 pounds
  • 24 Fl. Oz
  • Thick, powerful, and fast-acting
  • Septic safe
  • Works for Rust, Lime & Calcium Stain
  • Made in the USA

User/ Customer Impressions

People who have used the product are happy with the results and some of them even claim that it does a better job than other products at removing stubborn stains. Customers have used this product for cleaning stains and calcium deposits on toilet bowls, showerheads, tubs, and many others with good results.

Buyers are happy to discover that this thick formulation actually clings on vertical surfaces without falling and does a good job at melting rust and stains. We are happy to find more positive reviews and only one dissatisfied user who said that the product was not effective enough.


If your toilet is covered in ugly brown rings, don’t lose sleep over it. Just get the Lime Out Heavy-Duty Rust, Lime & Calcium Stain Remover, and leave a little solution over the stains. A little scrubbing and you will have stain-free and sparkling toilet bowls, tubs, and sinks smiling at you. A great buy!

2. Lime-A-Way Liquid Toilet Bowl Cleaner

The next product in our list of best toilet bowl cleaner for calcium deposits is the Lime-A-Way Liquid Toilet Bowl Cleaner (see details), a  product that is a part of the Expert Cleaning Crew. They are a team of leading consumer products that are specially designed to clean the different types of surfaces in your home. This is a specifically formulated product designed to clean the hard water stains and calcium deposits.

We love that the Lime-A-Way liquid cleaner starts working in just one minute to flush out the embarrassing stains and rust marks. You don’t have to break your back trying to scrub away the stains. Just apply the thick gel over the surface and this powerful formula melts away the most stubborn stains with ease. It is not only safe and fast to use, but also leaves behind a refreshing smell.

Product Features And Specifications

  • Measures 10.5 x 8 x 2.5 inches
  • Weighs 0.035 ounce
  • Thick gel formula
  • Leaves behind a nice scent
  • Biodegradeable, safe to use with septic tank
  • Removes calcium and magnesium deposits

User/ Customer Impressions

Most customers are happy with the results after using this product for removing calcium deposits in their toilet bowl. Users have mentioned that this gel is so thick that it actually stays on the surface and performs as advertised to get rid of stains from the most stubborn areas.

One customer has advised leaving the gel over stubborn hard water stains for at least one hour to get the best results. People also like the scent of the product and the fragrance it leaves behind, however some users have cautioned that the new products are not as good as the older versions.


Toilet bowl stains are usually stubborn and they need something powerful to remove them, hence we recommend the Lime-A-Way Liquid Toilet Bowl Cleaner which is a tested and proven formula. We love its super-fast action and promise of removing the toughest stains in seconds. A must-try for the busy people who don’t have a lot of time to spare for toilet cleaning.

3. CLR Pro CL-4Pro Calcium, Lime and Rust Remover

This powerful, non-toxic, and non-abrasive formula (see details) does not contain any ammonia, bleach or phosphorous. It is designed to remove signs of calcium deposits, lime buildup, and rust stains on tubs, showerheads, faucets, tiles, and toilets. It can also remove soap scum, oxidation marks, and hard water stains. Works great for cleaning in the toilet, kitchen, and also outdoors.

We love the fact that this toilet bowl cleaner is biodegradable, hence it can be safely used for cleaning the septic and plumbing system. The product is a part of the EPA’s Safer Choice program for safe chemistry. It is also NSF Non-Foods Certified, which means it is approved for multipurpose use such as food storage, food processing, and other food service facilities

Product Features and Specifications

  • Measures 16 x 11.3 x 11.8 inches
  • Weighs 10.7 pounds
  • 128 Fl Oz
  • NSF Non-Foods Certified
  • Bio-degradable, contains no phosphates
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-abrasive
  • Light green liquid
  • Certified EPA’s Safer Choice

User/ Customer Impressions

People who have bought the product are happy with its multipurpose use. Users have not only used this product successfully to remove calcium deposits and hard water stains but also to clean the pool tiles, shower tiles and glass shower stall doors. Buyers are also happy with the pack of 4 (one gallon) at an affordable price.


If you want the best toilet bowl cleaner for calcium deposits that will last several uses and deliver optimal results every time then we recommend this powerful formula. Overall, we feel that this is a good addition to your house cleaning supplies that will help you keep a clean and fresh toilet.

4. CLR Bath and Kitchen Cleaner

If you want a bathroom that looks clean and smells great then you must get the CLR Bath and Kitchen Cleaner, a multi-surface product. It gives you a powerful foam spray that is specially formulated to work quickly and cut through calcium, dirt, hard water deposits, lime, and soap scum. This versatile cleaner works like magic to help you get rid of the toughest buildups from toilets, bathtubs, sinks, faucets, and showerheads. It is also safe to use on stainless steel and glass materials.

