Microwave ovens are some of the most common and essential kitchen appliances. They are one of life’s simple pleasures really. You need only put some cold food in the oven and two minutes later, Voila! A hot tasty meal. However, before utilizing this appliance there are some important questions you should ask.

For instance, can you use a Microwave without the glass plate? Technically, yes you can.  It is safe to use a microwave without the glass plate because it does not cause any harm to the microwave or to the food. However, you have to pause the heating and spin the food in a circle manually for it to heat evenly. The plate acts as a turntable, uniformly exposing the food to the microwaves.

In this article, you will learn how a microwave works without the glass pate, the advantages and disadvantages of using microwave ovens that retail without a glass plate and our top picks in the market today.

How does a Microwave Oven Work without a Glass Plate?

These days, some microwave ovens do not come equipped with a glass plate. It may seem odd to people used to a glass plate in the microwave oven, but they work efficiently as well. With or without the glass plate, microwave ovens have rotating motors inside to assist in the heating process.

The rotating motor of microwaves with a glass plate drive the glass plate, while those without glass plates are driven by stirring blades concealed under the flatbed. They look like small fans, and help

The blades assist in distributing the microwave beams generated by the oven to different locations as they turn. This evenly heats the food without you having to spin it physically.

The food actually heats when the microwaves pass through the container and the food, consequently “exciting” the food molecules, which then generates heat. This is why microwaved food cools down a whole lot faster than food cooked in a pan or a pot.

Using a Microwave Oven without a Glass Plate:the Pros & Cons

Microwave ovens without a glass plate can offer benefits and drawbacks. They include:


Microwave ovens without a glass plate tend to have a spacious interior, which offers a larger cooking volume and more flexibility. This means that one can heat more than one dish in one setting as well as easily fit awkwardly shaped containers in the oven.

Without the glass plate or the rotating motor on the way, plate less microwaves have flatbeds which are so much easier to clean and keep them neat and tidy. They are especially convenient in commercial use scenarios where people do not have the time to clean the oven every time they finish using.

Since you do not have to physically spin the food while cooking, there is going to be minimal food splashes.


Even with the concealed stirring blades, not all plate less microwave ovens can guarantee solid cooking results as much as the microwave oven with a plate. This is why you should always be careful with your purchasing decision when in the market for one.

3 best Microwaves without a glass plate

After evaluating the pros and cons of microwave ovens without a glass plate, we have compiled a list of the three best microwave ovens without a glass plate for your consideration. Our evaluation is based upon the features, quality, cooking capacity and more. These microwave ovens can evenly cook food and offers great value for their price.

1. Panasonic Consumer NE1025F Commercial-Grade Microwave

This Panasonic model is a stylish and slick microwave oven with easy to grab door handle and a stainless steel front. It is a high quality, easy to clean, easy to use and features everything a microwave without a glass plate should have.

This heavy-duty oven is commercial grade. It is able to withstand high-volume usage, which make it a great choice for those who frequently use the microwave.

The bottom energy and the no-plate design help maximize the efficiency in cooking by minimizing the distance covered by the microwave beams to reach the food. This makes it cook food quicker than other brands. The no-plate design also makes it easy to clean and less sloshing of food.

The controls on Panasonic Consumer NE1025F are well thought out and easy to use. You do not have to keep pressing a button to get to your desired settings; you can simply use the dial knob, which allows easy selection of the cooking time.

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2. Sharp R-21LCFS Commercial Microwave

With a stainless steel exterior wrap and interior, this microwave oven is easy to clean and maintain he shiny appearance. This 1000- watts microwave from sharp boasts a 1.0 cubic foot vole capacity, meaning it can cope a 13-; 1/2” platter, single servings a half sized pan or even prepackaged foods.

 This microwave oven without a plate features easy to read dial controls, which makes it easier to set the cooking time. The dials are even big enough for old people and people with eyesight problems to see.

This commercial microwave oven even comes equipped with an auto-cancel feature. Whenever the door is open while running, the remaining time in canceled. This helps save energy as well as lengthens the microwave ovens life.

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3. Amana RMS10DS Light-Duty Commercial Microwave

If you are in the market for a plate less microwave that is simple and easy to navigate, then look no further than the Amana RMS10DS Light-Duty Commercial Microwave (see Amazon). It features straightforward dial controls, which allow you to set the time between the ranges of 5 seconds to 6 minutes.

 Since it has no glass table, this microwave is able to heat the food quickly and evenly. It may be small in size (a mere 0.8- cubic foot) the microwave still has enough space to fit a 12” patter single servings and prepackaged foods.

 With a stainless steel exterior and interior wrap, the Amana RMS10DS Light-Duty Commercial Microwave can match all the kitchen styles and allows easy cleaning and maintenance.

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Related Questions

Is it Safe to Eat food From a Microwave that does not rotate?

Yes, it is safe to eat the food because purpose of the spinning is to ensure even cooking from all angles. The heat from the microwave beam heats the water molecules inside the food you place inside the oven.

Why do most commercial microwaves lack glass plates?

Many commercial microwave ovens do not retail with glass plates. Unlike the typical household microwave with a spinning plate, commercial microwaves are built to hold dishes that are too large to locate and higher quantities of food. These microwave ovens also have more even heat distribution, removing the need for a glass plate.

What makes the Microwave Glass plate not rotate?

If the glass plate inside your microwave oven does not turn, the first and most common reason is due to a broken drive motor. Many microwave brands are equipped with a round glass plate with a motor-driven coupler and roller guide, which moves the tray. 

When Debris is stuck there, it is likely to break the drive motor. You can fix the motor by first removing the circular glass plate guide and the glass tray, then getting rid of anything that might be stuck on it.

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