Whether you are installing a carpet in a new home or you have decided to revamp your home flooring, you will have to move your furniture first. This allows experts to install the carpet continuously and professionally. Now, after the installation of the carpet, you will need to move back your furniture and belongings. 

So, how soon can you put furniture on a new carpet? You can set your furniture after around 24 hours from the time the carpet was glued entirely on the floor. Should you move your furniture before the 24 hours, you risk damaging the carpet and creating waves that will eventually destroy it. However, this does not mean you cannot walk on a newly installed carpet. If anything, it is recommended you walk on your carpet after installation, it helps to press the carpet hard to the floor and enhance the fix.

This article will look at why you should wait before placing furniture on a new carpet, what to with the furniture and tips for carpet installation. We will also highlight how to remove old carpet from your floor and what next once you have your brand new carpet in your home. Keep reading to learn more.

Why you should wait before Placing Furniture on New Carpet

As mentioned above, it is recommended you wait for at least 24 hours before placing furniture on your newly installed carpet. Otherwise, you risk damaging your carpet. Here is how

  • To start, the shape in which your carpet will be installed maybe be deformed. Most carpet are installed by gluing down to the floor. As such, if you do not wait for the glue or adhesive to dry up and you place heavy furniture on the carpet, the weight of the furniture pushes the carpet deep into the adhesive. Therefore, when the glue finally dries up, the carpet will stick to the floor in the shape in which the weight of the furniture pushed it. Note that this may distort the entire look of your flooring.
  • Another reason you should not place furniture on a new carpet is that it may cause permanent indentations on the carpet. This is especially the case if the carpet is made of a porous material. It can also happen if the backing of the carpet has ribs. As such, due to the weight of the furniture, the adhesive or glue may be pushed up into the backing causing it to penetrate to the top part of the carpet, which will then cause indentations. 

What Should I do with my Furniture When Installing Carpet?

So far, one clear thing is that when installing a new carpet, there should not be furniture in the space. So, what happens when you decided to give your home a brand new flooring look? What should you do with your furniture? Do not worry; we have the answers for you.

Before you move your furniture, you should consider the following factors. They determine how you will handle moving your furniture. 

  • How big is your flooring– this should answer the amount of space you intend to have your new carpet on. For instance, if you are only revamping your living space floor, you can move your furniture to the bedroom or any other room that will not be affected by the carpet installation. This also cuts across how big your house is; If you have several empty rooms, then you don’t have to move your furniture outside of your home. You will rotate the furniture in different rooms until the entire project is done. It could be monotonous, but it will sure save you some bucks.
  • What is your budget- how much money do you intend to use on your carpet installation project. If you are working on a tight budget, we recommend you move the furniture by yourself, if possible, with the help of your friends and family. However, if you can afford to hire professional movers, it is also an option that will save you backaches. Still on budget, if your furniture has to move outside our home, consider hiring an affordable temporary storage unit
  • Consider carpet installation companies that help to move furniture – some carpet installation companies offer the services of moving furniture for free or at and added cost. If you can afford the extra cost this can be a good option for moving your furniture.
  • Storage- if you are looking to cut on cost, consider converting your garage or shed to temporary storage for your furniture. Before moving your furniture, make sure that the garage is safe and waterproof. Moreover, if the flooring project will not take long, you can place your furniture in the backyard and cover them with polythene in case of weather changes.

With all the above factors considered it is time to move your furniture. Always start with fragile properties. They include the television, appliances such as humidifiers, lamp among others. Moving these breakables avoids unnecessary accidents with the carpet installers. It not only makes the job of the installers easy but also faster.

For the large furniture, depending on your arrangement, you can have the installers move them. Large furniture includes beds, sofas cabinets, among others. Note that most professionals do not move expensive items such as pool tables and pianos. This is due to their high cost should they be damaged in the process of moving them. As such, for such items, we recommend that you hire a professional piano or pool table mover. On the other hand, if you cannot afford that, you can move the items by yourself, which is also quite risky.

Tips to Prepare for Carpet Installation

Other than moving furniture, the following are tips you can put to use when preparing to have a new carpet fixed in your home

  • Get rid of the old carpet- once the furniture is out of your way, it is time to remove the old carpet before you can have a new one fixed. If you are looking to cut on cost, we recommend you remove the old carpet by yourself. Although it might take time, it is not difficult to rip off and old carpet by yourself. At the same time, if you can afford to pay the carpet installers to get rid of the cold carpet, the better. The cost will be billed in the total carpet installation cost.
  • Finalize on any pending remodeling project- in case you are looking to have a completely new look for your home; you may have other projects like installing wallpapers, painting, among others. If that is the case, we recommend you finalize them before having the new carpet installed. The last thing you want is chirps of wallpaper trim being stuck on your new carpet.
  • Rewiring- some large home appliances may need to be rewired before been moved to allow new carpet installation. If you have such appliances, we recommend you call an electrician to handle the job professionally
  • Take care of your pets – before the experts can start installing your carpet, you should move your pets from your home. Pets can be a distraction to the expert and may cause unpredictable accidents. Other than that, your pet may be exposed to some dust and a heavy odor due to the construction. These chemicals and odors may affect the pet’s respiratory system. Therefore, to avoid all these, make sure your favorite pet is moved from your home. You can have your neighbor, friends, or relatives take care of them in the meantime.

How to Remove Old Carpet

While else you can pay the carpet installer to remove the old carpet, it is more economical to do it by yourself. Here are tips to help you remove your oldcarpet

  • Start by vacuuming the old carpet to minimize the dust and particles that will result from the process
  • Remove the old carpet in patches and not as one. We recommend that you handle the carpet in strips and roll the strips to remove them
  • Once you have removed the entire old carpet, vacuum the subfloor as you prepare for the new flooring
  • Dispose of the old carpet in the trash or a legal dumpsite

What Happens After Carpet Installation

Once your new carpet has been installed, the work is not done, at least not yet. On the aftermath, we recommend you create proper ventilation for your house. It will help air our house to get rid of the chemicals and odors that result from the carpet installation. These chemical results from the adhesive, seaming tape and dust in case your home needs a reconstruction before putting in place the new flooring.

Another thing you should consider doing is vacuuming your carpet. Note that, even with top tier professional carpet installing, it is normal for your carpet to shed some fibers. To help get rid of the fibers, we recommend that you vacuum the carpet frequently.

Related Questions

Will my door be removed when installing the new carpet? 

Although this is not always the case, your door may have to be removed when fitting in new carpet. This is especially if the new carpet been installed is thicker than the old carpet. As such, to fit without struggle, your door must have to go. In some situations, the door may just be trimmed to plane it.

How can I measure how much carpet I will need for budgeting? 

It can be quite hard to figure out the entire cost your carpet installation will need by only measuring the length of carpet required. Therefore, to help you with planning your budget, we recommend that you have the professional carpet installers measure the space that will need new flooring. On top of that, they can add extra expenses like moving furniture, removing old carpet and any other cost to provide an exact quote.

What is the most durable carpet material? 

There is a wide range of carpet from which you can choose. However, if you are looking for the most durable, a nylon carpet comes in handy. Nylon carpet is resistant and can withstand high traffic around your home. As such, they tend to be the best for longevity with a lifespan of around 10-20 years.

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