Modern toilets have revolutionized the way people stay clean, and this has created better ways of sanitizing and staying germ-free. Bidets have been around for a long time, but they have gained more popularity in recent times than ever before.

Besides the advanced cleaning ability of these contemporary toilet seats, they are also much sought after for their sleek frame and stylish designs. Furthermore, they also come with a myriad of features and options to add more convenience and comfort to your life.

Today, we are going to review the BioBidet A3 Fresh Water Non-Electric Bidet Attachment that comes with a self-cleaning nozzle. It is one of the more recent non-electric bio bidets that is easy to install and does not require any extra setup. Read on to find out more—but before we get into the review, let’s take a look into the BioBidet brand.

About BioBidet

BioBidet is an American brand known for selling products in stores as well as online. The brand is popular in Asia and Europe, but it is slowly becoming all the rage in North America too. BioBidet has been featured in numerous magazines, such as The New York Times, CNN, Vice, Yahoo News, NBC News, and Buzzfeed, in addition to other media outlets.

Starting in 2008, the BioBidet brand has since offered an innovative way of incorporating Eastern culture into the West through smart toilet bidets. With its headquarters in Crystal Lake, Illinois, the BioBidet brand was born to revolutionize the bathroom experience with their high-quality products.

About the BioBidet A3 Fresh Water Non-Electric Bidet Attachment

This is today’s modern, non-electric bidet that comes with a sleek silhouette, fashionably designed to fit a wide range of toilets—including some of the one-piece toilets. It features a compact control panel with smart and intuitive controls to give you the desired washing experience.

This freshwater bidet does not need any complicated hose system or extra setup during installation. It also comes with a solid brass flow valve as well. The complete casing and unified valve within the BioBidet A3 are built as a single-molded part that is made from solid brass, giving users peace of mind. This UPC-certified and USA-built check valve protects the water supply line from flowing backward.

It also comes equipped with P.S.P.C Pressure control dial knobs that let users feel each level as they boost the pressure using the dial. This is a useful feature for people who find it difficult to visually check what they are selecting.

For those who are wondering how this bidet functions without electricity, the answer is simple: you just need to connect the bidet directly to the freshwater water line to make it possible to run solely on water pressure. Non-electric bidets are easy to install, affordable, and they also save you money on toilet paper.

Features and Specifications of the BioBidet A3

  • The universal design of the adjustable bidet attachment offers an easy fit for your toilet.
  • It comes with a self-cleaning, retractable nozzle that offers a hygienic wash.
  • This is an eco-friendly option that improves your personal hygiene.
  • The positive-stepping pressure control lets you change the water pressure easily to create a comfortable experience.
  • It comes with a highly effective splash guard that helps to keep your bathroom tidy.
  • It features a quality brass valve and inlet design that offers reliable support.
  • It comes with a braided metal water supply hose and a US-made valve.
  • The DIY installation and setup are easy and can also be cleaned in no time.

User/Customer Reviews

Most people who have used this bidet attachment are full of praise for how clean and hygienic it makes them feel after each and every wash. People have also said that the price is just right, and the easy installation makes everything just perfect. Some customers have warned that the water spray can be much harder than expected though.

Users have also stated liking the functioning of the bidet attachment due to how every item falls into place correctly and how the fittings are self-explanatory. People have also expressed their pleasure in how adjustable the product is to give them the desired results.

Pros of the BioBidet A3

  • Prevents the splashing of water with a splash guard
  • Adjustable water pressure makes it suitable for all preferences
  • Comes with easy instructions for installation
  • Ambient-temperature bidet wash
  • The nozzle is retractable and self-cleaning
  • Solid build and construction
  • One-year full warranty

Cons of the BioBidet A3

  • The water pressure can be too hard for some individuals


The BioBidet A3 Fresh Water Non-Electric Bidet Attachment (see Amazon) has been correctly labeled as a game-changer due to its potential to revolutionize the way you use the toilet. The product comes with all the essential parts and tools that you could possibly need to set the system up.

The installation takes only a few minutes, and the water pressure can be adjusted to suit your liking. Made from high-quality and robust materials, this bidet attachment is designed to last for a long time. We feel that this new bathroom practice may take some time to get used to, but overall, the attachment gives a good return and value for the money spent in the long run.

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