Do you have a special corner for tandoori chicken and tikka masala? Well, if Indian food fascinates you then why not invest in the best range hoods for Indian cooking. There are specially designed hoods that can handle the strong aroma of curries, spices, and sauces that are an essential part of Indian cuisine.

Besides the highly aromatic method of cooking, most of the food preparation will require you to simmer a lot, resulting in a lot of grease, smoke, heat, and fumes. So, if you want to enjoy the delicacies without having to put up with the kitchen odor all day, these range hoods are a good option.

The best quality range hoods can eliminate the bad aroma, keep the kitchen well ventilated and looking clean without requiring a lot of maintenance work. However, with so many different brands and models in the market, finding a product that suits your needs is not an easy task.

To ease out the burden, we have reviewed some of the top-rated range hoods based on their effectiveness, design, and price. After spending hours scouring the Internet to analyze the different products and compare them with each other, we have selected a few.

Read on to find a detailed review of each product handpicked by our team. If you are too busy to go through the entire article, we recommend that you go with our editor’s pick – PROLINE PLJW Range Hood that can be installed on the wall or under the cabinet.

Product NameCFMSizeProduct DimensionsPlug Profile
 #1. Proline Wall/Undercabinet Range Hood100036″24 x 36 x 18 inchesWall Mount/Under Cabinet MountSee Price
#2. PROLINE PLJW 109.48-2 2000 CFM Wall/Under cabinet Range Hood200048″24 x 48 x 18 inchesWall Mount/Under Cabinet MountSee Price
# 3. Blaze Grills 42″ 2000 CFM Under Cabinet Range Hood200042″36 x 42 x 18 inchesUnder Cabinet MountSee Price
#4. IKTCH 30” Wall Mount Range Hood90030″36 x 23 x 19 inchesWall MountSee Price
#5. FOTILE Pixie Air UQG3002 30” Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Range Hood85030″29.8 x 22.1 x 8.3 inchesUnder Cabinet MountSee Price

 #1. Proline Wall/Undercabinet Range Hood

If you believe in ‘less is more’ then you must check out the elegant and no-frills Proline range good that works perfectly as an under-cabinet application or a standalone wall hood. It comes with stainless baffle filters that can be easily removed and heat lamps with the quietest CFM setting.

This attractive looking range hood can add more elegance to any kitchen décor and the brushed stainless steel construction is extremely durable. We love the touch controls that allow you to adjust the settings and change speed (4 different speed levels) with a simple touch.

As a versatile and professional range hood, the unit comes with a nice blower and a fan that is factory tested and installed. The best part about the product is that it is extremely easy to clean and maintain, making it a hassle-free investment for your Indian kitchen to get rid of the strong odors.

Product Features

  • Measures 24 x 36 x 18 inches
  • 1000 CFM Blower
  • The Quietest 400 CFM setting
  • Stainless Steel Baffle Filters
  • EZ Touch Glass Controls
  • Two LED lights
  • 4 Speed settings
  • Duct Vent Size

User/ Customer reviews

Users are extremely impressed with the depth of performance and capture area of this range hood unit. It delivers a good airflow with a reasonably low noise level even at the highest level setting. Most people have said that the controls are really good and the LED lighting is bright enough to make visibility better in the kitchen.


The Proline Wall/Undercabinet Range Hood (see Amazon) is a sleek and stylish range hood with touch controls to make your kitchen look more stylish and eliminate any food odor. The operation is considerably quiet and there are four-speed levels to help you adjust as per requirement. Overall, this is a great investment for a clean and smell-free kitchen.

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#2. PROLINE PLJW 109.48-2 2000 CFM Wall/Under cabinet Range Hood

This range hood unit from the house of Proline is built with care and precision to meet the requirements of a kitchen that does a lot of Indian cooking. It sports a gorgeous exterior made from brushed stainless steel and baffle filters that are easy to remove.

The Proline unit includes heat lamps and a 2000 CFM total capacity blower for quiet and efficient performance. As the unit comes with a fan and blower installed, the remaining setup becomes easy making it one of the easiest installations in the industry.

We like the fact that the range hood can be installed on the wall or under the cabinet as per your convenience. The unit is equipped with time delay touch controls and the maintenance job is extremely convenient for users.

Product Features

  • Measures 24 x 48 x 18 inches
  • Weighs 105 pounds
  • Stainless Steel
  • 110v 60hz Voltage
  • Two 1000 CFM blower
  • Super Quiet – 400 CFM blower
  • Stainless Baffle Filters
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain

User/ Customer reviews

Most users have mentioned that the product comes extremely well packaged and with all the essentials such as hanging brackets to ensure a straightforward installation. People are also impressed with how impressive the air circulation is but the LED lights offer low illumination in the kitchen. A few users have warned that grease often bypasses the filter, so you need to be more careful.


This is a great looking range hood that installs with ease on an outdoor built-in BBQ grill or the regular kitchen. It looks well-built and durable, with reasonably less noise than other products in the market. You can fix the dim LED lights by adding more lights in the warming light sockets and place some custom stainless plates on holes from where the grease gets in.

