Blinds are great tools for blocking out sunlight, privacy, and adding décor & design to your interior. When was the last time you cleaned your blinds? Can’t remember? You may not be alone because this is one part of the house that many people forget or ignore to clean due to various reasons. Difficulty in removing and putting them back is the prime reason why many people don’t clean them.

Neglected blinds will give your interior a negative appearance. If not cleaned for long, the blinds will collect dust, fur from your pets, and other substances floating around your house. This not only affects the interior appearance of your home but also can pose a health risk to you and your family. That is why it’s important to clean them no matter the situation. Read on to learn the best way to clean blinds without taking them down.

Tools required

To clean blinds without taking them down, you will need the following tools:

  1.      Microfiber mini blind duster or microfiber cloths
  2.      Vacuum Cleaner with attachment

Blind cleaning process without taking them down

When you hear the word cleaning, you will probably be thinking of where you have kept your cleaning detergent and other cleaning solutions. However, dust is the most common build up you will find on the blinds. Therefore, using any liquid cleaning solution or water can result in creating a mess that would require bringing down the blinds. To avoid this, clean your blinds using the following processes categorized according to the type of blind:


How to Clean Plastic Blinds?

Using microfiber mini blind duster

a)   Open the blinds and run the microfiber mini blind duster along them from top to bottom. Working from top to bottom ensures any dust that falls will land on the lower levels of the blinds and will be cleaned as you go down.

b)   When you are done dusting all the way down, use the vacuum cleaner attachment to clean the dust from the floor.

The process is as simple as that but will leave your blinds looking new and appealing.

Using a microfiber cloth

a)  Ensure the concave side of the blinds is facing you by closing them.

b)  Start to wipe the dust from top to bottom. This approach is meant to ensure dust falls on the lower levels and will be cleaned as go down.

c)  Once you are done with the concave side, turn the rod that opens or closes the blinds until they are closed with the convex side facing you.

d)  Clean this side by applying the same approach you used on the other side.

e)  Use the vacuum cleaner attachment to remove the fallen dust.

The above two approaches can restore the charm of your dusty blinds. However, if they are extremely dirty or dusty, you will have no option but to remove them and soak them in water for thorough cleaning. You will go to this extent only if you neglect to clean your blinds for a very long time.  


How to Clean Wood Blinds?

a)   Follow any of the above approaches to get rid of as much dust as possible.

b)   Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to eliminate extra dust.

c)   Put a minimal amount of a cleaner on a microfiber cloth and finish cleaning the wooden blinds. Wipe down one side until you are satisfied that it’s clean.

d)   Rotate the blinds to 180 degrees by turning the tilt ward. Wipe down the other side until you are satisfied with the results.

This procedure will make your blinds look new without taking them down.


How to Clean Faux Wood Blinds?

Faux_Wood_BlindsIf you have these types of blinds in your home, follow the procedures below to clean them without taking them down.

a)   Use the dusting procedures for cleaning plastic blinds.

b)   Use a small amount of cleaner and warm water on a microfiber cloth to spot clean your blinds. Remember to avoid using too much water since this can cause more mess that would require removing your blinds for proper cleaning.

c)   Blot dry your blinds.

d)   Cover the blinds using a dryer sheet after you the have finished cleaning to protect them from dust while they are drying. Otherwise, if you leave them uncovered, dust will settle on them, and since they are wet, they will end up being dirtier than you found them.


How to Clean Vinyl and Aluminum Blinds?

To clean vinyl and Aluminum blinds without taking them down, follow the approach below:

a)   Tilt the slats up and down slightly to dust both sides of your blinds.

b)   Move along each slat and don’t press down too hard to avoid bending or worse breaking your blinds.

c)   Spot clean stains using a small amount of detergent and warm water.

d)   Blot dry your vinyl or aluminum blinds.

If the above procedure doesn’t get your blinds clean, you will have to take them down and soak them in warm, soapy water. Clean them and wipe them to dry or hand them in the open air to dry. However, this can happen if you don’t attend to your blinds. Dust them regularly to prevent any build and stubborn stains to avoid going through such trouble.


How to clean Fabric Vertical Blinds?

To make your fabric vertical blinds look in good shape and clean without taking them down, use the following cleaning approach:

a)   Use a vacuum brush to dust them. Dusting should be done regularly to prevent build which can require more work to clean.

b)   Use a clear detergent to spot clean them. Going for colored soaps can stain your lovely fabric vertical blinds and therefore should be avoided.

c)   Blot dry them.


How To Fix Blinds?


Blinds are excellent additions to any home since they add aesthetic value, add mood to any room, and keep out excess sunlight. However, if they are not cleaned, dirt, dust, and other unwanted elements will accumulate on the slats, and the blinds won’t be a good addition to your home anymore.

You no longer have the excuse of failing to clean your blinds citing trouble in removing and putting them back. The above guide on the best way to clean blinds without taking them down has got you covered.  Remember to clean your blinds on a weekly basis for easy maintenance.

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