We all dread that layer of white, black, green, or purple microorganism growing on almost anything that’s moisture-laden. They not only look hideous, but the mold also reproduce quickly in a damp surface and the lightweight spores travel through the air causing respiratory issues and other health problems.

The moment you notice an inch of mold growth within the house, basement, garage, or backyard, you may want to get rid of it before it gets a chance to thrive uncontrollably. If that has you looking for the best mold control in the market, the one widely used brand you will come across is Concrobium.

The brand has quite a few products under its umbrella, all geared towards fighting moisture in the air. If your quest for finding the most suitable product has you asking questions like – Which Concrobium mold control product is best for me? Who makes them? What are the pros and cons? Then you are in the right place.

In this post, we will provide an in-depth review of the two bestselling concrobium mold solutions and also delve into its benefits and downsides. Before we get into the Concrobium mold control reviews, let’s take a quick look at the company background.

A Few Things About Concrobium

Concrobium Mold Solutions are made by Siamons International, a company founded in 2003 to develop as well as commercialize a new cleaning technology known as ‘Concrobium’. The makers claim that the products can effectively reduce the existing mold and prevent their regrowth, along with getting rid of the damp odor.

Today, the product is sold both online and offline by the largest home improvement and hardware chains in North America. It has become the go-to-choice for DIY homemakers and professionals. After tasting success with Concrobium Mold Control, the company has also expanded its lineup of products.

The Concrobium Mold Stain Eraser is yet another high-performing cleaning solution that tackles the most stubborn mold and mildew staining on patios, grout, decks, and other surfaces.

Concrobium 025-001CAL 1 Gallon Mold Control

The Concrobium Mold Control is an all-natural EPA registration and patented solution which can be safely called the flagship product of the company. It is capable of effectively removing the existing mold and mildew growth and preventing future development of mold spores without the use of any harmful chemicals or bleach.

As the product nibs mold spores from their roots, they leave behind an invisible coating of antimicrobials that serve as a protective shield. They work best for mold/ mildew clean-up, general interior maintenance, water damage restoration, and so on.

The active ingredients are water as solvent, sodium bicarbonate as an active ingredient, trisodium phosphate as a builder, and alkali metal carbonate as a builder. It works best for large spaces like basements, cellars, large rooms, and hard-to-reach areas like crawlspaces, attics, and wall cavities.

Product features and specifications

  • 1-gallon capacity
  • Plastic Bottle packaging
  • Liquid form
  • Trisodium Phosphate active ingredient
  • pH Range: 11.1 – 11.5 pH
  • Coverage: 500 – 1400 sqft per gallon
  • Application methods include Brush, Rag, Roller, Garden, Fogging Machine, or Sprayer
  • Applicable Materials are Wood, Brick, Tile, Metal, Grout, Stucco, Plastic, Concrete, and Fabric

How to use Concrobium Mold Control

To use the product, you will first need to apply a thin coat over the affected surface and then allow it to dry completely. Next, use a dampened cloth or brush to scrub off the surface to get rid of any mold residue and stains. We strongly recommend you to reapply Concrobium Mold Control on the vulnerable surfaces to prevent future mold growth.

User/ Customer reviews

Users are thoroughly impressed with the power and effectiveness of the mold control at turning thick black hairy mold to gray powder with just one easy application. Some customers are happy that the product is non-toxic to pets, kids, or any wandering wildlife.

People have also mentioned how useful it is for regions with high humidity levels such as to keep mold out of rubber gasket on the fridge door, bathroom, and kitchen. The customer support is also friendly and helpful, says a user.


This is an odorless product but may trigger allergies in people with sensitivity, so make sure you wear nose protection while using it. Overall, this is a powerful mold remover that can easily tackle the visible and invisible fungus growth, and also prevent their future development. If you live in a highly humid region, you will be happier than ever to invest in this.

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Concrobium Mold Control Mold Inhibitor

Have you worked hard at getting rid of mold stains only to see them appear again after a few days? The revolutionary and EPA-registered Concrobium Mold Control not only helps with mold remediation but also inhibits the future growth of mold and fungal spores. This 32-ounce trigger spray can easily cover up to 100-square feet each

Most products that inhibit mold and mildew problems are ammonia-based, bleach-based, or other chemical-based. They work by exposing the microorganism to toxic chemical substances but the harmful fumes also take a toll on our health too.

The Concrobium Mold Control is the only specialty product, free of bleaches, ammonia, or VOCs that pose health risks for humans and pets. They are not only effective for existing mold but treat the root cause (mold spores) to inhibit their growth cycle. 

How to apply?

The product comes in a handy spray bottle so it’s easier to hold and spray on the affected area. Just aim the nozzle towards the spot you want to target and press the trigger. The mold inhibitor is ideal for buildings, homes, cars, and boats. It works on wood, composite, drywall, metal, brick, stone, plastic, wood, grout, furniture, fabric, and more.