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# 3. Blaze Grills 42″ 2000 CFM Under Cabinet Range Hood

If you enjoy cooking Indian food that’s rich in oil and spices, you will need a solution to get rid of the grease and strong odor too. One of the best products in the market is this Under Cabinet Range Hood from the family of Blaze Grills, and it promises to make cooking more enjoyable for you.

The build and design of the range hood with perfect canopy depth maximizes the capacity of this range hood. It comes with two independent and individually controlled 1000 CFM. The motor has four-speed settings that you can adjust as per your specific requirement.

The total capacity is a maximum of 2000 CFM and this provides an outstanding level of smoke removal without being too noisy. The installation part is easy with a much higher allowable height to give users a more comfortable working area and lights to illuminate the kitchen.

Product Features

  • Measures 36 x 42 x 18 inches
  • Weighs 136 pounds
  • Made from Stainless steel
  • 2 individually controlled 1000 CFM
  • 4-speed motors
  • 4 Adjustable halogen lights
  • Under cabinet

User/ Customer reviews

Users have said that this is a powerful and large range hood that is capable of capturing most smoke and does not let grease/ oil drip on the barbeque. People are also happy with the fact that despite being robust, the unit does not make a lot of noise. A few customers have warned that the guide and instructions are not adequate.


If you own an outside barbeque where you intend to make juicy and aromatic Indian kebabs then the Blaze Grills under cabinet range hood is well worth the price. It not only adds more grace to your kitchen area but also helps the area clean and odor-free.

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#4. IKTCH 30” Wall Mount Range Hood

This wall mount range hood comes from the house of IKTCH and it boasts a stainless steel construction with a round corner design. There are 6-inches round exhaust duct vents on the top to keep the smoke and strong food odor away from the kitchen.

The four-speed levels let you adjust as per the type of cooking you do and your specific requirements. It also has a touch panel with an adjustable timer (1-15 mins) and remote control. There are two pieces of 3 watts LED lights with adjustable brightness and two stainless steel baffle filters with handlebars.

It also comes equipped with an exhaust system that is designed for heavy-duty cooking. The combination of dual motors with a balancing fan makes this unit more powerful than the competitor products in the market. We are happy to know that the manufacturer stabs behind the product with 10 years of technical support on motor, and 5 years of technical support on switch control and LED lamps.

Product Features

  • Measures 34.5 x 23 x 15.9 inches
  • Weighs 45 pounds
  • Wall Mount installation type
  • 900 Cubic Feet Per Minute airflow
  • Made from stainless steel

User/ Customer reviews

People who have used several range hoods in the past have said that they are thoroughly impressed with the design, quality and performance of the products. Some users have said that it is easy to install with tight brackets that make installation solid and nothing rattles within. A few customers have warned that the auto sensor feature is too sensitive and cannot be disabled completely.


The sleek and stylish IKTCH wall mount range hood (see Amazon) is one of the best in the market that offer function and fashion mixed in one product. With good air ventilation and touch control panel, things can’t get better than this. Overall, we think it’s one of the well-built range hood backed by a solid customer support.

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#5. FOTILE Pixie Air UQG3002 30” Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Range Hood

When you want a powerful yet quiet range hood, you must check out the FOTILE Pixie Air UQG3002 that features a 400 maximum static pressure and a low 37 dB in noise level. It is also equipped with FOTILE’s signature WhisPower aerodynamic technology that boosts the suction power to a maximum 850 CFMs with low energy consumption.

The range hood easily covers an area of six square feet, which means a standard 4 or 6 burner cooktop with ease. It also comes outfitted with a Pixie Air Range Hood that detects harmful organic gasses present in the noxious fumes and eliminates them from the house.

Using the product is easy as you simply need to wave in order to turn on or off the range hood unit. Fan speed can be adjusted depending on the cooking smoke. The manufacturer stands behind the product with a three-year limited warranty on all parts, and a two-year full warranty on all parts and labor.

Product Features

  • Measures 29.8 x 22.1 x 8.3 inches
  • Weighs 61.9 pounds
  • Made from Stainless steel
  • Automatic air management system
  • Easy to clean
  • 5-year warranty

User/ Customer reviews

The first impression most people get from this product is that it offers an amazing suction ability, and there’s not much smoke even when you are cooking steak. Users have also said that the unit makes very less noise while operating. Some people have also said that it’s comparatively easier to clean because it is made from stainless steel.


The FOTILE Pixie Air UQG3002 is an amazing product with an impressive ability to suck all smoke and food odor while you are cooking. It is easy to install and has a noiseless operation when compared to other products in the market. Overall, we love the elegant design and powerful performance of the range hood.

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Related Questions

Is 600 cfm adequate for Indian cooking

As a rule of thumb, one 1 CFM of ventilation is required per 100 BTU of a gas range. If you do a lot of cooking that generates a lot of smoke or odor, the hood should be rated for a minimum 350 CFM. Hence, 600 cfm is definitely more than adequate for Indian cooking.

Are baffle filters better than mesh filters

All types of range hoods use some or the other type of filter to trap grease and strong odor. The most common types are mesh filters and baffle filters. When compared, the mesh filters are comparatively cheaper than the baffle ones and considerably effective too. Mesh filters on the other hand are harder to clean and do not last too long.

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