Everyone wants to have a beautiful home, and one of the most important places of any home is often the entertainment room. This room will give your guests a lasting impression of your home and lifestyle, so it should be a priority to keep it nice, comfortable, and inviting.

Part of making a home inviting is having a nice place to sit and a nice TV to entertain your family and guests. Television is a great pastime and a TV can add a lot to a room, but with many people preferring many windows in their homes, it can cause some issues with positioning.

Can you put a TV in front of a window? The simple answer is yes, you can put your TV in front of the window. You need to consider things like where you live and what direction the window is facing. Plus, it’s important to think about the temperature in the room.

There’s a bit more to consider before just dropping your TV in front of the window, and we’ll cover that stuff below. We hope to help you in planning out the best spot of your TV and make the most out of your living space!

Where is the Best Place to Put a TV?

Ideally, you should find a location in the room that has an outlet or two. This is especially true if you enjoy lots of tech and plan on setting up gaming consoles and other entertainment equipment.

As well as having a good source of power, you need to make sure the TV is centered to your seating. And you need to have plenty of space around the TV for air circulation and ease of maintenance. If your entertainment system is one of the larger cabinet types, you’ll need even more space and possibly more room to set the seating farther away.

But what about the windows? If your game cave has lots of windows, you might feel like your placement options are limited.

If you must place your TV in front of a window, you can safely do so. Just be sure to watch out for leaks, drafts, and direct sunlight on the back of the TV.

As a general rule of thumb, many believe that your TV should be placed on a west-facing wall. This is so the light from a window will not shine directly onto the screen and cause a glare. This isn’t always a concern due to the wide variation the way houses are built and what the weather is like all over the world. But it just goes to show you how something as simple as the direction your TV is facing could impact your viewing pleasure.

Is It Safe to Put a TV By a Window?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to place a TV by the window. However, some people will argue that a TV should not be placed in front of or beside a window. Their concerns usually revolve around water damage, overheating, or other problems with the window itself.

But windows don’t automatically cause damage to electronics, provided you take care of them. There’s always the chance of an accident, but that’s statistically true for anywhere you put your television.

Avoiding Damage to a TV by a Window

The best way to avoid damage to a TV is to make sure the window it is placed by has no leaks or drafts. This way no outside weather could affect the electronics or the outlet under the window.

Another good idea is to get curtains or blinds to cover the windows behind the TV. The curtains or blinds work by keeping the TV away from direct sunlight and cutting down the glare. Even if you live in a very hot area, your TV should still be fine by the window. Just make sure to get curtains or blinds to help protect the backside of the TV.

Overheating is not a major concern for modern TV sets, but should be considered and avoided. Overheating can be caused by the small vents at the back of some TVs being obstructed or having the TV too close to a wall or window. Too many electronics in one space could also cause overheating.

Giving the TV time to cool off between uses should help, as well as maybe having a fan or AC unit to keep the room cool. You can point a fan directly at the back of the television, if you’re worried. Or you can use the AC to just keep the room at a cooler temperature than the rest of the house.


For the most part, it is perfectly safe for you to place a TV by or in front of a window. That is, provided you take some precautions. Using a west-facing window cuts down on any glare, and it can help reduce the chance of overheating from direct sunlight.

You should also install blackout curtains or blinds on the windows that your TV is in front of. Making sure the area you want your TV to be in has plenty of outlets should also be a priority. And, finally, check all of your windows yearly for harmful leaks or drafts.

Related questions

Can you put a TV in front of an air conditioner?

Yes, if the AC unit is wall mounted you can place your TV near it. Just be sure to provide a shelf over the TV to prevent the possibility of water leaking from the AC unit. It is not recommended to put a TV in front of a portable AC unit, but you can have them side by side. Just be sure to keep the electrical cords safe from water leaks.

Where to put a TV in a room with lots of windows?

If your living room or game cave has lots of windows, the best place for your TV would be on the west-facing wall. You may also consider putting up curtains or blackout curtains on the other windows to help prevent glare while watching TV.

Does leaving a TV on damage it?

Yes, the LED or phosphors in TV screens slowly dim out or get worn with age and use. Leaving the TV on for long periods of time can cause many issues with these LED or phosphors. Leaving the TV on for too long with a static image can also cause that image to be burnt into the screen, and when you move on to the next image you will still have the previous one over it.

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