Swimming pool owners are conversant with automatic pool cleaners, which work hand in hand with normal vacuuming and pool filter cycle to get rid of debris and other types of dirt from the pool base. Each model usually has its set run times instructions. You should adjust the amount of time the cleaner will run in a day and keep adjusting during the different times of the year.

So, for Polaris pool cleaner, how long should it run for? Ideally, you should let the cleaner run until the pool is cleaned up. On average, this can be between 1 to 6 hours each day. However, certain factors such as size of the pool and the environment will determine how long you should run your cleaner, as shall be discussed below.

In this article, we will discuss how often to run Polaris cleaner and for how long, whether you can swim while the cleaner is in operation and other related questions. Keep reading to get deeper insight.

How Long Will You Need To Run The Cleaner?

We have already seen that the time to let your Polaris cleaner depends on the environment and the size of your pool.

If you have a larger swimming pool, the Polaris will take more time to go around the entire pool and have it fully cleaned. Conversely, a smaller pool will be done rather quickly.

The environment determines how much dirt and debris gets into the pool, which translates to the amount of time required to get rid of the dirt. For example, if there are many trees in the surrounding, at certain times of the year you will have so much debris in the pool because of leaves falling. If there is more grass planted around the pool, it means there is less dust and soil particles accumulating in the pool. Thus, within a short time, the pool will be cleaned.

Having said the above, let the Polaris cleaner run until the pool is cleaned up. The running time can vary from one hour up to six hours keeping the mentioned factors into consideration.

Within one hour, the cleaner will remove the small debris from the walls and the bottom of the pool. However, this is during certain months when the weather is still.

In the months of spring and fall, a lot of wind blows and leaves fall, and you may want to leave the cleaner running for longer to do a thorough cleaning job.

It is important to master all these factors to know how much time is sufficient for cleaning each day at different times of the year. This way, you will not only reduce the wear and tear of your Polaris cleaner, but you will also save so much on energy bills.

How Often To Run Polaris Pool Cleaner

The whole idea of having a Polaris pool cleaner is to keep your pool clean at all times. Thus, you may want to know how often you should run it.

Well, this also depends on factors such as how often you swim in it and the amount of debris that can possibly get into the pool.

If you and your family members are using the pool frequently, then the pool is going to get dirty often, given the grime and dirt that will be carried into the pool. In such a case, it would be advisable to run the cleaner every day. If you do not swim very often, you can run the cleaner once a week or every two weeks. If you use a pool cover, the cleaner can run just once a month.

The other factor that determines the frequency of running the Polaris cleaner is the environment/amount of debris bound to get into the pool. If grass and trees surround your pool, there will be a lot of debris entering the pool. If you do not swim often, you can just keep the pool covered to minimize the entry of debris.

However, if the pool is always in use, a lot of debris will get in and you will need Polaris cleaner to run every day.

Can You Swim With The Robotic Cleaner?

Robotic cleaners are generally safe to use by anyone. However, it is not recommended to swim while it is in operation.

If you use the pool every day, you can schedule a certain time for the robot to run so that you have strategic time to swim when the cleaner is not in use.

Related Questions

What could make a Polaris pool cleaner stop moving?

There are water tubes inside the Polaris cleaner, which exert pressure in the unit. If the tubes are disconnected, pressure will be reduced, and the unit will stop moving. Thus, if your cleaner stops when in use, open it up and ensure all tubes are connected properly.

How safe are robotic pool cleaners?

Although robotic pool cleaners will be plugged into some power outlet, they do not produce any shocks when in contact with water. They have a low voltage, and you can dip them in the water without the fear of electrocution.

Why would a Polaris cleaner float in the water?

If there is any leak in the Polaris hose, the cleaner will lose pressure, and as a result float at the bottom of the pool.

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