Product features and specifications

  • Measures 10 x 6 x 4 inches
  • Weighs 3 pounds
  • 2 Pack Value Pack
  • Each 32 oz Bottle
  • Covers up to 100-square feet each
  • Sodium Carbonate (active ingredient)

User/ Customer review

People prefer the spray bottle as it’s easier to apply by simply spraying the product in the damp and mold affected areas. Users spray a generous amount of the liquid on mold and mildew growth and leave it for a few hours to let it work its ways.

Several customers have said that the product works like magic to not only turn the dark hair growth into crumbles but also successfully inhibit more growth. People living in high humidity areas have noticed a significant improvement in the damp and musty odor. Most users find it almost odorless, unlike the chemical products that emit strong fumes.


One of the best things people like about the Concrobium Mold Control Mold Inhibitor is that it kills mold growth from the roots to ensure it does not come back again. There is no smell and no need for after application clean up. Overall, this is one of the must-haves for every household, especially the ones that have damp problems and musty odor.

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How Does The Formula Work?

Having reviewed the two most important Concrobium Mold Control products in the line, it’s time to take a look at how this thing works. You know that it does not contain toxic chemicals, so what is it that kills the fungus and inhibits their future reproduction too.

The active ingredients (water, sodium carbonate, trisodium phosphate, and alkali metal carbonate) create a tri-salt polymer, which is highly alkaline. Mold growth is known to thrive between 6.5 and 7.5 on the pH scale. They cannot sustain in a high alkalinity environment.

Concrobium Mold Control helps you achieve a pH level over 11, which makes it a mighty alkaline mold killer. Mold can stay dormant for a long time in an acidic environment but they cannot survive in an alkaline state, due to which most antifungal diets include alkaline foods.

When the formula is applied to existing mold growth, the solution’s molecules kill the mold spores by stripping them of moisture. This dehydrating effect not only kills existing mold spores but also their colonies.

After the solution dries and remains in the affected area for several months, it creates a kind of protective alkaline shield to inhibit future growth. Once the mold spores have all dried up, they cannot reproduce and grow again.

Benefits Of Concrobium Mold Control

  • This is an easy to use and affordable solution that kills existing mold and prevents their growth on surfaces.
  • You can spray and forget because it leaves behind a barrier that will inhibit the mold from reoccurring. It also gets rid of the musty smell.
  • This is non-toxic and environment-friendly solution that does not require dilution. It releases no harmful fumes.
  • Concrobium offers a wide range of formulas that are best suited for diverse needs. It can be applied on both finished and unfinished surfaces.
  • You can safely use the formula in ULV (Ultra Low Volume) foggers. Use it before mold starts as a precaution to never have to deal with them.
  • You do not need any specialized protective equipment to use it. Simply wear a pair of gloves, goggles, and an N-95 respirator or mask to protect yourself from mold and mold spores.

Disadvantages of Concrobium Mold Control

  • To effectively prevent mold growth and its reoccurrence, Concrobium should remain on the affected area for a long time. If the surface is cleaned or gets wet, you need to apply the formula again.
  • Concrobium prevents mold growth but it works only on the surface and does not address the stubborn mold that might have its roots embedded deep inside the furnishings
  • The mold control does not help in eliminating any mycotoxins. It works only on the fungus.
  • As the product does not contain bleach or any whitening agents, it does not remove any mold stains from the surface. Due to this, many people consider this as an imperfect or incomplete mold removal process.

Reasons To Choose Concrobium Mold Control Over Traditional Methods

Since we don’t know when homeowners have used a variety of natural and artificial cleaning agents to get rid of mold. From laundry detergent to the use of bleaching powder, borax, and essential oils, you will find no dearth of DIY methods online.

While many of these DIY traditional methods and commercial products may be good at removing mold to some extent, the effectiveness may be questionable. Many mold removal products available in retail stores are ineffective or hazardous to human and pet health.

Let’s take bleach for example, which is toxic and poses health risks to the user as well as other occupants in the house both during and after use. Also, bleach does not help in preventing the reoccurrence of mold.

The surface may appear clean when you are done treating the area but mold will grow back in a few weeks. It is especially ineffective at treating mold growth on the porous areas such as lumber, drywall, and grout.

Related Questions

Can I use Concrobium Mold Control on an area treated with bleach

When a surface is treated with bleach, it leaves a carbon residue that prevents the formula from penetrating the roots of mold growth. This can inhibit the effectiveness of the product. So, if you have treated a moldy area with bleach in the past, wipe it down with warm water and detergent to get rid of the carbon layer before using the product.

Can I add bleach or borax to improve the effectiveness

This is a ready-to-use formula and adding any extra substance will have a dilution effect on it. This may ruin the efficacy of the product. So, the makers strongly suggest that you use it as is to get maximum benefits.

How much formula is needed to be effective

The formula works as it dries on the affected area so you just need to lightly wet the surface for it to be effective. Avoid over-application of the product as this may result in information of white residue. If you notice any residue after the product dries up, simply clean with a damp cloth.

Is the product safe for kitchen, bathroom, and septic tank

Yes, this is a natural product without any harmful chemicals, so you can safely use in the kitchen (food serving areas) and bathroom. You may reapply if needed to ensure microbial resistance in the bathroom. As the formula is made of water and inorganic salts, it is also safe for septic.

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