With more emphasis on personal hygiene and safety than ever before, more people are turning to use bidets instead of toilet papers. Things like better hygiene, adjustable water temperature, feminine wash, heated seat, and heated dry air make the bio bidet a popular choice.

If you are wondering how long does a bio bidet lasts then the answer is 10 years if you take good care. The same may not be true for the low-cost models but the luxury bidets with high-end features have a much longer shelf life.

It’s worth mentioning here that the Bidet Seats by BioBidet are backed by the manufacturer’s limited warranty of two years and there’s also a 24-month coverage on parts and labor. Having said that, if you are still thinking about why you should get a Bio Bidet then check out the following points.

10 Reasons Why You Should Use A Bio Bidet

If you have not yet invested in a bidet, and are confused about whether or not it is a good idea to make the switch from toilet paper then read on. Below we have compiled a few reasons that explain what you should use a Bio Bidet.

#1. They are more hygienic

More than anything else, it’s the hygiene that matters most and that too in times like these. Simply cleaning the bottom with a paper towel is not enough. You may still have a lot of germs and bacteria that need to be cleaned thoroughly. So, why compromise with a dry paper towel to treat your sensitive areas when there’s a better and more hygienic solution available.

#2. They are an eco-friendly option

If you are concerned about the environment then you may consider getting a bidet. Every year, average Americans utilize nearly 37 billion rolls of toilet paper, so that’s about 473 billion gallons of water wasted annually. That is also approximately 15 million trees. Even if half of the US starts using bidets, this would bring a significant drop in the cutting of trees.

#3. They save you money

Yes, when you use a bidet instead of toilet paper, it might appear like a big investment at the front but in the long run, it pays back for itself. On average, you will spend about $10 for a 12 pack toilet paper. With a bidet, you will use a fraction of that money to get cleaner results and save a lot of money if you have a big family.

#4. They are helpful in constipation or hemorrhoids

In case of health problems like constipation or hemorrhoids, the bidet seats come handy to ease out the pain. In some high-end bidet such as Bio Bidet, there are advanced features such as specially designed nozzle tips and more pressure that help to send water to interior parts for a more thorough cleaning.

The biggest advantage of this is that people suffering from hemorrhoids don’t have to bear the rough feel of toilet paper against their genital parts. Some of the high-end bidets come with a dryer and warm water as the solution instead of toilet paper to relieve the pain of hemorrhoids.

#5. Better hygiene for kids

Give your kids a better life and improved personal hygiene with a bidet. When you teach your kids to wash their bottoms after every use, this can be one of the best habits you can pass on to the next generation. Personal hygiene cannot be emphasized enough at this time and using a bidet can go a long way in eliminating bacteria and preventing you from getting sick.

#6. They add luxury to the bathroom

If you want a luxurious appeal in your bathroom but do not have the space required for a standalone bidet, we suggest that you opt for the advanced bidet seats. They are designed to not only fit in the bathroom but also add more value to it. Adding a Bio bidet can prove to the ultimate bathroom upgrade that can reward you and impress your guests too.

#7. Bidet attachments are better than conventional fixtures

If you try fixing a traditional standalone bidet, this would require additional space and plumbing. However, the attachable bidets need no additional plumbing or additional space. They are designed in a way to fit in your existing toilet using the existing water supply valves.

#8. They prevent toilet clogging

Using a bidet instead of toilet paper helps in less clogging. This is not only a more cost-effective method but also saves you a lot of plumbing hassles and expenses in the long run. Fixing the toilet paper clogs can prove to be a costly affair requiring thousands of dollars. Even the companies that claim that their toilet papers are flushable can also cause clogging.

#9. The bidet seats are warm

On a cold winter morning, sitting on a warm bidet seat is more pleasant than a teeth-clenching experience trying to sit on a traditional toilet seat. Furthermore, it also saves you from the unpleasantness of the seat and lid slamming down. Bidet seats are not only more comfortable and warm but also come with several other extra features.

#10. They are cool

If you are still looking for some reasons to get a bidet seat then let me tell you that they are cool. It’s a good thing to be able to stay dry and clean with just the push of a button. It can make anyone feel like royalty in their own home.

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