Going to the gym to keep those resolutions can be tough and costly. But investing in workout equipment for your own home can help you keep on track with a much smaller price tag. The next big issue is where to put all that stuff though. Things like treadmills take up space and many times they just find themselves stashed in the corner of the living room or spare room. Many gyms keep their treadmills on either a hard floor or that rough, nasty carpet. But what is the best way to actually keep this equipment?

Can you put a treadmill on carpet? You can put a treadmill on carpet, but in the long run the upkeep for your treadmill and carpet may get frustrating. Carpets are not always stable and can gather lots of dust, dirt, and hair. This may get caught in the machine.

Aside from the obvious possible damage to your carpet and the gross hair and dirt that can collect on your equipment, there are more things to consider. If you’ve wondered whether you can put your treadmill on a carpet, keep reading!

Can You Put a Treadmill on carpet?

Buying gym equipment isn’t cheap and fixing it isn’t either. For treadmills, a carpet could be your worst nightmare. Even low pile carpets can cause problems for treadmills. While you certainly can put your home gym on a carpet, it really isn’t recommended. Here’s why.

For a treadmill, this could spell certain doom if you happen to be in a worst-case scenario. The tracks on the treadmill will act like a vacuum in a way and pick up all that dirt and hair hiding in your plush floor coverings. This can get stuck in the belts and gears on the inside and then burn out the motor. It can happen surprisingly fast, too. And even if you’re a dedicated vacuum user, there will always be things that get left behind and will inevitably end up inside your treadmill.

What about rugs and treadmills?

Sorry, folks. You should avoid rugs as well. Not only for the hair and dirt they hide but also the fact that if you are doing some intensive workout, the rug could very likely slip or move with the activity. That’s dangerous for your treadmill and your body!

So, what do you do if your house is full of carpets and rug and you need a treadmill? Short of removing the carpet in your home, a fantastic solution is to get a treadmill mat like this. Specifically made to go over your carpet and keep your treadmill stable and hair-free, treadmill mats are the perfect solution to this common problem!

Is putting a treadmill on the carpet dangerous?

So, you’ve read the warnings above and still have questions. That’s okay, we’ve got you covered. People may not be convinced just yet about treadmills and carpets not getting along.

The truth is, it’s not necessarily dangerous to put your treadmill on a carpet. It’s also not necessarily safe. There are a lot of factors to consider.

Ignoring the dirt and hair issue listed above, you could probably use your treadmill on the carpet for many years with no problems. But carpets and rugs are not the most balanced of surfaces. Over time, your treadmill can become unstable on top of the rug or similarly soft-woven bit of floor covering.

In addition to the balance issue, you can also damage the carpet. Treadmills are heavy, and they can cause a lot of wear and tear on fabrics like carpet. How is that dangerous? Well, a damaged carpet can easily unravel and cause a tripping hazard. It can also send loose threads and fibers into the treadmill’s gears and motor.

While not a big worry for most modern treadmills, you may want to think about fire hazards, too. Older models or newer models having issues may cause sparks that can ignite the fibers in a carpet. Overheating can also cause fire hazards for rugs and carpets.

Where is a safe place to put a treadmill?

If you plan on having a home gym or just a treadmill and you happen to have carpets, all is not lost. It is generally recommended to either place the workout equipment on some hard flooring, but if you already have a fully carpeted house, that’s not an option. Simply buy a treadmill mat (see Amazon) that can go over the carpet and provide a firm and stable area for your treadmill.

There are many kinds of treadmill mats for all types of floors and carpets. You can get them in many shapes and sizes, too. As a nice bonus, using a mat under your treadmill will help lower the amount of maintenance needed as opposed to if it were on just the carpet.


Treadmills can become rather wobbly with rough use so a nice firm and stable ground would be ideal. It is okay to put a treadmill on the carpet, but you should invest in a treadmill mat to stabilize the machine and reduce injury and damage chances. Rugs are not recommended as they have the chance of slipping or the ends getting caught in the treadmill.

Related questions

Can you put a treadmill on the second floor?

Yes. Though it may cause a disturbance to the others in the household it is perfectly safe to put a treadmill on any story of a home.

Can you put a treadmill on tile flooring?

Yes, though you may want to get a shock absorbing pad to place underneath. The treadmill is quite heavy and could scratch up the floors.

Will a treadmill damage my floor?

There is a chance that using a treadmill on certain types of flooring could damage them. Vinyl flooring could get torn, wood and tile could get dented or scratched up. Carpets could get dented as well but also cause issues to the machine. No matter where your treadmill is, it is recommended to use an appropriate mat underneath.

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