This toilet cleaner is a safe alternative and a part of the EPA’s Safer Choice Program. It is free from phosphates, bleach, or ammonia, hence it is considered as an effective biodegradable formula. Using the cleaner is also extremely easy as you just need to spray on the stains, leave for some time and then wipe away the area to get a clean surface. Besides using in the bathroom and kitchen, the cleaning solution can also be used for cleaning power plumber, BBQ grills, and septic systems.

Product Features And Specifications

  • Measures 3 x 5 x 11 inches
  • Weighs 1.08 pounds
  • 26 Ounce
  • Multi-use daily cleaner
  • Made in the USA
  • EPA’s Safer Choice Program

User/ Customers Impressions

There are mixed reviews from customers on this product. While some of them are extremely pleased with the end results, there are others who are not very impressed. Most users have found that the cleaner works fine for hard watermarks and other water stains on showerheads, etc. However, they do nothing for the old calcium deposits and stubborn hard water stain marks.

Some people have said that the efficacy of this product depends on the type of water you get in your area. It is advertised as a multi-purpose cleaner, hence a customer says it’s a jack of all trades, but master of none. Another customer mentioned that the product is too pricey compared to other cleaners available in the store. The product leaves behind a fragrant smell that some people like but others find it too overpowering.


If you don’t want to deal with different products to clean stains in the sink, tub, shower, toilet, and other areas then the CLR Bath and Kitchen Cleaner (watch now) is a multi-purpose product to use. It not only does a good job at cleaning the dirt and grime, but also leaves behind a very good smell. Overall, a good cleaning solution worth buying if you have moderate stains and mineral deposits.

5. Lime-A-Way Bathroom Cleaner

Do you love clean and stain free toilet, but hate doing the scrubbing work? You must check out the Lime-A-Way cleaner with Turbo Power that is specially formulated to clean and destroy the lime and calcium deposits and rusts in seconds without scrubbing. If you get hard water in your area, use this powerful formula to get rid of the toughest stains and buildups with ease.

We are impressed that the Turbo Power cleaning of the product enables it to eliminate the disgusting soap scum from different types of surfaces such as porcelain, fiberglass, ceramic and other hard and non-porous surfaces. This enables you to remove the toughest hard water build-up to keep the areas cleaner for longer, without any mess.

Product Features and Specifications

  • Measures 3 x 5.1 x 10.8 inches
  • Weighs 2.4 pounds
  • 32 fl oz Bottle
  • Removes stains in 60 seconds

User/ Customer Impressions

Most people who have bought the product are happy with the results as it removes the toughest of calcium deposits and hard water stains. More than anything else, people like the product’s ability to clean without the need of scrubbing.

While some people call it the best toilet bowl cleaner, others are not very impressed with the results and they prefer other products over it. Some people have cautioned about the bottle that is hard to use and the spray nozzle that does not work properly.


If you are looking for a powerful and effective cleaner to get rid of the hard water stains, lime and calcium deposits in the toilet bowl and other surfaces then this product is a good choice. Overall, it does a great job cleaning in seconds without the need for scrubbing.

Things To Consider When Buying A Toilet Bowl Cleaner

When you are in the market to buy a toilet bowl cleaner to get rid of the ugly stains and rings, you will come across many options. If the different brands and models confuse you, here are a few important things that you need to consider:


Just like any other cleaning product, the toilet bowls cleaners also comprise of harsh chemical ingredients such as bleach etc. Although they are good at removing the tough stains and kill germs and bacteria, they are harmful for your kids and pets. If you prefer staying away from chemicals, choose an all-natural cleaner and make sure you follow the instructions well.

Style of cleaner

When looking for a cleaner, you will find different styles to choose from and they also vary in their level of effort. On one hand, there are traditional cleaners comprising of liquids and gels that you apply on the stains and then scrub off with a brush. Some may not need scrubbing. Another style is using pods and discs that you can flush or hand-clean.

Special needs

If you get very hard water in your area resulting in stubborn stains or there are neglected buildups to take care of, then you will need products designed for special needs. Look for cleaners that are powerful enough to meet your specific needs.

Related Questions

Can I use bleach to clean toilet bowls?

Yes, bleach is a powerful cleaning agent and you can directly sprinkle bleach powder on the stains to get rid of them. However, using bleach leaves toxic and harsh fumes which is not good for health. Hence, we recommend using specially formulated and safe toilet cleaners instead.

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How often should I clean the toilet bowl?

As a general rule of the thumb, you should clean the toilet bowl everyday with a scrubbing brush and give it a proper clean up once a week using one of the products mentioned above to remove the ugly stains and disinfect.

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