If you live in a house with limited space, you may find it challenging finding spaces for some appliances such as your washing machine. Read on to find out whether you should keep a washer in the bathroom.

A washing machine is a necessity for all households, especially in family setups. Once you purchase one, you now face the hurdle of finding the ideal space in the house to set it up. Some people are lucky to have designated laundry areas, while others may put it in the kitchen, basement, or even on the balcony.

But what about the bathroom? Is it safe to keep your washing machine here? This depends on the manufacturer instructions. Most newer machines can be left in the bathroom, but you have to fit it in a fused connection unit. Some safety precautions will also need to be considered if you are to leave the washing machine in the bathroom.

This article will look at the ideal positions to place your washer in the bathroom and around the house, along with the safety precaution to take and other related questions.

Ideal Spaces for Placing your Washing Machine inside the Bathroom

When considering your washing machine placement, remember that at some point you may have to take it out for repairs or replacement. For this reason, you should make sure that you place it where it will be easy to remove without problems.

  • Built-in Solutions

Most bathrooms have inbuilt cabinets which create a nice spot where you can place your machine. You can have your machine integrated into the existing cabinet systems invisibly. This is a classic way of keeping things neat and tidy. Some washing machines are even cleverly designed to double up as a toilet flush. However, for this to work you should contact your plumber to discuss the logistics of this.

  • Behind Curtains

One common way to place your washer is to place it behind the bathroom curtains. Though not the most convenient method, it ensures that you achieve your goal with minimum expense and effort.

  • Under the Washbasin Counter

One of the most obvious choices for the washing machine is the washbasin counter. The electrical and plumbing points are already in place here. You can place the washer under the washbasin counter and still have space for the drawers.

  • Storage Structure with Sliding Doors

If you feel that the sight of the washing machine unpleasant, you can hide it in a special structure that has sliding doors. You can pull the doors closed when the machine is not in use so that the machine is out of sight. When you install the sliding doors you are easily creating a seclusion. Alternatively, you can install a decorative panel and custom-make it with lattice doors that will cover the vanity of the machine.

  • Placing the Machine on a High Shelf

If your bathroom is small, it might be hard to find a place to put the washer. However, the vertical space offered by high shelves may offer a solution. Actually, this can be ideal in some cases, as you will not have to bend over to pick up the clothes.

Ingenious Spots You Can Place Your Washing Machine around the House

If you are living in small quarters, you may be hard pressed to figure out where exactly you should strategically place your washing machine. Whether you place it in the bathroom, hallway, or anywhere else, you will need to consider the plumbing and electrical requirements.

Below are some of the places you can place your washing machine:

  • In the Pantry

If you have both a washer and a dryer, you may be able to carve some space in the pantry. As this is a small space, you may want to install hinged folding panels that fit into the space between the machines.

  • Under Staircases

Building the washer into the wall under a staircase is a great use of free space. Having the appliance under the staircase makes even more sense if you cannot dedicate a whole room to your laundry. What’s more, this makes for a nice spot, as it is easily accessible.

Safety Precautions to Observe when the Washing Machine is in the Bathroom

Keeping your washing machine and cleaning products in your bathroom can result in this being a danger zone in your home. This is how you can keep the bathroom safe as you wash your clothes.

  • Prevent Lint Buildup

Make sure you clean out lint screens after every load. Additionally, inspect the vent pipes and the space behind your dryer. If the lint clogs the venting system it may lead to fires which might end up destroying your entire house.

  • Replace Dryer Ducts and Water Hoses

You should replace rubber hoses with braided ones to prevent the hose from bursting or cracking. Once the hose has cracks, the machine will not function optimally and eventually will stop working completely.

  • Keep the Machine Doors Locked

If you have young children who may be left unaccompanied at home, there is a risk that they will try to play with your machine. If your model has the in-built feature, lock it when not in use to prevent your kids from using it as a hiding spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you place a washing machine anywhere?

Basically, you can place a washing machine anywhere, as long as the necessary plumbing and electricity outlets are in place. However, the best place to put your washing machine is in a dedicated laundry room, if possible.

What is the life span of a washing machine?

Most washing machines last for a period of around ten years. However, each manufacturer has their own warranty period. You should seek the retailer’s guidance before you purchase a unit.

Where should a washing machine be placed in a bathroom?

Rather than invading existing space, look for a place under the sink. You can also fit it behind curtains if you prefer.

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